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Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Higher Logic, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Khoffman

    Khoffman New Member

    Ok here is the deal im a chef all ypu have to do is broil your chronic in any liquid really, for example to make a ice cream sundae i would broil chocolate and throw about a quarter of chronic then screen out my weed and you have yourself a badass treat. Im about to do popsicles and im going to broil juice.

    Love to hear feed back. Enjoy
  2. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Good luck 'boiling juice' to get high. It will be 100% placebo effect and an 100% waste of weed ;) Weed is not soluble in "any liquid" and will not get you high if cooked in juice.
  3. Orange Bud

    Orange Bud Banned

    False. When marijuana is boiled in any non fat liquid (such as water) a paste will rise to the top. That paste is THC, not 100% but it WILL get you high. Its like making marijuana tea but with orange juice. If you freeze the paste with the juice to make a popsicle, it will get you high. Just because its frozen doesnt mean it becomes useless. Ive let brownies sit in the fridge for a day or so (pot brownies) and the next day, it still got me high.
  4. canadian oil

    canadian oil New Member

    how two make oil

    I have hard of a few ideas on how to make honey oil but some thing is not working :hail:
  5. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member

    Where ever any of you got your information, don't waste your weed boiling it in soups, ( except for thick,oily stews/soups ), or making teas out of it because when T.H.C. and other cannabinoids are consumed orally some of it is taken in by the stomuc and tranzphered through the liver, but most of what is being digestested and the way most of the T.H.C. will be absorbed into the body will be entering from is your upper small intestinal digestive area and for T.H.C to enter the body more efficiantly in this way it needs to be cooked in oil. Thats why you see a lot of " Pot Butter " for cooking items along with brownies, cookies, meatballs and foods where the Marijuana spends some time cooking in the food and letting its T.H.C. seap into the oil. I'm not saying eating weed alone won't get you high, I'm just saying that if your going to eat it, if its cooked with a littel bit of oil first or in something that contains oil it will get you higher. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ever have spaghetti and weed balls ? Oh.. There good and unlike brownies they taste like the flavor kind of belongs in there. Or ..... Weed loaf.. just the thing for.... When my mother comes to visit. lol. ... Oh you wan't to know what that flovor is ? lol. .. Its Juanamari ! A herb they only sell at my grocery store.
  6. korken753

    korken753 New Member

    anyone else having trouble getting on the recipe site?
  7. Roxy

    Roxy New Member

    I can't find it. =(
    I just want a nice butter recipe preferably in a crock pot.
  8. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    the only way that i know to do it in aa crock pot is tpo clarify it before adding your weed. put your butter in your crock pot on low. every 30 minutes or so clean the white foamy stuff off the top of the butter. when there is no mor foamy stuff add your finely ground marijuana
    make sure its finely ground, the more surface area the better THC release. simmer the butter and weed for two hours a day for three days. on the third day cool slightly and strain through a fine strainer or cheesecloth. put this butter in the fridge to solidify.
    I've done butter this way, another way and i've done oil in the crock pot and i prefer oil the best.
  9. nancy420

    nancy420 New Member


    I am looking for recipes with tea. I am using Caramel Roobois and/or green tea. I read that it is not water soluable, so you have to combine the weed with butter to make it absorb the thc. They suggested also alcohol as another option. What about honey or maple syrup? Butter in tea in just nasty!
  10. gregorio

    gregorio New Member

    how to make tea

    please can anyone dive me a good recipe with measured ingrediants so i can make tea thank u much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Farmgirl11

    Farmgirl11 New Member

    Here's a good recipe for quick, kick ass TASTY scrambled eggs.. Take a small non stick skillet and add about a teaspoon or so of bacon grease and melt it. It helps to have a slightly crooked burner so the fat stays in one side of the pan. Add a nice pinch of powdered weed and mix it in a bit. It will look like it's bubbling, but that's just the air coming out of the weed. Do NOT let your skillet get too hot! If it starts to smoke, remove it from the heat for a minute to cool. I usually give it 5 minutes to "cook". Then I scramble up a couple of eggs with some garlic powder and onion powder and pepper (bacon fat has salt, so no need unless yer a salt freak.) Then let your fat coat the pan and pour in yer eggs and cook. They taste great and give a great buzz! : ) You could make an omelet, too, I like to mix bacon bits or ham in it. Gives a whole new meaning to green eggs and ham!
  12. Farmgirl11

    Farmgirl11 New Member

    Why 3 days?? :confused: Every recipe I've found says 24 hours and that worked great for me.;)
  13. chronreef

    chronreef New Member

    I am surprised at the lack of a good cannabutter recipe on this thread. I saw one that may result in good butter but is way too complicated.

    I add two ounces of quality trim which is approx 25% tiny buds that I don't want to clean due to size for each pound of butter.

    For example in my last batch:
    I used just over 1 lb of quality trim plus a couple quarters of chem dog I had laying around with 8 lbs of butter. I slowly melted the butter so it would not burn then added the weed. I then added enough water to fill most of the rest of the pot. I increase the heat and stir the mess until I see a few bubbles. The mix will be thick and look sort of like spinach. As soon as I see it start to bubble I cover the pot and reduce the heat to a simmer. I cook the butter for 22- 24 hours and stir it maybe twice during that time. As soon as the time has finished I strain the hot mix through a cheese cloth into a large bowl. After squeezing with the cheese cloth I use a potato ricer to get as much of the butter out of the weed as possible.

    Cool the butter in the fridge or freezer. The butter will be on top and the water will be on the bottom. Make a hole through the butter so you can pour the water off. Pot is not water soluble and the water is of no value. I was able to recover just 6 lbs of cannabutter from the 8 lbs I started with.

    I have tried boiling the remaining mix to get those last two pounds of cannabutter but it is a lot of effort and I have never recovered more than just a tiny amount of the missing product using this method.

    I measure the butter into 1 cup (2 cubes or 1/2 lb) units and freeze in sandwich bags until use. Just make any recipe that calls for butter. I try to make about 60 cookies, lemon bars or whatever with each cup of butter to have it be approximately the correct dose.

    My medibles are about 10x to 24x the strength of medibles available in the clubs. So if the medibles in the clubs are strong enough for you use less of the cannabutter so 1 cup makes 120 cookies or whatever.

    One night I made butter and I licked my hands and ate several cookies that had broken or were mishapen. It made me edgy and I was not able to get to sleep. Just one cookie will give a guaranteed 4 hours of undisturbed sleep.
  14. Farmgirl11

    Farmgirl11 New Member

    Chronreef, there are several recipes pretty much the same as yours in this thread:

    I did mine the same as you did (only in MUCH smaller amounts! God, I'd love to have a lb!!) and it turned out great! And I didn't go thru all the hassle of clarifying the butter and using unsalted butter. I used what I had and it was fine. I was very impressed, my first batch came out really good. Only difference is that I used a crock pot. The only way to go, I think, no chance at all of it burning.
  15. chronreef

    chronreef New Member

    Maybe I read through the thread too fast. Most recipes called for a crock pot and one even took 3 days. I did not see any recipe that I would say was that similar to mine in this thread and I am not trying to start and argument. If it was there I just missed it.

    I just wanted to make sure that my recipe that I have refined over the last three years was available as an option.;)

    I make very large batches since I leave the stove on all night and want to make the best use of that energy. I have a pretty new GE Profile gas range so when I set the small burner to the lowest setting it works perfect. It is important to make sure the temp does not get above 300 degrees when cooking the butter. When I make my cookies I adjust the temp to 300 and increase the time to make sure I don't decarboxilate the THC in the cookies before they are cooked.
  16. LikeSoTotallyBaked

    LikeSoTotallyBaked New Member

    Pot butter in a Cup a Noodles with Tapatio!
  17. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    english gentleman (aka PB&J Muffin)

    this is pretty easy. same thing as making a firecracker, only i use an english muffin with peanutbutter. same exact steps as firecrackers.

    take 2 english muffins and split them in half. take one pair of halves, cover with peanutbutter, add weed, bake as usual. with the other 2 halves, lightly toast them, and spread some jelly of whatever flavor you desire. once the peanutbutter halves are done, make yourself a lil hot chocolate, and much away on your pb&j english muffins :)
  18. FatGuyPushUp

    FatGuyPushUp New Member

    i love you
  19. -LOST-

    -LOST- New Member

    Yeah more like a quarter or a half Oz
  20. YouWon'tBeleive

    YouWon'tBeleive New Member

    That sounds amazing I wish I didn't just make firecrackers :( I made 6 and have been using the same method everytime that seems to work well. *knock on wood*. Wrap the 2 crackers in tinfoil and bake in oven for 23 min. seems to work everytime extremly well.

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