Marijuana and Pregnancy

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    Firstly, I've done enough of my own research to know that Marijuana has virtually no negative side effects on unborn children (much as some doctors would like to argue). The worst I've found proof on is it may cause low birth weight, but certainly nothing worse than a cigarette would do (not to justify pot, but I smoke cigarettes as well so... just stating).
    Anywho, here's my situation and question:
    I'm 7 1/2 months along and I've been smoking pot still for a few reasons. (A) It helps me with my autism to function as a normal person - it reduces my panic attacks, headaches, and helps me focus. (B) When I got pregnant I had morning sickness to the point where I was in the ER every other day because I couldn't keep anything down (not even water) for more than five minutes and was puking blood and pot seems to help settle my stomach for the most part. (C) Being pregnant with horrible sickness issues my hours at work dropped from 38 to 8 and I'm getting frustrated as hell trying to set up baby showers and the room and plan everything as well as do doctor appointments and pay bills with no money while puking all the time.
    My problem now is I've stopped a little later than I meant to (I lose track of time easily, especially when this busy) and I've been told if THC is found in her system (it's a girl!) they'll take her away from me. Obviousely, not something I want to happen. I've been drinking cranberry juice and water and trying to be a bit more active but considering the nausia and the heat (which makes it much worse) I'm limited on what I can do.
    Any advise on how to clear my system or what exactly the drug testing routine at birth is?
    I've had some people say they don't test without reason and I shouldn't worry, others say they do it mandatorilly for every baby, and others tell me my system should be clear by then anyway - but I don't want to be taking any chances.
    I would ask my OB but I don't want to give them any reason to test if they aren't going to already.
    Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    In questions I've posted a similar question, if anyone wants to check it out.
    Pretty much I'm 7 1/2 months and just quit. I had HORRIBLE vomiting (was in the ER every other day, couldn't even keep water down, and was puking blood) that smoking helped reduce and I smoke besides for my anxiety and autism.
    My question now is if - by some chance - my system isn't cleared when I have her does anyone know
    A) If they drug test every child or only with reason?
    B) If they do drug test, can I fight having my baby taken from me?
    C) Do I have ANY options here other than hoping I end up clear?

    As I state in my other post, I would ask my OB save that I don't want to give them reason to test if they aren't going to already.


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  2. BudSmoker92

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    I doubt they would drug test a baby.
  3. Bearface123

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    All I really know about this, is that my friends mom was a meth addict when she was pregnant with him, and they only found out because they did normal tests with him. One of my other friends smokes MJ for help with autism as well, so I can totally understand that. But, I'm not so sure about smoking while pregnant. Smoke in general is bad for your lungs, but possibly critical to growing a growing baby, but then again you've done your research
  4. MagickalMelMel

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    There's actually a link somewhere in here I found yesterday - debunking marijuana myths - that showed from studies that pot has a low risk, and there have been studies done in Africa where smoking is a religious sort of thing and had the same results.
    I know there are risks, I'm just saying they're low in general and much lower than those caused by cigarettes.
  5. Bearface123

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    If I were you, I'd be avoiding any possible risk of harming my child whether its low risk or high risk. I hope that everything turns out okay though, goodluck.
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  6. zig zag

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    from the research they've done you're going to risk your baby's health? they haven't done that much research, comparatively speaking.
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  7. AshtrayHeart

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    I don't think they always run a drug test on the baby, but in my case they did. They can find cannaboids in the infants maconium up to 5 months back. I quit smoking around the same time you did, and though my urine came back clean, they tested the baby and found cannaboids in her maconium. They called DCF and they found that the cannaboids were grounds enough to her away from me. She was born in May, I'm still fighting to get her back.

    If you have a good doctor, I think the best way to handle it is to be honest. Since I hadn't said anything about it, they assumed that I was just a junky with something to hide, so the doctor called DCF. I think that if I had just explained that I had been using it to help ease my morning sickness (I was also very sick all through my pregnancy) that maybe he would have been more understanding.

    I don't mean to scare you, a lot depends on the doctors/nurses and how liberal they are. I happened to get a social worker that was a stickler... If possible, make sure you change the first few diapers yourself and always throw them away immediately after.

    I wish you the best of luck. Hang in there, and everything should be fine.
  8. SapphirreEyes

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    I have basically the same question as you. I am too still smoking due to morning sickness. I am 7 months pregnant and found out that they do drug test at birth. My question is does the THC stay in the baby's system just as long as it stays in our system? I plan on quitting 45 days before giving birth to make sure I don't test positive. Is that gonna be enough time? Do they test the baby's blood or urine or poop or what? I've heard that they drug test the mother before giving birth and if the mother is postive, they test the baby and if the baby is positive, they start calling DSS and CPS. I was told this by someone that works in DSS. Now this person did say that they did not normally take the baby, especially if the father of the baby tests negative (which in my case the father will).

    As far as smoking while pregnant, there hasn't been that many studies done; however, I know more people that smoked while pregnant than didn't and nothing is wrong with their children. The only thing I have found in my research is a possibility of low birth weight. In my opinion, smoking cigarettes are WAY worse than smoking a little bit of pot!

    What state do you live in? I know in South Carolina, they drug test all pregnant women and babies. As far as other states, they probably do the same. Sad thing is that they don't even tell you, they drug test you and call DSS and then your life is hell for a long, long time. Talk about an invasion on your rights!!!!!!!
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  9. Jillybean823

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    I'm about 6 months pregnant. I haven't been smoking - haven't been smoking, but haven't had any MS or anything either. My boyfriend smokes, but he'd go nuts on me if I did.

    Anyway, I don't know any way for sure to see if the baby will test clean. But you can test your urine yourself at home with drugstore tests. Keep drinking cranberry juice and water. I was smoking when I joined the military - had a joint the week before I went to the processing center. I drank a gallon of water the day before processing and passed no problem.

    I think the main thing is WHAT they'll test - hair, blood, or urine. Urine is most likely, with blood a close second, and hair being relatively remote. But if you're 7 1/2 months, you've still got over a month to clean everything out.
  10. High

    High as a kite

    How could you even think of smoking marijuana while pregnant.
    Who cares if there hasn't been any studies proving its bad for unborn children or w/e you said, why would you even just risk that little chance of having a defected baby, maybe he comes out with slow damaged braincells I dont know. Just still to even think about smoking marijuana while pregnant.. Cmon.

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