Marijuana and antidepressants

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Skater dusto, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Skater dusto

    Skater dusto New Member

    Before any mods decide to lock this, please reconsider. I'm only posting this because I need to convince my mother that marijuana's not going to clash with my antidepressants.

    I'm taking Celexa(20mg daily). It's a SSRI so afaik marijuana won't mess around with it. Alcohol would seriously mess things up, but I never drink and I'm not planning to. I don't see why my mom keeps pushing this.
    She knows that I smoke weed, and it's not interfering with my life... my doctor kept on telling me about how bad marijuana is. I'm willing to accept the fact that it will do lung damage, not as much as people say it does, but it does. Certain people can get addicted to weed, but I've quit for over a year to prove to myself and my family that I'm not addicted. And I've been smoking again for a year and my parents didn't even know until I was careless and got caught. I've weighed it out a million times and I honestly don't think that weed's going to do me any serious harm. If I had to, I'd quit for good. I just love how it relaxes me though. One smoke and I'll get all relaxed and I'll feel good for a whole week.

    I've smoked 2-3 times since I've been on antidepressants and I didn't notice anything abnormal. I've been smoking much less lately just because I haven't had any money, and I noticed that it takes me about the same amount of weed to get a normal high. I didn't go crazy, I didn't automatically become suicidal or faint or anything. If someone could please post links to a site that won't appear too biased. I really want to convince her that marijuana won't clash with my antidepressants. And just so you know, for the last 3 weeks I've been perfectly normal. No uncontrollable negative thinking or anything... that's usually what I had. This last year has been pretty all right for my depression, but sometimes I can fall into little slumps for almost no reason. I like my antidepressants because it keeps things more stable, as opposed to a big emotional roller coaster. Even before the Celexa, things were good, but I figured that I just have no time to waste over it.

    Sorry if this post was a little long, I kinda rambled on. Just wanted to get some background information out there. Hopefully you guys can help me out. And mods, please don't lock this. I could have done a search but I plan on showing my mom this thread.
  2. midgetpimp

    midgetpimp New Member

    i was taking paxil for a while, and i notice a HEAVY change when smoking weed while on those pills, i was sick for weeks, i wouldnt suggest taking them if u plan on smoking your herb. what i did after i started getting sick was flushing em. try it
  3. Herb Ninja

    Herb Ninja Seasoned Activist

    I dunno about convincing ur parents, don't play them the song "sweet leaf" I don't think that will help the situation. :laugh: click here
  4. Hensonic_Boom

    Hensonic_Boom New Member

    i take lexapro (10mg daily) and i smoke at least a bowl a day. i've been on it for about 3-4 weeks and i haven't noticed any side effects. some mornings i will feel nauseous but i'm 100% sure it's from the medication and not the mix with weed.
  5. Skater dusto

    Skater dusto New Member

    Well the day I actually went to the doctor and got my Celexa, I wasn't feeling good. I was in the car all day and I really don't like that, it was super hot, I got in my first squabble with my girlfriend and I just puked all night long. I wasn't sure if it was the celexa or the crappy chain of events. My girlfriend phoned me the next day though, she wasn't 'mad' just a little ticked that I talked smack about her friend(Who I'm great friends with again) and we made up. Woohoo!! So yeah, asides from that night and feeling a little nauseous the next day I haven't noticed any side effects.

    All in all I think I'm pretty lucky that I'm not dizzy or anything. I can skate pretty well, so I know my psychomotor skills aren't affected. In school I'm doing great. In art class I can doodle up whatever... yeah, I can't think of anything bad. I've always been extremely healthy, and I think that when I smoke weed I'm more motivated to go outside and be active. Hmm, just got to convince my mom.

    I'm going to the pediatrition today, so my mom said she's going to quickly ask what affects marijuana might have when I'm on ssri's. She tells me that I might go insane and commit suicide... my freakin doctor gave me crap about stoners being scummy and lazy. When I corrected him about marijuana not causing amotivational syndrome, he changed the subject and started talking about how it'll change my brain chemistry and I'll be retarded. Wish me luck. :mad:
  6. Cassius

    Cassius Seasoned Activist

    I use weed as an antidepressant, lol.
  7. Lyte it up 420

    Lyte it up 420 Sr. Member

    Anti-depressant's can do that all on thier own. is a good site about SSRI's.
  8. Ilúvatar

    Ilúvatar Where is my mind?

    i've run the gamut on ssri's. lets see, effexor, lexapro(i'm on both of those now) remeron welbutrin zoloft prozac paxil. and through all of them exept i smoked pot.

    i wouldn't suggest smoking on welbutrin though, i've heard some bad stories from that one. but i think if you have smoked on it and nothing happened you'll be fine, but i'm not sure.
  9. BloodNOil

    BloodNOil New Member

    Remeron is a tetracyclic antidepressant, not an SSRI.
  10. Ilúvatar

    Ilúvatar Where is my mind?

    oh yeah, i keep forgetting that. i was just thinking of anti-depressants I've been on and that slipped in :eek:
  11. Roy

    Roy New Member

    I have 2 friends that have used pot to treat depression. A psychiatrist recommended it for one of them. It seems to help. He stopped using Prozac in favor of the pot. That was about 10 years ago and he is alive and well.

    This is from a Bipolar site (related to depression):

    "I heard marijuana can really help."

    "Only if you believe that being stoned out of your mind is the price you're willing to pay for temporary relief from your symptoms. One's complete inability to think straight and function would never be tolerated in a drug by any other name.

    However, if you trust your ability to limit your consumption, a reader who uses the drug reports that very small doses - as little as one-tenth of what it would take to get stoned - can restore mental clarity and improve function for some people. Nevertheless, until the drug is studied for treatment of mania and is made legal, with evenness of quality, marijuana use should be regarded as problematical. "
  12. Skater dusto

    Skater dusto New Member

    Well weed definitely relaxes me, there's no doubting that. I explained to my mom how I can smoke one day, and I'll feel that much better for a whole week. And I told her how I don't want to get dependant on it, blah blah. I've weighed out everything in my head so many times, and I've decided for myself that weed's not going to do me any serious harm. It's my decision, I just hope she accepts.

    The pediatrist went well though... now they're trying to see if I have ADHD. The guy's really cool, his name is Esias van Rensburg, and he has the sweetest south african accent. It sounds a little german-ish, but yeah, he's a really great guy and I opened up to him about a lot of stuff. I don't really care if I have something like that. My depression hasn't been bad at all so I'm not all too concerned about having anything else. I'm just glad that I've cleared up any and all crap in my life. Things are going great and I intend to keep them that way. And yeah, my mom's pretty much cool with the weed thing. My tackle box with all my paraphenalia was on the kitchen counter, and my stepdad put it on one of my books and told me to bring my stuff back downstairs. :D

    By the by, I had a pipe in there, empty mason jar for curing buds, rollies, junky little resin/roach pipe, container where I put roaches, some baggies, bud buster, a pad for rolling, snips, and a little cigarette container where I store joints in. No weed or roaches were there though, maybe I would have had some sort of punishment if that happened. Oh well, I'm happy.
  13. bigpeanuts

    bigpeanuts New Member

    I smoked while I was taking prozac. Didn't have anything bad happen (smoked everyday), but I'm starting to wonder if it nullified the effectiveness of the anti-dep:(
  14. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    This is a topic that come up quite often so this thread will probably find its way to a Sticky labelelled Marijuana and Anti-Depressaant therapy when I get a chance to do some housecleaning around here but let me summarize the info I have so far:

    Cannabis is an excellent fast acting short term euphorant.

    In my own experiences it can counter an acute depressive episode like nothing else.

    It is not a long term euphorant and in some folks may accacerbate a roller-coaster effect of depression/euphoria/depression.

    Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft...the classsic Serotonin reuptake inhibitors available since the late 80's and into the 90's seem to be uneffected by Cannabis use.

    Wellbutrin (also known as Zyban) has been held accountable for possibly induced psychotic behavior when combined with Cannabis.

    Remeron, Neurontin, Celexa...from anecdotal (word of mouth) information from posters here and folks I meet in my own experience also appear to have no interaction with Cannabis.


    Personally, with my regimen of medications, I have found cannabis to be an important adjunct especially during intractable depressive episodes. I am currently diagnosed bipolar (hypomanic rapid cycling). I also suffer from systemic lupus and use cannabis for its anti-inflamatory, analgesic and immuno-suppressive effects.
  15. Geckoeyes

    Geckoeyes New Member

    I have said this before...

    I think cannabis can free a lot of people from the clutches of depression. I was never really free when I was on the meds. They were just a poor imitation of reality. They initially worked but would soon replace the former "dead" state with a new and improved dead state. Cannabis gives me what I need without the cost of unbearable, long term health risk side effects.

    Doctors should use cannabis as a possible treatment for depression. As it stands now, many people who could benefit from cannabis will never try it because of the false fear the DEA is feeding us all. And why not try it? They put me on several meds and some made me ill. I remember almost having a siezure from welbutrin. The doctor just said "let's try another....."
  16. Skater dusto

    Skater dusto New Member

    Now that I've been on celexa for a while I can say that it hasn't had any strange side effects. I didn't go crazy or anything like my mom feared.

    And another great thing is that my stepdad is cool with me smoking weed. He said that I'm a responsible teenager, and I'm going to do things in my life that may be good or bad. I have to let life take it's course and learn from my mistakes, I have to be alowed to make mistakes if I ever want to learn. I've been very responsible when I smoke weed and it hasn't done anything bad, in fact my life's been much, much better. My stepdad talked to my mom about all these things and she pretty much agreed with him, because she definitly can not deny it. I'm so glad. He definitely scored brownie points with me. :D

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