Marijuana Banana Smothie (Canna-Banana Smoothie)

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  1. acceler

    acceler New Member

    1 1/2 cups of milk
    1/2 cup whipping cream (the liquid shit)
    1-4 grams of dank (varies on how man are you)
    2+ bananas

    PART 1 - The Weed Part:
    Heat the milk and cream with the weed at 140˙f-160˙f for 30-60 minutes. The optimal temperature for the milk is so it doesn't burn the milk and create a bitter taste or boil over.
    When finished, more patience is necessary, strain the milk through cheese cloth to remove the weed itself. If your cool with chunky green shit in your smoothie then you can leave the weed in the milk (hey it might even increase your stone).
    After the Milk is sufficiently strained (or not) cover the container holding the milk and let it sit out for 20 minutes or so. Then proceed to place it in the refrigerator or what have you.

    PART 2 - The Enjoyment
    After the Milk is Sufficiently cooled to your taste, Bring Out Your Blender, Bananas, Milk and Cream.
    Chop The Bananas up and throw them in the blender. Not the peel, ok? just dont.
    Then throw in several pieces of ice with the banana (not totally important so dont freak if you dont have ice)
    Pour the canna-milk creation in, over the ice and bananas.
    Then if you think there should be any extra Milk or cream, you can add to your taste.
    Put the top on the blender, and blend. Just do it however you want to do it, make sure all the ice and bananas blend up and the whipping cream should get a little fluffy if you added extra. It's pretty dope, but not that dope, dont freak out if it doesn't fluff.

    PART 3 - Put It In A Cup And Drink It.
    Do it, you'll get stoned.
  2. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Awesome!! This is something entirely worth trying. :thumb:
  3. sativaking

    sativaking New Member

    This is something I have to make, but with one difference. Mango -bannana, or just mango. Ripe Mango contains a chemical which increases the affect of thc on the brain. So its gonna make it twice as bomb

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