Marijuana and Lupus

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    Cannabis May Suppress Immune System

    Could Lead to New Autoimmune Disorder Treatments, Say Researchers

    By Jeanie Lerche Davis
    WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Michael Smith, MD
    on Tuesday, April 15, 2003

    April 15, 2003 -- Cannabis may offer hope to people with autoimmune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Cannabis seems to decrease inflammation in the body by suppressing certain parts of the immune system. Researchers are hoping this finding will lead to new treatments.

    Previous studies have hinted at immune system abnormalities among cannabis users -- specifically, in the function of immune system cells called T lymphocytes and natural killer cells. While these cells help the body fight infections, no direct link with lowered immunity has yet been shown. {Moderator's Note: bold applied. Note that this lowered immunity has been found not to be a contraindication in the use of smoked marijuana for treatment of AID wasting disease in HIV+ individuals. See: Dr. Abrams work at San Francisco Medical hematology/oncology}

    In this study, researchers tested the blood of 29 cannabis smokers -- 13 occasional users and 16 regular users (weekly or daily use). They compared the results with a group of 32 nonsmokers.

    Again, researchers found that cannabis smokers had fewer immune-enhancing natural killer cells and lymphocytes, and higher levels of a protein that may promote tumor growth, called interleukin-10. {Moderator's Note: however cannabinoids have also been isolated which contain chemicals that cause tumor necrosis -- death of tumor cells-- and cell apostosis which is the removal of dead cell tissue from the body as waste material}

    These changes can dampen the immune system's response to infection, increasing susceptibility to infections and promoting growth of tumors, states lead researcher Roberta Pacifici, PhD, with the Instituto Superiore di Sanita in Rome, Italy.

    But researchers also say this finding could lead to new treatments for people with autoimmune disorders. Current treatments suppress the immune system -- thereby calming the abnormal immune response that plagues people with the conditions.

    Cannabis lowers levels of the inflammation-promoting protein interleukin-2 and raises levels of the anti-inflammatory protein interleukin-10. Both of these findings could be of potential benefit for treating autoimmune disorders one day. {Moderator's Notes: this would include both systemic Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis}


    SOURCE: The Journal of the American Medical Association, April 16, 2003.

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    That's a very interesting article, Mama. Love your work.
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    Timely...even as an old post!

    Mama, thank you for this. Even all this time later, I'm yet again able to find out info. on what effects me. And as of 48 hours ago, my doctor's (after almost 10 years) have made the decision that I do indeed have Lupus.

    I kind of talk about it over at another forum, but was redirected here by Plains. If you'd like to check it ~PnS~ & His Lupus

    Anyway, thanx again! :cool:
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    I have lupus, and I'm a user... all I know about the topicis, that it helps me with pain, and I heard the same from other people... but please help me find more info
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    I have lupus & enjoy the leaf....

    I was jsut diagnosed yesterday. :( I hope more information comes out about lupus and marijuana, it would be very helpful for many people. Thank YOU for providing this article and forum for those of us affected to talk about our situations. Cheers!

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