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    Now a bit about Estonia. Estonia is right in the south of Finland and to the west of Russia. I guess we have got pretty high rate of marijuana smoking here amongst teenagers.

    For example, I just went into university and we had this get-to-know-eachother party outside of town. We were all complete strangers this time but still like 7 people gathered in one room and smoked like lil' locomotives (me included).

    Several of my acquaintances have been busted while driving their cars stoned but nothing happened to them. The cops just doesn't understand are u high or not. And if they even do, there's a 90% chance u can bribe them if u've got enough money or for example a good enough cellular phone.

    ...I went to this a bit catholic high school. It was just great. All students and teachers were like equal and u could talk to ur teachers like u would be talking to ur friends The principal was this cool dude, who lectured that smoking marijuana is OK when we're mature enough for it.

    Also Ive heard of this one party in a closed club where smokecannons shot weed smoke out. 2 policemen with K-9 infiltrated the place. After 5 minutes dogs were wallowing around and policemen were dazzling eachother with flashlights

    But Im afraid that overall the knowledge about weed and the difference between weed and other narcotics in our country is pretty low. Also we live in North-East Europe and Estonians are usually very shy, closed and serious (well not me :p) here.

    I've been to school several times after smoking weed and Ive been walking around in downtown joint hanging from my mouth. So far nothing has happened. Well the last time two suspicious fellows appeared me on the street cause the strong smell that came from me :p I shared my joint with them cause I didnt want any troubles.

    If you'd like to know more about something specific just let me know :)
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    "After 5 minutes dogs were wallowing around and policemen were dazzling eachother with flashlights "

    hahahaha, are you serious? man, i would've loved to be there

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