Marijuana and Metabolism?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by stonerbob, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. stonerbob

    stonerbob New Member

    Hey, One of my friends (non-stoner) came up with an interesting hypothesis. :idea:She believes that marijuana causes the user to have an increased metabolism. The more I thought about this the more I began to scratch my nogin:confused:. I, am in highschool and have an insane metabolism :)munchies:I consume 5000-8000 Calories a day and have only gained 8 pounds since frosh year:munchies: ) and so do all my user friends. Yes we're all in highschool, but if you note above (they all eat like me) we're consuming a hell alot of food. I was just wondering if there could be a connection, maybe, maybe not. Either way any comments or knowledge on the subject would be great. :mj::gleaf::mj::gleaf::mj::gleaf::mj::gleaf::mj:
  2. marji1

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    MJ increases metabolism?

    :liplick: Maybe you've got it! Maybe that's a great way to let the world know how benificial MJ can be. We all know how there's so much hoopla out there about how to loose weight, if some of you with more chemical knowledge can prove this, it might turn the tide. Let's keep this one going. If more acceptance would come from people using it to loose weight, that's wonderful. I'm thinking the other side of it is controlling the munchies. :liplick:
  3. hauptmann

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    I really don't think it has any significant impact on metabolism. Atleast I dont think it increases metabolism. Maybe your friend is just getting the munchies and is thinking her metabolism is increasing because she is getting hungry? Those are my two pennies. :shrug:
  4. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Nope. You are in high school, even if you were 23 years old and you couldn't gain weight that has nothing to do with cannabis; give it time, you'll gain weight eventually.
  5. grillmeats

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    You Will Gain Weight

    It'll catch up to you unless you work out or play sports in school. :)
  6. stonerbob

    stonerbob New Member

    Well just think about it your body needs oxygen to burn fat, while having an increased activity level,not be in starvation mode, and works best when on an empty stomach. Doesn't marijuana provide all these? While at rest you breathe easiest, yet while your high your body has superior activity levels when compared to normal at rest, and while believing its going to get food and therefore not be in starvation mode isn't it possible, nay plosible that marijuana helps in weight loss. Lets also add in the metabolism factor, since your burning more calories your body believes that it needs more food, thus you eat. Yet you don't increase your calorie consumption average as quickly (because your not on "munchie mode" all the time) hence faster weight loss due to an increased metabolism.
  7. Kitra B Booker

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    I will let you all know!

    cosmic sans

    Tomorrow morning I am being tested for metabolism, so it will be interesting to be sure. I see more and more research being done regarding metabolism and immune dyfunctions as I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia along with a severe sleep disorder. It helps all my symptons very much. Will post regarding "stim test" I will be having tomorrow. Also I am new here and this is my first post. Hello to all and hope to find some friends here. :) Kitra B Booker
  8. fluffy_

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    here's a pseudo-biological explanation for your food intake/weight hypothesis :)

    as chronic users, you're probably consistently munching throughout the day. you definitely do have the added advantage with your age, as at this point in your life it doesn't really seem to matter WHAT your eating, your body will process it easily as everything (well...almost everything) internal is still running clean. our bodies are engines, and require a consistent supply of food throughout the day to burn and fuel itself properly. the ideal food intake level is 6 times a day - 3 meals and 3 snacks. so if you're munching out throughout the day and still getting in your meals, it's no wonder your bodies aren't really packing on any fat!! why should it? it's ALWAYS getting fueled...!

    there are obviously other factors that come into play due to all the different body types there are, and how people carry weight - some people just have a hard time with fat and have to work harder to get their body burning properly.
    and diet does have a lot to play in it in the sense that if you're still getting in all the healthy foods along with the bad ones, your body will have an easier time burning out the bad foods...if you ONLY ate crap - you'd feel like crap!

    do be warned though - there will be a time in the very near future where your body will start to adjust no matter what you really do; only a rare few seem to keep their metabolism for life with no self-care - don't take this for granted! i know i definitely did and wish i could go back and have started taking better care of myself earlier...!
  9. racin36er

    racin36er Subscriber

    I have a flaw in this, but it could just be me :p

    i didnt start toking until i was about 14, and even at that, it was EXTREMELY rare (once a year, maybe twice), until i was about 18. i've had a quick metabolism my entire life, and mj didn't change that at all. not quicker, not slower. no change.
  10. Rhymenocerous

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    I've heard someone on this forum I believe say that the munchies are really just a want/desire for positive stimulus. I believe this to be true. I don't always get the munchies but when I do I just want to stuff my face and get as much food down as I can. But it could increase metabolism never know. I have a friend my age (19) skinny as a rail and tall too. Eats twice as much food as me and never gains a pound.
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