Marijuana and Adderall

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by HydroChronic, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. HydroChronic

    HydroChronic New Member

    ok so my doctor diagnosed me with ADD and i was put on 30mg of Adderall xr once a day...will this effect me smoking in anyway?
  2. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    My friend takes Adderall (use to be Ritalin) for his ADD (Or ADHD, not sure which) and he doesn't have any problems that I know of.

    Here is a thread discussing someone who takes the same medication. There is a lot in there (especially the last post(s)) you may want to look at.
    Here is a WikiAnswer that asks : "Would marijuana smoke either first- or second-hand have any side effects or be dangerous in any way to an Adderall user?" The short answer was 'no'.
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  3. HydroChronic

    HydroChronic New Member

    thanks a lot! i have no more worries lol...
  4. Merry-juana

    Merry-juana Sr. Member

    Do not take it, you have no problem at all. You are an Indigo child, you don't have a problem!! You are put onto this earth to change the world, and thus you are different and people do not understand that, and they think that the way you think is a problem, while it actually is neccasery. DO NOT DRINK THOSE PILLS!!!!!!! Anyway it is just a different form of speed, taking in the form of a pill to get the opposite effect. DO NOT DRINK IT!!! I BEG YOU, DO NOT LOSE YOUR POTENTIAL TO A STUPID PILL!!!!!!!!!!! You are here to change the world, do not change who you are and how you think just because the world doesn't like change.
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Wow! It sounds like you need a pill - to chill out. Would you care to explain what you mean without all the CAPITAL LETTERS and "!!!!!!!!!!!"? When people rant like that, it just makes me think they're crazy.
  6. HydroChronic

    HydroChronic New Member

    ok we are all put on this world for a reason..i realize that...but when my supposed disorder is effecting my schoolwork..concentration..and daily life..and my memory...i guess i will take a pill for some help...and if it don't work i can always use them for other make money...but explain your reasoning please...
  7. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    i had a prescription for Adderall, i choose to stop taking it since it was effective but i could not eat, i could not sleep, and i was constantly tired from the lack of sleep, it did more bad than good in my case,

    but as for its affects when combined with weed i have found that it gets a much stronger high, to the point of it was hard for me to remember how to talk sometimes, but i had just smoked a quarter ounce with my friend that day so we were gone anyways, no bad side effects though, its actually better to smoke when on Adderall in my opinion since it semi returns your appetite

    hope the Adderall helps you more than it did with me

    and for merry-juana, those pills do not change the way you think, they increase your ability to concentrate and help you retain information, as someone who used to take adderall the only problems i can see are if you do not like the effects or if you are losing weight at an uncontrollable rate as i was, MJ might be able to help with ADD but it is not as effective as the medications are do to the memory loss so unfortunately it is the better option so long as it is not interfering with your physical or mental health,

    and a little side note it is not the fact that we take it in a pill that makes it have the opposite effect it is the fact that our brains take to stimulants differently, you might drink a Rockstar to get energized, we drink one to to relax
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  8. jtw91092

    jtw91092 New Member

    i take aderall and smoke its the shit...aderall makes me concentrate and weed makes me loppy lol
  9. Chronik

    Chronik New Member

    I do it with the exact same pills (30 xr's) and I can def. say it is an intense thing. I personally wouldn't recommend it if you are out of shape or subject to mood swings, doing both, esp. parachuting an addy and the smoking, completely puts your body on different poles, I call it 'zeroing out'
  10. jtw91092

    jtw91092 New Member

    chadwick i was thinking the exact same thing....the mj rlly evens out my apetite...because when imm on aderall i can barely east and when im high i eat insane amounts of food so the mix makes my apetite just perfect...:D

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