Marijuana and Wellbutrin (Bupropion)

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by LordIcer, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. LordIcer

    LordIcer New Member

    Today I was perscribed 100mg of Wellbutrin aka Zyban (Bupropion) twice daily for ADHD. I am an avid marijuana smoker, but getting my life in order is a priority. I am looking for anyone who has taken Wellbutrin and smoked marijuana at the same time.

    In the research I have done, it appears that *most likely* their won't be any adverse effects, and I even found a studying stating "Bupropion had few behavioral effects when participants smoked active marijuana. During placebo marijuana smoking, i.e., active marijuana withdrawal, ratings of irritability, restlessness, depression, and trouble sleeping were increased by bupropion compared to placebo maintenance."

    I'm definately going to get my body used to this drug for a few weeks to make sure I don't experience any serious side-effects or irregularities. I'm sad to say that Wellbutrin may be the end of Marijuana smoking for me...but my priorities are straighter these days and getting high all day long isn't just what it used to be. Anyways, I'm rambling now and may just have one huge session tomorrow before I throw in the towel and start the meds.

    Anyone have experience with Wellbutrin?
  2. dialcg

    dialcg New Member

    I had some friends that used that, according to them, Wellbutrin is an intoxicating substance itself. "Legal crack" they jokingly called it. I would not give up weed for state-sponsored drugs EVER myself, but if thats what it takes to get you off nicotine, then good luck. Hope you rejoin our ranks as soon as you kick the cigs. I would think smoking weed might moderate your cravings to smoke cigs though?

    Chris D
  3. LordIcer

    LordIcer New Member

    Yes Zyban is also marketed for getting off cigarettes but I'm taking it for ADHD...if I ever decide to stop smoking cigs I definately would never do anything as drastic as "legal crack" ;) Sort of ironic that I smoke cigs and am taking this medicine though eh?
  4. Faerywings

    Faerywings New Member

    Hey there. I have been on Wellbutrin for about 2 years now. My parents started to drug me when I was 8 years old and came home from a day in 3rd grade in a bad mood. According to them i was a particularly young case of manic depression. yeah yeah yeah. I have been on prozac, zoloft, effexor, aderol, ridllin (I have ADD too) and god knows what else. So, far I must say that Wellbutrin is the best one so far out of the whole bunch. I think some parents really take advantage of the privilage to drug their kids way too much. Now that I'm old enough to say no to taking meds I don't want to, Wellbutrin is the only one I will agree to take because it helps me concentrate in school better. It helps with the ADD more than the depression, so it dosen't really tamper with my personality too much. I never really thought about what type of effect smoking would have on it. But then again I just recently started to smoke. But now that I think of it, i did tweak out once and it got pretty scary. So, now I'm wondering......Wellbutirn isn't that bad because it dosen't effect you too much. I mean it helps but it's not something (at least to me) that you can become dependant on like prozac. They started me right off on 300mg a day. Most of the other drugs I've been on had pretty bad side effects, but Wellbutrins haven't been that bad. I gain weight and then lose it like you wouldn't believe, but I don't shake real bad like I used to. So, I'm willing to sacrafice to the weight changes. Okay, I just thought I'd out my 2 cents in. Good luck in your Wellbutrin adventures.
  5. LordIcer

    LordIcer New Member

    Well I just couldn't resist, and I have smoked about 3 times since I've been taking Wellbutrin. I started out small and slowly increased my dosage. I haven't smoke nearly what I would to get REALLY stoned, but even at low doses it is not a very enjoyable experience. Today I took 3 fat rips off a joint with some good bud in it. I didn't feel very "stoned" just more dizzy/had a headache, and had a few minutes of panic that overwhelmed me in waves, but nothing I couldn't handle...although not desirable. My vision was also slight distorted and I noticed some breathing in objects when I felt the terror/panic creeping up on me. Really a bummer because I LOVE weed. Oh well, the doctor says I can most likely not take it during the summer as long as the ADHD doesn't get in the way of my work.

    On the other hand I think it's definately starting to work, and I have to say I'm a better person for it.
  6. shadyskater420

    shadyskater420 New Member

    i would say to keep smoking

    i use to be on 300mg a day with it for depression when i first started smoking and i never worried or saw any side effects with it. my advice is that if you would stop worring and looking for side efects then its more likly that there will be none. i say just relax and have fun with it all.

    and wellbutrin is not like crack. the most i took at a time was750 mg ( its a really long and depressing story) and all it did to me was...well i just feel asleep and woke up dizzy.
  7. LordIcer

    LordIcer New Member

    I'm sorry but I am not worrying or looking for side effects. I have been smoking for over 3 years years now, and smoking every day for a fair amount of that time. Last night after 1 bong toke I became extremely dizzy and confused. I had trouble opening my jaw completely and had loss of feeling in my face. The danger is real, although it may not effect everyone in the same manner.
  8. AnarchistBarbie

    AnarchistBarbie New Member

    Wellbutrin is a marginally effective anti-depressant that helps some people with ADD/ADHD concentrate. Most people find that its effective wanes considerably over time.

    Some people who use m.j. find using wellbutrin someone disconcerting on top of it, and other's don't mind... there aren't any focused studies on the way cannabis interacts with other drugs.
  9. MJane

    MJane Senior Member

    I was prescribed Wellbutrin and within 3 days, I stopped. It made me SOOO anxious and moody, and I thought I was going crazy. Now I take lithium.
  10. Shroud

    Shroud New Member

    Ritallin (Methylphenidate) was the drug that was labelled "legal crack" actually not Wellbutrin (Buproprion). Ritallin is a stimulant while Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant. Both are used in the treatment of ADHD. Buproprion is alternatively marketed under the name Zyban for the treatment of nicotine addiction.
  11. AndieBear

    AndieBear Seasoned Activist

    Although you are right about it being labled an anti-depressant, Wellbutrin, had a serious effect on me. I would have to call it "Legal Speed" though.

    I took 100mg for 3 days, and on the 3rd day, I was moving so fast, you couldn't have stopped me if you wanted to. We were getting new carpet the next day and I was starting to move the furniture out into the garage. In 4 hours I had removed everything except the couch (it a sleeper and heavy as heck) and beds from our 3 bedroom house. Keep in mind, I'm 5'4 120lbs and VERY lazy!! I was extremely irritable, sweating up a storm, chain smoking and non stop talking. I also didn't sleep that night. Even after cutting the dose to 25mg, and taking it in the morning, I still had touble getting to sleep.

    Needless to say, it didn't work for me. And I stopped taking it after 2 months. I wasn't smoking mj at the time, as I wanted to be sure any effects were from the medication itself. So, I still don't know what if any interactions it might have caused. Who know's, it probably would have helped me level out.
  12. MJane

    MJane Senior Member

    Wellbutrin SUCKS!!!!! I was on it for about a week and had to be taken to the hospital cuz I freaked out and sliced my arm all up. Turns out I was not only depressed, but bipolar, which could have had devastating effects had I continued the Wellbutrin.
    Anyhow, I'm doing a LOT better with lithium. That's really the only med I will take least it's an element that occurs naturally in nature. I've had it with ANY synthetic meds.
  13. MJane

    MJane Senior Member

    DUH!!!!! I'd forgotten I'd posted here before. Sorry!!!!
  14. torii1321

    torii1321 New Member

    I've been on 400mg of bupropion for depression and the first time I smoked after going the full dosage I got dizzy and panicky and I couldn't breathe correctly, I also lost my hearing for a few minutes. I was also extremely nauseous. I am still taking the pills because they do so much for my depression and I have not had this happen to me after that night. If anything happens it's best to lie down and let it pass because it was probably just a panic attack. but still scary as shit, I ended my night in tears because of this which was so not cool.
  15. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    i was on it for awhile,, i was needing a change,,, and it turned out , that it didn't work for me,, i ended up with a bad happening,, I WILL NOT TAKE IT AGAIN....
  16. Jshort

    Jshort New Member

    Bupropion and Marijuana

    I know this post is a little old and all, but I have been on Bupropion for concentration and excessive sleepiness, for 2-3 months now and just started using marijuana for my severe back pain, I had smoked too much and got really dizzy and freaked out alot. Felt like it wouldnt go away and I guess that may not have been normal, but I dont really know. I get dizzy if I miss the time for my dose of Bupropion or if I take more than 3 smallish hits from my pipe while on Bupropion. Is it normal to feel that way after smoking, it makes the pain in my back go away and than I get real sleepy after the "high" feeling leaves. But I feel a little dizzy tho too, could it be the Burpropion? Or maybe I am just a "lightweight" lol? I guess it would be different for everyone, but just curious. I havent told my doctor yet that I am using marijuana for my back pain, she told me she didnt want me to take that route for sleepiness and concentration problem. But I need some pain relief immediately when my back spasms happen. Also, my provider is a pretty heavy smoker, maybe they are giving me really "heavy" strains of marijuana...if that even exsists? LOL sorry alot of questions but thought I would ask to get a wide range of answers. Oh and the stuff I have been given so far has been Sativa, maui waui or maui hawaii...Im not sure, as you can see I havent a clue really about much lol! Thanks :)
  17. A Stoner

    A Stoner New Member

    Okay, I have no experience with Burpropion, but based off the previous posts when people mix the two they can possibly experience dizziness like you described. \What causes that? I can't tell you. I've never experienced diziness while high except when mixed with alcohol or tobacco. Cannabis will not cause as much or any sleepiness if it is vaporized because it is actually the properties of the smoke that cause you to feel tired, not the cannabinoids that cause the high. It is also way more efficient in means of conserving weed. Maui Wowie is a very nice, strong sativa strain, so you don't need much to get nice and high. Getting worse weed will just cause more of a headache/diziness because you need to smoke more of it to get high, which means more smoke and toxins that may cause these symptoms that interact with your other medication. I'd recommend to get indica dominant strains as they help relieve pain better than sativas do.
  18. Jshort

    Jshort New Member

    Thank you, I will deffinately see about investing in a vaporize unit. I wasnt sure about going with it but what you said makes so much sense! I havent had a chance to try indica yet, but I think I will do that next time I visit my dispensary. Anyone have a good reveiw on a not too expensive vaporizer?
  19. A Stoner

    A Stoner New Member

    Well if you are willing to spend the money Da Buddah Vaporizer by 7th Floor is very good. It is well worth the investment because it's one of the best vaporizers you can get besides the Silver Surfer Vape by the same company. They both give nice big vapor rips. You pack a bowl in the wand and there is tubing connected to the wand, the heating element in the unit heats up the air as it passes by and that air goes through the bowl and weed vaporizing it. It's very nice and vaporizers are something you don't really want to cheap out on.
  20. elizarocks

    elizarocks New Member

    I've been on wellbutrin for nearly a week now, and no bad effects yet. I smoke about 1/8 per day probably...

    dosage is increasing day after tomorrow, so I can report back after that ;)

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