Marijuana Does Not Have To Be Heated!

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by SirSmokesAlot, Aug 3, 2001.

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  1. I keep seeing this MYTH over and over and over again, and people just keep believing it.

    Marijuana does NOT have to be heated to get you high.

    I have done it many times.

    Please make a note of this and tell all of your friends.

    Here's a fact: Heat degrades THC.

    " THC is degraded by both heat and light. Table 26 shows results of an experiment conducted at the University of Mississippi, in which marijuana was stored under varying temperature conditions171. These results indicate that marijuana stored at room temperature (72) or below, and in darkness for up to two years will lose only an insignificant amount of its original potency; whereas marijuana stored in darkness at 97 or above will lose almost all its potency within two years. "

    Next myth I have to combat is that Marijuana cannot be made into a potent tea. Yes it can. It will stick you to your couch.
  2. HappyMan

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  3. Here is how I consume Raw Marijuana to get stoned:

    Get some gel capsules like they use for herbal supplements in health food stores. Sit down with a bowl, the capsules, your weed, and a pair of scissors. Remove all of the stems from your buds and break them up into shake (You should use buds and break them up, shake in the bottom of the bag doesnt work as well). Grab a pinch of the bud shake between your fingers tightly and chop it up with the scissors. repeat this until you have a rough powder. It is much better to use a coffee grinder for this and grind it up into a very fine powder. Pack the long half of the gel cap with the powdered weed until it is packed down tight and there is a little puffing up out of the end of the capsule. Put the other end of the capsule on to close it. It takes me 2 of these pills to get high and 3 or 4 to be stoned. You should take the pills on an empty stomach and drink only water with them. If you have food in your stomach it will take a lot longer to absorb into your bloodstream and you wont feel as good.
  4. HappyMan

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    Interesting, I might try it. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. I can. Though it seems like no one else here has even considered eating raw Marijuana because they have dismissed it out of hand as being ineffective.

    I have to ask, why is everyone so very skeptical about this?? I just dont get it. THC is THC is THC is THC, and THC is degraded by heat. Makes sense that it would get you stoned without heating.
  6. HappyMan

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    I'm not doubting you, but I have tired eating weed with no effect......
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    well from my experiences it does have to be heated, I once bought 2 grams and ate it in a sandwich. Nothing happened. THen a couple months later i madea batch of some bad ass space brownies and i was tore up
  8. mriggs1

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    TRU brownies kick @$$
  9. Captain Honkey

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    What's the best way to make the tea. I've seen recipes and ish, but you (SirSmokesAlot) seem to have the key to good tea as it seems...
  10. brownies are good from what i hear, but to me there's nothin better than rollin a J and just smokin.
  11. CocoaDrinker

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    I think that this is how sirsmokesalot means to make tea.

    Put some bud/shake/whatever into some boiling water....leave it there for a few minutes...then get all the weed out, and what you have is the marijuana tea

    Reason it works: Everyone knows that THC does is not soluble in water. However it is an oil, so what you have is a glass of hot water with a lot of THC just floating on the surface. In a recent post some guy was talking about how in Turkey, they do this all the time, and they are serious potheads over there from what I understand.
  12. marijune

    marijune Guest

    yeah they do it alot in jamaica too, and my dad and his friends did it all the time back in the day
  13. thrashnor

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    i think the reason that people are straying from consuming it as opposed to smoking it is that it takes about 2x the weed, eaten, before you can declare bakedness. i can't back that up, though, i just heard it somewhere, maybe someone else has some experience in the matter...
  14. thc

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    well i can't back anything up,but if you could just eat it and get high,why would everyone smoke it?i know that if you eat a ****load you'll feel it,but if smokin a bowl gave you the same effect as eating a bowlsworth,why would everyone smoke it?just a little thought,but its common sense im tryin to use here
  15. thc, Sorry, but that just doesnt hold water. THC is THC, and THC gets you high. It doesnt have to be 'activiated', heated, or anything to get you high. (AGAIN, Whatever the heck 'activate' means, still havent gotten a definition for that one)

    Yes, you do have to eat more raw Marijuana to get high than you do if you smoke, but you have to eat more cooked Marijuana to get as high as smoking too. Eating is NOT as efficient as smoking. Not by a longshot. HOWEVER, I have found eating Marijuana to be a very pleasurable experience, with a different sort of high than when you smoke.

    Why dont people just eat it? Because it can take up to 2 hours to kick in when you eat it. People like to get high faster than that. Also because it depends on what you have eaten. If you eat a 4 course meal, and then eat a little bit o' buds, you arent going to get much more than a deep sleep. However, if you eat it on an empty stomach it can keep you stuck to your couch all day.

    I never said this method of consumption was economical, just that it works, and works well. It is a very good experience that I recommend to others.
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    like i said,i dont have anything to back it up,im just tryin to use common sense
  18. Nash

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    weed pills

    a while back while i was stoned, i thought it'd be cool to just pop a pill and get high. so i cooked up some bud in butter for about 15 minutes, then let the oil cool off a little, then took pretty big empty capsules (forgot what kind) and filled em all up with the cooked weed/oil and froze them so they wouldnt get old.. to my surprise, just 1 of these got me about as high as a bowl would.. pretty cool thing to try
  19. Moxy

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    I think the word "activate" is REFERing to when you heat anything, the molecules of the substance move faster then when they are in an "unactive" state.

    When you heat marijuana, the THC molecules speed up, smoking is a much more efficient way of introducing THC into the bloodstream because the molecules are more "active" because they are heated more then when they are left sitting in your body at 98 degrees.

    I bet if you left a big fat wad of weed soaking in your mouth long enough it you get you pretty stoned because your mucus membranes are a great pathway to your blood stream also.

    *just a note to everyone: i can talk, but i cant spell =)*
  20. CocoaDrinker

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    When a person says the word "activated" in reference to weed, there is a good chance they have not the slightest clue what they are talking about. But I think I might know the theory behind heating and that stuff.

    In a recent mens health magazine there was an article about like 20 different types of foods that will help with everyday ailments. There was one thing about heated vegetables helping with one of these. The explanation of the article stated that heat breaks down the cell walls of the plants which let all the nutrients flow more freely.

    I dont think at all that the heated thing was ever a proven fact, I just think that some people used this theory and applied it to weed. I personally dont think it matters at all heating or not,...maybe to a very small degreee, but it is just so much easier to not heat the stuff

    SirSmokesAlot, I salute you. You are one of the few who actually knows what youre talking about and withstands all the crap from others trying to debunk you.
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