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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by ikari, Apr 22, 2003.

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    Moldy Weed?

    I have a question about moldy weed. I recently got a bag that was somewhat damp. I am thinking that it wasn't dried out properly before packaged. I kept the weed in a regular bag and it eventually dried. But now it smells a little odd. I don't know if it is just dried weed smell or mold. I notice some real tiny white stuff but it isn't patches. Looks kinda like crystals but this isn't really good weed to be crystals. It doesn't taste weird or anything. I've read alot of stuff about this subject but some say "smoke it, it won't hurt you" and others say "DON'T SMOKE IT. It could hurt you" So I figured I would see what more people think of the issue. Also, if I get anymore of this and it is damp, how should I go about drying it so this doesn't happen again? And I would think that when the lighter hits the weed, the heat would kill any toxins. I've been smoking for over 5 years (straight, everyday, every hour) so I know what weed looks like. So please no cocky remarks about me not knowing what I am doing. Thanks for reading. Please reply.
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    Those white areas are most likely mold. I have had this happen to me after not properly drying fresh marijuana. I wouldnt smoke it.

    The flame from the lighter wont wipe out the mycotoxins. Smoking it in a bong or bubbler will only reduce the number by 15%. Keep in mind you are not instantly burning the entire bowl. The entire time you are inhaling those spores are flying out of that marijuana into your lungs.

    If marijuana is too moist don't put it in an air tight container. Let it air out and just keep checking until it is at the desired consistency.
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    Even though mold is much worse when ingested than inhaled, I wouldn't mess with it. I've heard too many horror stories of people getting really really sick after messing around with mold. In the worst case scenario, it could be a life-threatening situation.
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    FIRST heat or fire will kill the molds but the toxins the mold produced will remain.. and heating it might even worsen the situation... with moldy weed try mixing it with a bit of zeolite it is biodegradable safe and IT ABSORBS THE TOXINS! (MYCOTOXINS)...
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    is smoking moldy bud bad for you

    i got some smoke that was said to be moldy but looked great. the peole gave me a lot of it and then later told me it had mold and they would not use it. i dried it and want to use it but am afraid of getting a lung infection.does anyone know if smoking dried out moldy bud is o.k. to use? i don,t want to die from something that makes me feel good.
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    I wouldnt smoke it. Read this thread for more information on Mold & Marijuana.

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    Hey i put an orange peel in my bag and didn't take it out for a few days ( I know, bad idea). Now there are these little white hairs growing on my weed. What strand is this, is there any way to salvage it, or should i just toss it? Thanks
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    Heat and fire will destroy THC, too, but you still manage to get it into your lungs. That's because what you're getting is vaporized from the weed next to the part that's burning. The same thing happens with mold spores. You inhale them from the part of the weed that is not yet burning.
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    Scotty, I too just got some weird looking weed. The guy says it is not moldy but it almost looks like steelwool and dark grey! I just smoked some and I am able to do this so it must be ok! I never would smoke it before, but then someone said it was ok. I don't know, it just does not seem to healthy to me. I am sure though, after looking and reading other letters on this site that you will not die!
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    :D :cool: :cool: :) undefined
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    thanks for this, after reading a thread on overgrow before they were shutdown, i was always scared that my weed might have mold on it (they were saying that the mold can kill u and do other bad stuff)
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    I tried rehydrating my nugs with a damp cotton swab. I left it in there for a week and redamped it once. Today I noticed there is slight mold growing on the very core of my nugs. I smoked a few bowls of it today. I didnt see any actual mold but my nugs were turning white. Is it still safe to smoke? Is there any way of rehydrating nugs without making it mold?

    I usually buy an ounce at a time and it lasts for a few weeks. After a week my nugs start getting dry and crusty. What should I do?? I want to keep my nugs fresh but dont want it to mold
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    Keep them in a zipper bag.
    Just don't smoke the mouldy stuff. It might not kill you, but you'll wish it did after a few puffs.
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    Ive never come across mold in my pot. I live in a very Humid area, dab smack in the middle of the Great Lakes. I always store my marijuana in a Ziplock bag, and/or a Mason Type Jar.

    Mould can be very dangerous to ones health.. Dont Smoke it. Cut the mould out if you can. Otherwise Id have to say ditch the weed.
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    Don't Smoke Moldy Marijuana

    I'm 53 and have been smoking pot on and off for over 30 years. I have never once had my stash turn moldy until a few weeks ago. I figured it was no big deal and smoked a bowl while taking a weekend hike. That was little over a week ago. Now I am on antibiotics, anti-fungal, an inhaler and it feels like there is a ten pound weight on my chest. I'm in great physical shape too. Don't make the same mistake I made. Just toss it if it's moldy. It's not worth the risk.
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    i can attest to the flu-like symptoms and having to get on anti-biotics..twice actually. i had some rather expensive stuff that i had been saving and let dry out on accident so i went to moisturize the batch (like i've done a million times before) and somehow this time i got a fairly decent-sized spot of mold on one of the buds. i didn't want to throw any of it away, so i tried it in my vaporizer hoping it would kill off anything bad. about a week later i had the flu (according to the doc it was "swine" flu, but he did no testing.)

    can i prove it was from the mold? no, but it sure was a mighty good coincidence.
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  18. sanfranciscosadhu

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    Mold can indeed be problematic and cannot always be seen with the naked eye. In the California Bay area where I live all the better cannabis clubs screen for molds microscopically. Some have the cannabis lab tested and list THC content as well.
  19. LoAnnaLove

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    never realized penicilin could grow on my weed. i feel kinda stupid cuz i have seen friends come across there weed to be moldy, but never thought of the type of mold its grown. I'm deathly allergic to penicilin/amoxicilin. kudos, im glad i read this thread.

    (excuse my spelling, im to lazy to type with proper grammar)
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    I've been reading a bit about this as I recently was in contact with some hard black buds.

    I chose not to consume them as it was only a small amount and non-suspect buds were also available.

    It got me thinking if it could be made safe if there was no 'clean' weed available. I can't come up with anything that is even remotely practical. You'd have to be quite the chemist to be able to achieve reliable purity.

    Here is the best guerrila method I can come up with:

    - Run the suspect buds through bubble sacs
    - Use a solvent to turn the resultant hash into a liquid solution
    - Run the solution through a carbon filter
    - Evaporate the filtered solution and collect the residue
    - Either smoke the residue using a water bong, you can even add a wet carbon filter to the bong water for additional filtering, or cook the residue into some food stuff and ingest a consumeable carbon filter before eating the food

    You will lose significant amounts of THC like this as carbon filters will adsorb the THC as well as mould and mycotoxin contaminants. The resulting compound may have significantly less active ingredient than the buds it originated from, it will also be significantly safer to consume. I know of anecdotal evidence of people who have used wet carbon filter in their bong water who claim the high is so much cleaner that the reduction in active ingredient outweighs the reduction in carcinogens resulting in a net improvement.

    I can explain the hypothesised benefit of any of the steps, if clarification is required.

    Thoughts ...



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