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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by yopple flopple, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. yopple flopple

    yopple flopple New Member

    im pretty intelligent, senior in highschool, 4.0 in AP and honors, ive been smoking for maybe a year, a little less probably, and have found my tolerance point and been smoking about an eighth a week. i feel like i can do everything and more when im high then when im sober. i can approach problems with more enthusiasm and more creativity and it helps me understand why things are the way they are. i love to learn about evolution and math and string theory and quantum mechanics, anything really. its just like a constant mind orgasm when im high and learning and i retain pretty much all of it.

    i have never really been interested in math, but one day i just sat around thinking about pi and other math constants and just about the nature of math. it makes so much sense to me when thinking about it high, like i understand the nature of the universe and its mathematical properties.

    is it normal for your mind to be expanded so much where you can just discover the meaning of life and existence in one session and have that last in your mind set forever?

    is it normal to have a mind orgasm over life and the complexities of it? the mechanics of it?

    its late and im rambling, where im getting is that i think weed has greatly increased my intelligence and appreciation for life. i love to learn! any other experiences like this?
  2. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    If normal is what most people experience, then this is not normal. This is not to say that it is bad, it seems as you really enjoy the spiritual aspect of marijuana, which is great. And that this sense of understanding and unity stays with you after the marijuana leaves is great too. I can agree that marijuana gives new insight to the majority of its user's as it helps you look at life from a new angle. My life was changed for the better the first time I got high, but you seem to have stepped closer to enlightenment. :thumbsup:
  3. SkuNkInMyBluNt

    SkuNkInMyBluNt New Member

    If it gives you comfort I guess it's ok.
    Just remind yourself, your not god, your theory is most likely just your mind fooling yourself.
    I've had the same type of shit going on, one night I just smoked and my mind started questioning all these weir dthings and came up wit' answers right away, which made perfectly sense to me.
    Revealing the purpose of life/universe is something we humans won't be able to do atleast for the next thousand years.
  4. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    Absolutely, completely, and 100 percent wrong. First of all, what makes you think you can put a date on such a task? One-thousand years, why not two? Second, no one knows if there is a “purpose” to life, you have no way of proving or disproving that there is one, or a multitude of them for that matter. Finally, many religions or philosophies have already found the “purpose” of life, for example, Christians follow Jesus for the most part, living by the 10 Commandments and one day entering heaven. Buzzby will probably better explain the goal of Enlightenment better than I can, ect. Oh, one last thing, I already know the purpose of life. My own purpose anyway.
  5. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    Yopple flopple
    I actually know exactly what you're talking about, and I agree with you 100%.
    Moderation is key as well.
    Congratulations. I know what you experience, and damn it feels good!
    'Tis probably the most special way marijuana has enhanced my life.
    I will say that all of my truths or epiphanies I have while high, or at least a good portion of them, are not necessarily later proven wrong per se, but simply proven to be just one of a number of acceptable alternative truths. What I'm saying is that we should cherish our thoughts and feelings experienced with marijuana, but keep ourselves open to the idea that there are always three (or more) sides to every story. Sorry, I've got the rambles tonight...:spark:
  6. silent

    silent New Member

    Instead of veering off track and making some absurd comment about how or why we cannot think logical I'll just say this:

    It's NORML. I always become very deep and passionate with who/what/when I am doing an activity or talking/thinking.
  7. Loner Stoner

    Loner Stoner New Member

    I've had these 'insights' much often and they all seem to make sense to me when I'm stoned. My theories are mostly about the development of human communication and personality differetientation. Normal sober people just believe that I am suffering from dillusions. I think I can relate to your experiences.
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Stoned epiphanies are always fun but usually can't stand "the light of day". Marijuana frees your mind to make all kinds of weird associations. Some of them turn out to be brilliant. Most of them are merely weird.
  9. jstoner

    jstoner New Member

    This same stuff happened to me for a long time. It was really really intense, but eventually it went away. It lasted for a few months though. I loved it.

    I like how Buzzby put it: "stoned epiphanies". I always referred to them as revelations.
  10. yopple flopple

    yopple flopple New Member

    thank you everyone for your comments and replies, they are much appreciated.

    my theories and connections i make about the physical universe seem to hold up when i investigate them further in a sober state. (i constantly write notes down to myself to do further research about certain subjects of interest, i only do this when i have the energy and effort to invest during a high, but i usually try to appreciate the aesthetic value of art, music, etc when im high since it is more enjoyable)

    any comments?

    is this a "preliminary" stage for a progress to a mental disorder that may bring on a complete loss of touch with reality? ive read that those predisposed to psychosis can feel the effects of it more intensely while stoned.

    or perhaps am i underestimating the extent of my own intelligence and overestimating the extent of the effect marijuana has on myself?

    any comments?
  11. yopple flopple

    yopple flopple New Member

    i am also on 37.5 mg of an SSRI antidepressant called Paxil (commercial name in US). This may be a factor in my perceptions and thoughts
  12. jstoner

    jstoner New Member

    You're not developing a mental disorder dude, and any anti-depressant is going to effect you when you smoke/do drugs. Think about it, that's what the pills do, they fuck with your brain.

    Anyway, you're realizing things that your sober mind overlooks because it's so used to it. This is the world we live in and have lived in our entire lives. But when high, it's not so much the same world, is it? You're just seeing and taking things in that you've seen a million times before, just not while in an altered state. You should look at as more of a blessing than something to worry about. Since when is intelligence a bad thing?

    I've been through what you're going through, so I am speaking with some knowledge. I say enjoy it.
  13. yopple flopple

    yopple flopple New Member

    thanks for the input, and by all means i do enjoy it, sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming though
  14. Peaceleaflove

    Peaceleaflove New Member

    this might start to get a little off topic...

    I totally agree with you. It expands the mind in so many ways its sometimes scary. for the longest time i was having crazy De ja vu. all the time. and i was always trying to figure out why it was happening and what it was all about. I have de ja vu alot...but ALOT more when im stoned. I came up with so many theroys and ideas about life and existence and death and pre life and EVERYTHING that would possibably relate to de ja vu. the only bad thing tho was that every time it happened i would stop and think...and i would get soooooooo many things rushing in my mind so fast and being stoned it would just be overwelming and stressful. so just recently i decided to let it go. i would always say "oh my god. de ja vu." or "it feels like ive seen this before" or "i 'remember' this" and i would literaly obsess over it trying to figure it out.
    so i just stoped thinking about it whenever it happend. i just let it happen. and i still do.

    But then.

    The other day i was with my neice and she said somthing and it was like 'whoa de ja vu'(it seemed like i had heard the words she said but not auctually been there) but im so used to it i forgot about it. the next morning i woke up and one of the firsts things i thought about was that de ja vu becuase i thought i had figured out where i had heard her say it before.

    It was something i had heard in a "dream" when i was half concious.

    unfortunatutly my stoner-memory is bad so i cant remember what she said.

    so after giving it a lot of sober thought and alot of "creative thought"

    ive come to the conclusion that dreams and sleeping are like some kind of spirtual center. it may sound crazy. but wateva.

    I love marijuana. I appreaciate it and experience it. i look at things and wonder and i always have a million questions. I love to just chill and listen to music. i LOVE music. and i like the way you think. or at least the way i think you think.
  15. FCWhite

    FCWhite New Member

    You think!? :idea:
  16. Russiabby

    Russiabby New Member


    Yo u do that too.. u should watch the secret when youre high. Google it. The Secret lol
  17. Treadstone01

    Treadstone01 New Member

    i would say it's normal... a lot of people experience mind blowing concepts when high, for those who don't, i feel sorry for.

    ive always been really science oriented and i find myself analyzing things so much more deeper than i ever would sober. some things are stupid the next day, but some things make a whole lot of sense the next day. its a hit or miss.

    but i definitely enjoy reading a whole lot more and i also get a ton of great ideas for stoner movies and stuff, i plan to write one one day after getting enough ideas.
  18. Russiabby

    Russiabby New Member

    check this out..

    Thats Why Its Illegal... Check This Out. The Illusion of you thinking it makes you smarter, is that it actually does. For example if u ever smoked a blunt, & thought about the government n how corupt it was you'd find out so much shit its unreal. you'd start googling shit, youtubing it... esp if u think ur smarter when ur high, u get more curious, & you do more research u begin to find out so much more. Google Illuminati... and 21 hidden secrets of the illuminati. youll understand why your smarter when ur high, (weed wus made to save us anyone that promoted it in a positive way got killed or died) bob marley, tupac, biggie. Keep Smoking Weed, Light that bitch, ;) expand your THOUGHTS!!

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