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Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Higher Logic, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. cyrunjr

    cyrunjr New Member

    yo how do i get the recipes to come up it says page not found when i click on it
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  2. smallaxe

    smallaxe New Member

    Confused Future Cook Looking For Response ASAP

    Where's the cookbook?
    I click on the link: and get sent to the home page.

    I am also having difficulty understanding whether double boilers are only to be used with oil or if butter works as well; because I've read posts telling me that if you simmer the herb in butter that the butter should NOT boil. Wouldn't having butter in a double boiler cause it to boil?

    And I also read in another post that the thc is activated into the fat at 103C, but a boiler would only go to 100C. What's up with that?

    To make my life easier could someone tell me exactly how much butter and exactly how much oil i should use for a 1/2 oz?
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  3. arc_of_light

    arc_of_light New Member

    I too would like to know what happened to the recipe section, and why can't it be fixed. That was the best resource of the site. Too bad it's gone.
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  4. SnakeEyes2131

    SnakeEyes2131 New Member

    I agree bring back the recipies!
  5. Squeak37

    Squeak37 New Member

    Take two graham crackers and put peanutbutter in the middle of them. Then put about 1/2 a gram of grinded up weed in between the crackers as well. Then preheat the oven to 320 degrees. Wrap it in tinfoil and put on a tray. Then put it in the oven for 22 minutes. Simply amazing.
  6. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    Super lame. The recipes section was a great source of information. What happened?
  7. dorothy

    dorothy New Member

    Whats the hell is happening? Where is the recipe section?
  8. Rhymenocerous

    Rhymenocerous New Member

    Bump, I'd like to access the recipes section please!
  9. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    We have over 1,000 threads, and 8,000 posts in the Culinary forum. If you do some exploring around the forum, you'll find TONS of recipes....just take some time to look ;)

    I have no idea when, or if the recipe section will come back. So for now, you all will have to deal with user submitted recipes.
  10. smittyjcksn

    smittyjcksn New Member

    Potent Marijuana Tea

    Years ago I stumbled upon a very good recipe for marijuana tea. I've tried many other recipes available online however none of them worked as good as this one.

    3/4 Cup Water
    3/4 Cup Whole Milk (Strongly recommended in comparison to 1% or 2%)
    One TBSP Butter (Not Margarine)
    0.5-1 Gram marijuana bud.

    Start by taking any old tea bags, removing the contents and replacing with finely ground marijuana. I always use four tea bags with about 0.2 in each. Using tea bags prevents the need of straining your tea later.

    Turn your element on high and drop in 1 TBSP butter , margarine will not be sufficient because it does not have a high enough fat content. Mix this around the bottom of the pot until it becomes a liquid.

    Add 3/4 of a cup water and all your tea bags with powdered marijuana into the pot.

    Turn the element down to a simmer and let it simmer for 45-60 minutes. (Strongly recommend covering with lid to prevent evaporation , after an hour quite a bit of water can be evaporated).

    Once you return you will notice the water will have a distinctively green tint, remove the tea bags you have placed in and add 3/4 of a cup Whole Milk.

    Turn the element on to full and boil the pots contents for 10 minutes (Again, preferably covered with lid)

    Turn the temperature back down to a simmer and let it cool down for about 5 minutes).

    If you follow these instructions 0.5 will get you high for around 5-6 hours.
    Be careful though, this does make you very tired!!

    This can be kept in the fridge as long as the milk doesn't spoil!

    Get High;)
  11. wishmaster

    wishmaster New Member

    smitty this sounds awsome i really always wanted to try to make tea too. i have three questions though
    1. have you experimented with adding a teabag of actual tea for taste and how does that affect the potency or taste?
    2. Will this make the kitchen/yourself/or the pot you boil in smell temporarly or for a long time? (live with parents still if you know what i mean)
    3. Finally, is my mom gonna get wasted the next time she uses this pot? lol. how is the cleaning process inorder to get rid of the thc?

    Thanks for the recipe!!!!
  12. Smoke Weed Everyday

    Smoke Weed Everyday New Member

    why would you just put weed on the pizza, who wants to eat that? boil it into some oil or butter and add it that way
  13. Freddy Bentos

    Freddy Bentos New Member

    Hi everyone hows it goin. I'm new to the forum but no stranger to mj. Anyway, in my experience, the easiest way to eat dope is to get an amount of weed you'd be comfortable eating. Lets say 1.5 grams. Put it in a tablespoon with cooking oil or olive oil or whatever. Hold a lighter to the spoon until the oil bubbles nicely. You could also do this over a cooker instead. I feel like a scaghead when I hold a lighter under a spoon. The THC dissolves in the oil because it's fat soluble. (You can make as much weed tea as you like but it won't do much. When you got the oil ready, toss it into a yoghurt or whatever. It doesn't matter. Eat it. Give it an hour and you're gonna start feeling it.
  14. Nipster1963

    Nipster1963 New Member

    I guess if you've got enough to burn (or cook) you find new ways of eating it. Keep in mind we don't know the quality of the herb nor the tolerance of the people injesting it. I will say I wouldn't mind coming over for dinner and finding out for myself lol.

  15. sheapet

    sheapet New Member

    Website doesnt work for me, what about anyone else?
  16. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    Yeah,l nothng here We could use for our 2 oz, vaped at 356 F., Ther use to be a UTube on it even, Now "They" just send Everybody back Here. Payola, on vapes,and, recipes.
    All sites need sponsors,but they shouldn't get in the way of The People that feed Them, Not Us!
  17. zorro777

    zorro777 New Member

    The Ultimate Guide To Premix 420 Cookies

    hey peeps, i finally got the premix 420 cookies to work, here are the notes enjoy :)

    1. get some premix "sugar" cookie dough. be sure to get the "sugar" cookie mix, it is a type of cookie mix (not a brand) that only dough. other types of premix cookies have nuts, chocolate chips etc, and these also have high fat content but don't work as well because the bud grind doesn't intermix with the chips/nuts. reason you need a high fat content is to bind with the 420 thc molecules, it's a chemical thing. also be sure cookie mix requires 350 degrees to cook & don't get the fat-free cookies they won't work.
    2. practice. get a few of the small cookie squares or cut some off the roll about 1/3" thick. mix in a small amount of water with the cookie dough and mush it around with your fingers. keep your fingers wet so that the cookie dough does not stick to your fingers. do all this on a piece of tin foil on top of a plate.
    3. while mixing the dough, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. buy an oven thermo (about $10) at grocery store and check that the oven dial at 350 degrees really is 350 degrees inside the oven. it takes about 20 minutes for oven to fully warm up. also buy 1 of those heavy tin foil cookie pans (about $3) mash the sides flat, and put this in the oven while it is heating up. you need the cookie pan or sometimes the tin foil with the cookies will melt between the oven bars.
    4. while mixing the cookie dough with some extra water, shape it into a 2.5" circle about 3/8" thick. the size & thickness of cookie affects how long it takes to cook etc. mine usually are kind of gloppy from adding the water, the water makes it easier to mix in the bud grind. some of the premix cookie dough is already cut into squares, which is fine.
    5. after mixing, put the cookie into the oven, just slide the tin foil from the plate onto the cookie pan. usually the directions on the package say cook for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees. but since the water was added you need to increase the cooking time to somewhere around 25-30 minutes. if the cookies are still chewy then they are not cooked long enough. the cookies need to be crisp & crunchy but not burnt, because the 420 thc molecules need 350 degrees to bind with the cookie fat molecules.
    6. repeat this a few times WITHOUT ANY 420 until you get it figured out. mixing the cookie dough with extra water, the size/shape of the cookie & the length of time to cook is very important, so it's worth practicing before adding the 420 and you want to do it mostly the same way every time because the cooking time will change if more/less water, more/less dough etc.
    7. get a bud grinder (about $10) at some head shop. they are usually all the same size about 2" circle and the wooden ones work best for me, why ? because after using it a few times the bud will get stuck inside the grinder edges & you need to clean it out. the woodies are easier to clean with a small screwdriver or knife. grinders are required for cookies, otherwise you waste alot of 420 and the coookies won't work very well.
    8. surprise, the size of 2" bud grinder is just about the right amount of 420 for cookies, so if you pack the grinder full it is about 1.5 grams of 420. and really grind the bud around & around, after this it just falls out of the grinder & looks like green tobacco.
    9. now you know how to mix & cook the cookies & ready for the 420, woo hoo. after grinding the 1.5 grams spill it out and split it into 3 small piles, and then make 1 cookie with each pile. so after all this you should have 3 cookies with about .5 gram 420 in each. be sure to really mix the 420 after grinding into the cookie dough, you don't want it all clumped up in 1 spot, after mixing the cookie dough looks greenish (seriously :)
    10. note that when you are cooking the cookies with the 420 they will puff up alot after about 6-7 minutes of cooking, this is fine and after a few more minutes they will shrink back to normal.
    11. how to eat the cookies ? about 2 hours after eating to give your tummy time to empty. do not eat the cookies with a big meal because your body will be digesting all the food, you want to eat the cookies on an empty stomach and drink a glass of water too.
    12. i recommend trying this first time 2 hours after dinner at home at nite. do not go driving around and do not drink booze. if you have never done cookies and you get the recipe right you will be amazed at how strong the buzz is. the 1st time i tried them i was literally stumbling around my apartment like i was drunk & have never been that stoned from smoking or vaping 420. it takes about 45 minutes to an hour for the buzz to hit. the first 30 minutes are nothing and then you will notice your heart rate increasing. the buzz for me hits very hard about 60 minutes and at 75 or so i am quite zipped. i eat 2 cookies and then wait about 90 minutes and then eat the 3rd cookie & stay buzzed for several hours, also it takes longer to recover so if you do cookies 2-3 nites in a row the buzz won't be as strong & need more cookies LOL
    yes it's a hassle to make cookies compared to rolling a doobie or blowing bong hits but the buzz is much better and i really can't smoke much any more because i get coughs very easy. you can poke around the internet for cookie recipies and most of them use "cannabutter", which is even more of a hassle to make but it works better if you want to make alot of cookies. the premix cookie is great for making just a few cookies at a time.
  18. flynvertd

    flynvertd New Member

    they aren't talkin' kind bud man. Try an ounce or two of REG's on the pizza instead!
  19. Orange Bud

    Orange Bud Banned

    The space pancake mix recipe on post #2 is broken. Please fix it cuz im dying to try this recipe
  20. Khoffman

    Khoffman New Member

    Chronic food 101

    Ok so heres the deal comeing from a chef stand point all you have to do to make good weed food is to broil your weed in some sort of liquid, any liquid really. Like for example, to make an ice cream sundae all i would do is broil chocolate and throw about a quarter of some chronic in there and screen my weed out and poor it on my icecream and u have your self a nice little treat. Im about to try popsicles and broil my juice and then freeze it.

    Love to hear feed back, thanks.

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