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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Vicki, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Vicki

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    Ok, let me start by first saying....THIS IS NOT A QUESTION ABOUT URINE DRUG TESTING. :D

    Ok, now that that's out of the way, here is what is going on....

    I went to my doctor Friday, who gave me a physical and sent me to the lab for complete work up and tests, and also a urine test. Well, she got the results today and I went in to discuss them with her. She said I have a lot of protein in my urine. That concerns her because she is not sure why. So, I have to go back to the lab first thing in the morning for another urine test and another blood test. The 2nd blood test is to confirm my new diagnosis of Addison's Disease. Just what I need, another condition or disease. Oh yeah, my cholesterol is dangerously high too...::sigh::

    My question is would marijuana make you have a lot of proteins in your urine? I have never heard of that before and I have been smoking weed for 20 years and have had plenty of urine tests (drug and non drug urine tests for medical reasons) and I was never told I had protein in my urine before, but I thought I would ask anyway. Besides, the worst case scenerio is I have a bad kidney and it will need removed. I looked it up at WebMD and it said "protein in urine is one possible sign of kidney failure, although it could indicate a number of things." But, it did not go on to elaborate what those "things" were. :(
    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Higher Logic

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  3. Vicki

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    Thank you soooooo much for that link!! I am really worried about this, but I did read the link and I don't have Diabetes or high blood pressure. In fact, I have low blood pressure. I don't understand why my kidney/kidneys would be failing. I am not an alcohol drinker and never have been. I'll do more research and maybe call the number on that website to get some peace of mind. Now I play the waiting game, waiting on the lab to get the results back to the doctor. I hate this because she just diagnosed me with dangerously high cholesterol and Addison's Disease yesterday. :( I really was hoping for some fluke that marijuana might have caused the proteins.

    My doctor didn't tell me what my protein count was, but I am going to ask her when she gets the second test back, and also ask her how the first test compared to the second one.
  4. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    I couldn't find any information on high protein count in urine and marijuana, every result was mixed together with "urine testing" things so there was a lot of information to wade through. I doubt marijuana would interfere with anything considering how many people smoke, you would probably see more cases of it I would assume. Hope everything works out though, keep us updated.
  5. Vicki

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    Thank you for trying. I also did as well and came up with the same problem. I'll let you know what happens. :)
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    You could probably stop smoking for say a month or two get another physical to see if in fact that is a problem, that may be only one way to figure out why your protein count is higher. Since everyone reacts differently to THC it might be that your cells for some reason after being around thc for some reason have sarted to produce more proteins, maybe thinking it is a condition you are living around etc. Sometimes our bodies do these things without reason, but to your cells it mgh make sense. I would also do the kidney ultrasound and speak with a specialist because, afterall, they are a specialist. Thats the best hlp I can offer
  7. Vicki

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    Thank you, Mike. If the 2nd urine test comes back with proteins, I am sure my doctor will send me to a specialist for a kidney ultrasound and whatever else they do to determine kidney damage. If I go to the kidney specialist and they say my kidneys are fine, my doctor will look for another reason for the proteins. How, I do not know.

    I wish I could quit for a month, but I use marijuana as medicine, and I need it everyday, not in large quantities, for pain, nausea/vomiting/migraines/shakiness/insomnia/appetite stimulation, and other things. I am on a ton of prescription medications, of which 3 of them are vital to me as I could die if I don't take them. Some of the rest are things that marijuana sometimes or always does work better than. I will say that the correct combination of my meds and marijuana are very beneficial to me.

    If my doctor has all these tests done, they come back normal, and the protein is still there, I'm at a loss.... :sick:
  8. Crimsonz28

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    In that case I would say if it is causing no damage to you and you feel okay with it, why change. If not I wouldn't know what tot ell you, a specialist may be able to helo you with some of these decisions. Hope it works out for you : )

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