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  1. Bongwater19

    Bongwater19 New Member

    i was giving my cats some catnip and i realized, again, that marijuana is catnip for people. catnip activates receptors in cats' brains like marijuana does to ours. except cats would never outlaw catnip. that would just be plain foolish.

    it's cool to watch the cats stare off into space, slightly confused, purring softly. i feel like a toke so i'll end this post quick.

    ttfn! ta ta for now.
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  2. ShuflY

    ShuflY Guest

    I used to love watching my cats go crazy for catnip! They get so silly...
  3. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze New Member

    anyone ever tryed smoking catnip?
  4. 12345

    12345 Guest



    but if it actually does anything, i'd smoke it

    cheaper than weed haha
  5. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze New Member

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  6. Bongwater19

    Bongwater19 New Member

    free will is a partial illusion. our physical brains dictate much of what we do. all physical urges, social contact, and emotions are un-free will. you can go days without really exercising free will.
  7. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze New Member

    r u talking about my sig??

    kuz im stoned :D
  8. cough-cough-eer

    cough-cough-eer New Member

    I've smoked carnip

    We I was younger a friend and I were wanting to get high, but had no weed. WE got to looking at the ingredents on a package of cat nip and decided it was all natural, soooooo WTF we decided It could'nt hurt us. No buzz what- so- ever.:bawl:
  9. Bongwater19

    Bongwater19 New Member

    i'm sure you can get a placebo effect out of it, but probably not much else. our brains just arent wired like cats' brains are, so the drug has no effect on us.
  10. 12345

    12345 Guest

    Re: I've smoked carnip


    Sorry, but that is just pure comedy. :p
  11. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    I once dared a friend to do that. He refused but opted to eat a fresh bird pepper instead......

    Catnip works as a Hallucinogenic for cats. Cat's see things, colors, visual distortions after eating it. It also helps cats digest their food, much like bran does for humans.
  12. Leithreas

    Leithreas Toilet

    so you mean bran can cause hallucinations?! geez, i shoulda ate my bran flakes as a child... :p

    although catnip doesnt get you high, its got a pretty good taste to it ;)
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  13. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    no dude, it makes the cat go to the litter box, you know, keeps them 'regular' and gives them a little vacation from reality. Althought, I'm not quite sure what reality my cat needs to excape from, she leads a fairly cushy life.
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  14. nomadtw

    nomadtw New Member

    since happyman has replied here and not closed it i guess this is an ok post interesting

    anyway, i heard this, was never willing to try it
    but maybe i'll brew some tea
  15. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    This is interesting. I had no idea what Cat Nip is, but a drug that attracts the cat to the little box... I wish they had a drug that would attract me to school.
  16. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    it doesn't attract them to the litter box, it helps them once they can there. You don't want kitty squatting and straining do you?
  17. X10X10X10X

    X10X10X10X New Member

    Lol it seems all our cats are stoners!

    Like owner like cat i guess.


  18. Captain Honkey

    Captain Honkey New Member

    I used to grow catnip in my backyard, and all the cats in the neighbourhood would come and **** up our garden.

    We also had this one neighbourhood cat who would always try to get in our house and play with my cat's catnip toys.

    God damn crack addict cats.
  19. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    I keep a small bowl of fresh ground catnip next to my cat's food bowl. She eats a little cat nip, then eats her food then stumbles around the apartment............
  20. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    I need to do a little research on cat nip, I was unware of a kitty drug :cool:

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