Marijuana and jello?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Nime, Jul 31, 2001.

  1. Nime

    Nime Banned

    Is there anyway you can make jello shooters with marijauna?
  2. Sure, that should work out perfectly. I would say use at least a 1/4 oz of Marijuana with one package of Jello (a 1/2 would be better :D ) Grind up the Marijuana into a fine powder with a cofee grinder. Then combine it with the Jello ingredients and let it sit to get hard.

    Give it a try and let us know how it is.
  3. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    I doubt it

    There's no fat in Jell-O.
  4. Yes, but as witnessed by many people over hundreds (probably thousands) of years it is possible to make a potent Marijuana tea that will make you stick to your couch. My friend from Bosnia says that drinking Marijuana tea is a very common method there. He also said it is very popular in Turkey with hash makers who use the spent buds, leaves, and branches to make a potent tea. Also, Marijuana can be eaten by itself in a raw form, and still give pleasurable and very strong effects. I would also like to point out that Water Bongs are the least effective method of THC delivery, which suggests that THC is soluble in water to some extent.

    Grinding the Marijuana into a fine powder would help this work much better. Simply use a pan large enough to make one layer of jello cubes out of the whole mixture. In other words you dont want a huge heap of Jellow in the pan. If you just make a layer about an inch or so thick, it will be easy to cut serving portions. Use a coffee grinder and grind the Marijuana into a very fine powder. Mix this powder in with the Jello very, very thoroughly. This should adequately suspend the particles in the Jello and keep them there. Let it set up, cut into cubes and serve.

    This could be a very good way of consuming Marijuana for one main reason: You dont have to eat a bunch of solid food, just a little bit of Jello. That will help your digestion and THC absorbtion rates. Try it and let me know how it goes.
  5. Nime

    Nime Banned

    I plan on trying it tonight, hope it works, ill let you know how it turns out. I just hope the taste wont be bad.
  6. Captain Honkey

    Captain Honkey New Member

    Did it work?
  7. Alfjoint

    Alfjoint New Member

    Of course it didn't! SirSmokesAlot is talking out of his ass. Yes, you can get high by eating weed, but nearly all of the thc and other cannabinoids go through straight through your body, so what you're actually doing is turning your weed into highly potent shit! Weed tea is usually consisting of saturated oils are other fatty ingredients like milk that is thc soluble. And smoking water bong is the least effective method? ARe you stupid or just trolling??

    That's really besides the point anyways, as what Nime was left with if he followed SirSmokesAlot (and I can't commend you enough for that name by the way) is the grossest layer cake you'd ever see. When the jello is setting, unless it is in constant movement (shaken) all the weed will fall down to the bottom, giving you one bottom layer of finely ground up weed (which will be hard to salvage, if at all) and a top layer of alightly adulterated jello that'll taste terrible. Using a bigger pan will only make the layers thinner.

    If you want to make weed jello shots all you need to do is let some alcohol soak up some alcohol (google green dragon)
    and mix it in with the jello, I'm thinking pretty much straight after dissolving the jello powder. Maybe omit some of the hot water and drop in a few ice cubes before adding the thc infused alcohol, as to prevent any accidental vaporization.

    Lemme know how THAT turns out.
  8. Keith

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    Every post in this thread is from over ten years ago, dude.
  9. Alfjoint

    Alfjoint New Member

    And? It's one of the first results that pop up when you google MJ and jello. Someone might try to follow that idiots recipe and I'm just tryin' to make sure noone else wastes their weed just because the OP was too lazy give an update.

    But yeah no, I totally didn't check the posting date lol. I blames google.
  10. hhm13

    hhm13 New Member

    Yup pretty much. I'd think you could make it just as you would a regular jello shot but use green dragon in place of the vodka
  11. Azbluesgal

    Azbluesgal New Member

    Wow been making tincture from my buddies failed crop last year...whiteflies and mites...yuck.. Very disappointing since her first small crop was killer. Anyway I figure ever clear will kill anything ...and I am getting some tasty tincture. Flavored with stevia. I just do it straight sublingual or in herbal tea...very good. Chill out.
    Using afore mentioned. Green. EverClear, bitter sweet or bakers choc, agave syrup, stevia, canna butter as as base for "brownies" that were real soft and fudge inside with just a hint of the etoh kick with the MJ flavor.....well a one inch square. Is better than any FRICKING Rx sleeping narcotic...IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

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