marijuana and birth control pills?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by kathleen, Jul 30, 2001.

  1. kathleen

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    I've been on the Pill for about a month, and I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any possible interactions or diminished efficacy from smoking while on birth control. I really don't want to ask my doctor or gynecologist because I'm afraid it might affect the level of care I get from them in the future.

    I'm not being paranoid; I just live in a really small town and people are extremely intolerant of any perceived deviations from normal behavior, however one may define that. I had to fight to get my pills in the first place. The doctors told me about how bad and evil it was to have sex before marriage, according to Christian ethics - never mind that I'm not Christian! I don't want to be punished and labeled as a slutty pothead, but I don't want to hurt myself through ignorance either.
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    I've had many girlfriends take the pill and smoke tons, it did not affect anything adversely. The one precaution is that it increaces your blood pressure, so cigs should be avoided way before pot. But I say O.K., get stoned, and make wild sweet *safe* love ;-)
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    Hello Kathleen,

    Sounds like you have a couple of problems!

    I don't know of any study dealing with the use of marijuana and the pill. I do know that I have never heard of it being an issue. Marijuana doesn't really mess with your hormones, so you probably could enjoy sex without worrying about the UPS guy delivering a package 9 months from now.

    The biggest problem I see from you is that you are worried about intolerance from professionals. First of all, any doctor that came to me and made me feel bad about any health related question would be my "ex-doctor" the next day. I don't care about what I did to see the doctor, their job is to professionaly manage health. If you are seeing a doctor that makes you feel bad about getting b/c pills, you may wish to change doctors and get somebody that is willing to listen and treat you. You obviously cannot trust who you are dealing with now. How could a person continue seeing a health professional that you cannot trust? I couldn't continue to see a doctor that I was not comfortable with telling them about me.

    Most doctors are pretty open about marijuana use. They may recommend against it, but they know that it is not a health concern and usually would want to know about it prior to treating you.

    Find somebody that you can trust and then tell them. If you are uncomfortable about it, Wallgreens (or probably your drug store) has a 1800 number to "ask the pharmisist" and you can call anonymously. They will give you the straight poop.

    If you run into the problems with "getting your pills" in the future, you can always tell them that you have some sort of hormonal problem. Sometimes they are prescribed to make a woman a little more "regular".

    Question... How old are you?

    I guess my final advise would be to find a doctor that you can trust, and then go from there.

    Good luck!!! Write back and tell us what happened and what you learned.


  4. kathleen

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    thank you for replying! I couldn't find any evidence of any interactions between mj and birth control pills online, or in the library's book of drug/drug interactions, and I found out that one of my friends is on the Pill too, so I asked her and she said that there wasn't anything to worry about. Yay!!

    You're right, I definitely do not trust my doctor. The doctor has breached confidentiality by telling my parents things about my sex life that I specifically asked him not to. The doctor also tried to make me undergo drug counseling when I told him the truth (that I - gasp! - drank a few beers at a party occasionally). The doctor would probably try to check me into Four Winds if I ever told him the truth again (which would be justified, since I'd be crazy to tell the little **** anything). Unfortunately, the doctor also iis my parents' friend, and I can't stop seeing that particular doctor without causing a furor until I leave for college (at least it's only a few weeks away). btw, since you're askin', I'm three weeks shy of 18 (still a minor... damnit).

  5. Daniel

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    It is unfortunate that parents make their kids go to the same health professionals. I can understand that they like the thought that my doctor is great, but there is a conflict of interest. At some age in a person's life, they would rather seek somebody that is not "part of the family".

    You think that you would cause a problem by seeing a doctor that your parent's don't recommend. I disagree. If your parent's are loving and care for you, you can tell them the truth. You can tell them that you feel that you cannot be honest with your current doctor about health issues because they are controlling who you see for a physician, and that you would rather be truthful with somebody that you can trust than worrying about if your mother or father find out. Most parents would rather have their kid find health care behind their backs than have their kid without a doctor.

    Let them know a bit about what is going on. Tell them that you don't trust your doctors because you feel that they are going to tell your parents everything. Like I said, most parents will back off, but some will not.

    Almost every time, parents are trying to help their child. Remember that you will always be a child to them. They want to protect you and help you. It interfears with your lifestyle. Well, that is a given. They know that you do things that they don't want you to, and they want to stop it, but it is out of love.

    Relate with them. Tell them what is going on, and if you cannot, find a different relative that may help you. Aunts are usually great about that!


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