Marijuana drinks that work?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Johnny Moronic, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Johnny Moronic

    Johnny Moronic New Member

    Edibles have never worked on me. I have tried all the cookies, tinctures, brownies, teas, etc. and nothing has EVER worked at all. Smoking is the only way for me. Does anyone know what is wrong with me? 2nd question. I did find a drink once that worked amazingly. It was called a "cosmic cocktail" available at a Mission district dispensary in SF, which has new owners now and no more drink. It was green orange juice, made with hash and a secret formula he would not say, wherein it hits you very quickly, less than 30 minutes. It was the perfect high and lasted all night with only two ounces. You can imagine what drinking more would do! Does anyone know where this guy and his amazing drink moved to? Does anyone know the secret to how to make this drink? Why is this the only thing that has ever worked for me? No other edible in town has done anything for me and I'm trying to get away from smoking so any info would help. P.S. Vaporizers don't work for me either, I never get fully stoned off them, just half way.
  2. AgnosticNaturalist

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    Are you sure you dont just have an intollerence to digesting Marijuana? Secondly, are you sure you prepared the food correctly and with the right amount of MJ ?

    One drink i know of which is suppose to be really good is Green Dragon.. Havnt tried it yet but will be experimenting this Summer :)
    It can be made by mixing any hard liquor with Marijuana (1-2 grams MJ for every lOz), popular mixers are Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, but anything works..
    There are several guides to making it in the Culinary section...

    Regards, Agnostic
  3. Le0n

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    Tinctures work but you have to make them properly in order for them to give you a good high. I have made them a few times all failed attempts as they did fuck all.
  4. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

    Most effective tinctures involve lots of crystally resin powder (keif) and high purity alcohol.
  5. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Yes thats true but can also be made from flower of leaf or stem, it just requiers much more of the plant material. I have yet to try a good brownie, or tincture, and I envy those who have.
  6. 1956

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    I guess this thread needs to be in the culinary section.

    Firecrackers are for me the easiest single dose edible. Eat them on an empty stomach. If you really have never gotten stoned on an edible then use the best Cali weed you can find and use about .6gr (total) in 2 firecrackers, eat on an empty stomach, and smoke the rest of the gram 1hr after consumption. If you aren't stoned at that point, your metabolism is seriously unresponsive to edibles.

    For tinctures. dry out 2 grams of the best weed you can find by heating it a 220 degrees for 20min in the oven.Grind it up as fine as possible. Place in a jar with 2oz of high alcohol content liquor, grain alcohol or 151 rum being preferred, however I have had strong success with 40% vodka. Let it sit in a dark place for 30 days. Pour mixture through a garlic press and strain out all liquid from the weed. On an empty stomach, start with a 1/4oz of liquid, same as above, smoke an hour after consumption.

    If you have not made the edibles/tinctures you have used in the past, you have no control over quality control. You don't know how much or what quality weed was being used. And while I have used lesser grades to make foods and tinctures, the better the quality you start with the better the quality you end up with. If you have access to dispensary grade pot you should be able to experiment on your own.
    An empty stomach is a key factor to consuming edibles, not always necessary, but eliminates competition for gastric juices and allows the weed to enter your system faster than if it were diluted by your lunch.Don't experiment too close together, this will elevate your tolerance quickly and the second day in a row is never as good as the first day.

    If you work the normal M-F work week why not experiment with a Saturday wake and bake. Make two firecrackers as described and eat them for breakfast when you know your stomach is as empty as it will ever be. Then smoke a little later in the morning. Don't plan on getting anything done that day. Your reference to a drink lasting all night does make me wonder if you are eating/drinking these concoctions with too much in your stomach.
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  7. Johnny Moronic

    Johnny Moronic New Member

    Thanks for all the info. I have tried the tinctures and the firecrackers, always on an empty stomach. Nothing works. The "cosmic cocktail" was a miracle. Yes, on an empty stomach, it lasted at least 4 hours, with a strong head high. Do you know where I can find this guy or any other miraculous drink? He was at the Mission district pot club in Frisco....

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