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  1. Negation

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    DMT done right (with or without marijuana) will not cause you to be "pretty messed up." DMT done right (with or without marijuana) will not necessarily "not be a good experience."

    I've commented on it before, but you certainly seem to have a pretty hearty dislike for non-marijuana drugs, and that's perfectly fine, I can sympathize and recognize your right to say so. But honestly? I'd love to have MJ+OT drugs talked about in a harm-reduction manner without a lot of the sensationalist stories or the "you have deeper issues" name calling, because it just isn't true. Can you have a bad trip on DMT, with or without marijuana involved? Absolutely. But you can also have an absolutely wretched time using just MJ, and you can also have an extremely wonderful, profoundly positive life-changing time using DMT as well. Maybe his set and setting was wrong, but innumerable people have or still do use DMT, possibly in conjunction with weed, and are fine. The drug isn't the problem here.

    I would say exactly the opposite. He's looking for answers and help before trying it, and I say that's very responsible. I spend hours and hours (days even) reading places like Bluelight and Erowid before I try any drug, and I feel that's no different than asking about a specific combo or the like. In the spirit of harm-reduction, asking about weed and another drug while on a marijuana forum with a diverse collection of posters (ranging from never tried anything to full blown psychonauts) before just jumping in shows a pretty good deal of intelligence and foresight, in my opinion.
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  2. toothfairy420

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    From what I have read and experienced, cannabis does not contain the dmt molecule (if so it's in trace amounts) so it would not cause you to have an unwanted tolerance before you smoke the dmt (ie. you will still get ejected into hyperspace while stoned.) If it is your first time, and you are having any apprehension as to the feelings that you will be experiencing, smoke some weed. For me, the immediate audio/visual presence was the most overwhelming thing, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. I took MDMA along with my first DMT experience and it produced a very very pleasurable after effect, marijuana sorta fogs things up a bit, but it will be much easier to handle the dmt if you are nicely high...

    In conclusion...Mary and Dimitri are a good couple but you really...really want to remember everything about your first experience and it fades quickly on Dimitri alone...and even more so with Mary.

    Are we talking nn-dmt, or 5-meo-dmt here?
    My experiences are with nn-dmt.
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  3. UpInFlames

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    This sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. DMT doesn't warp space and time for one individual. Besides, it only lasts for 15 minutes, how does that coorespond to 2 years? Either you made that story up, or you friend played you for a sucker.

    To the OP: If it is your first DMT expirience I would have a hit or two of some bud before smoking the DMT to make you relaxed for the trip. DMT is intense, but it is AMAZING. Very expensive though.

    Just a little fun fact, before you die, a large amount of DMT is released into your brain. This is why people say their 'lives flashed before their eyes' or they spoke to god or something along those lines.
  4. toothfairy420

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    DMT can actually warp a persons perception of the 5 minutes that I was out of body the first time, it felt more like it had been 15 minutes...well it felt timeless really...two years though, yeah, that sounds a little fishy to me as well. I have heard stories of people who resist the information that is being relayed to them, therefore staying the energies know they aren't ready to leave yet so they don't. That's when it has the possibility of turning into a bad trip...I am sure smoking some marijuana to open your mind a little before the trip would help to prevent this.

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