Marijuana and Memory

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by DoritosMan, Sep 8, 2001.

  1. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    How bad is weed on short and long term memory? Because I think i'm starting to forget stuff i usually remeber really well like peoples names and phone numbers. Sometimes i cant remember what i did last saturday (besides smoke weed :D). Am i going crazy?or is weed messing up my brain? My grades came down a little this semester and i think is because of the weed, i'm not sure but thats all i can think of!!! I know that if you stop smoking for a while, your memory comes back or is this also a myth? can anyone shed me some light?

  2. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I don't think weed has much of an effect on long term memory, but it ****s with short term. I think it depends on how much you smoke. I've noticed that it seems to affect me most when I'm high and if I'm burnt out from smoking a lot the day before. Are you high in school a lot? What about feeling burnt out in school? That would be why you're grades slipped, but if you buckle down I'm sure you can bring it up. I can't remeber what I did last saturday either. Oh, wait I was at hookahville:D. But usually I can't remember things like that unless I have some big event. And yes, your memory will come back if you stop.

  3. magicmoe

    magicmoe Guest

    When Im stoned I forget everything.
    Like I have a thought and I want to develope it, and i say to myself "dont forget it" "dont forget it" "dont forget" and then bammm its gone
    Its really weird
  4. McBiff

    McBiff Guest

    heavy use of pot, fairly long term, can begin to damage your right frontal lobe a little. Your right frontal lobe of the brain has to do mostly with short-term memory and motivation. This is why it *is* true that pot can kinda **** with your short-term memory and your internal motivational skills, but after quitting for about 6 months it usually returns back to normal, if not even just a month or two.
  5. huntcc02

    huntcc02 New Member

    if you can remember something while stoned, you will NEVER forget it. My latin tests are all memorization, like vocab and declining and stuff, so I just puff a little before I study, and I have a 98.5 in that class.
  6. Super Woman

    Super Woman New Member

    Really? That sounds like such a good idea! I'll have to try it sometime. I have all these thoughts when I stoned, things that I have forgotten, like way back in my chilhood or something. It wierd.. But that makes makes sence, and that would be really cool if it works. Later...
  7. Bear

    Bear Guest

    Right. I tried that a few times in college and it was hopeless for me. It often made reading more enjoyable, but any preparation stuff was best left to sobriety. I did however take a few tests stoned, and those went remarkably ok.
    About memory, I just posted this in the recipies forum and thought it might fit here too:
    I find that eating bug destroys my memory of the occation - and you can feel that time coming on too. Not like blacking out or anything, but I just have absolutly no recollection of the events in which I was participating. Like it just left this huge gap in my past. Not even little snippets of memories - just *poof*. I remember being somewhere as vivid as can be and all of a sudden the next thing I can remember is 4 hours later. Very strange.
  8. ADR531

    ADR531 New Member

    I have a hard time remembering simple things just like you, only when I'm high though. I get yelled at all the time by my parents for chores and not doing this or that. My mind is elsewhere and I am a lot more creative. It's not damaging your short term memory either I don't think. Once it is out of your system you return to normal, for me atleast.

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