Marijuana for Asthma?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Bongzilla, Oct 26, 2001.

  1. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    I remember reading several articles on the medicinal benefits of marijuana on asthma. I never understood this, because smoking marijuana actually makes me short of breath and feel like my lungs are tight.

    I went to the doctor after smoking a lot one particular weekend, complaining about my breathing. Apparently a test confirmed that I was getting 99% of the normal oxygen volume. I think that it could have to do with the fact that it was all psychological, and I wasn't actually having breathing problems, but I believed I was due to the fact that when I used to smoke cigarettes it gave me the same problem.

    Anyways, to eliminate any chances I am switching to a vaporizer.

    But I was wondering, does anyone here with asthma actually find marijuana helps their breathing - or do they suffer from the same problems as me?
  2. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    There was a thread on this recently. If you search for it you'll probably find the info you need. From what I've seen marijuana is a bronchial dialator: it opens up the bronchial tubes. The only thing is marijuana also increases mucous production, preventing the smoke from getting to the bronchial tubes. (I hope I have used all the correct terms. I'm no doctor) A friend mine has athletically induced asthma and he always says he seems to breathe easier after he smokes.
  3. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze New Member

    It helps me :)

    Persoanly i think its works better then the legal drugs i take (ventolin sp?) to help my asthma.
  4. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Thanks, I'll do a search.

    I didn't know it was a bronchial dialator though, i wonder why I feel like I can't breath?
  5. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    The reason that MJ help asthma (or at least it does for me) is when you have asthma your broncioles are clogged with ****.. and smoking MJ dilates your bronchioles making it possible for more oxygen to flow through. What you are feeling could be psychological or maybe your smoking crappy but.. (doesnt go down as smooth). Just my input and 2 cents.
  6. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    But doesn't MJ have some of the chemicals in cigarettes (and some in higher concentrations) that would be just as bad for breathing?

    Oh well, I'll see if my new vap helps my breathing tonight :)
  7. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    Burning plant material is gonna have some stuff in it you don't wanna be inhaling, that's just the nature of the beast. MJ, however, does help a little bit. Notice how they say marijuana has so many more cancer causing agents and all that, yet I have never seen a study linking marijuana use to cancer. In fact, I've read that people who smoke marijuana and cigarettes live longer than those who just smoke cigarettes. Just something to think about.
  8. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Yeah I have always thought about that... it's probably government propaganda - soon they will say THC is a carcinogen :)

    Speaking of gov. propaganda, has anyone else noticed that up until about 6 months the marijuana research has been positive, and all of a sudden every single one is negative?

    'Marijuana has NO affect on pain' was a recent one, and about a year ago they said it was a wonder drug for pain.

    Try telling that to the cancer patient who swears by it :)
  9. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    marijuana has a huge effect on pain. last week, i had a really, really bad migraine. i rolled up a joint and smoked it with my buddy, took a tylenol and the headache had greatly subsided 10 minutes later. it's a wonder drug! :D
  10. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    MJ is the only thing I have found that will work for my migraines.. my dad also smokes it when he gets a migriane.
  11. LordIcer

    LordIcer New Member

    This is a litte off topic, but I have a friend visiting me this weeknd who has Asthma, and he says he will "never smoked again" because it makes his Asthma worse i I think the only thing he has ever hit is joints or a spoon....if i put him on my bong or bubbler do you think the perculation would go easier on him, and then maybe the bud could even help out the asthma a little?
  12. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Tell him to get a vaporizer. I got one (around $80, but worth it!) on the weekend and I can finally smoke without feeling like my lungs are tightening up.

    I don't think bongs make it THAT much better, but it would be better than a joint. Get a vaporizer or try spoons, that should be a little more healthier.

    And tell him to take his medication :) I never used to bother with any of that, but now that I realize asthma isn't something to mess around with, and the fact that I want to be able to smoke joints like I used to one day, I am trying to get it under control by taking all the puffers, my daily singulair pill, etc., :)

    But if a vap or spoons make him feel like he can't breath still, tell him to quit and take up baking, because breathing is a lot more important than toking up (or is it?).
  13. codeman309

    codeman309 New Member

    Marijuana and its effect on my asthma throughout the years.

    I personally have had asthma since I was diagnosed at the age of like 1.5-2.
    I have had a documented medical file that shows I’m one of the many highly severe cases of asthma. And up till about sophomore year in high school, I had been in and out of the hospital all year long, constantly sick with my asthma.
    I was even accepted into the camp-not-a-wheeze, which is basically a regular summer camp, but with a medical staff with you 24/7 even sleeping in your cabin with you. And only the severest cases can go to camp-not-a-wheeze because we wouldn’t be eligible for any other summer camp unless we don’t want specific asthma medical attention. Hell, most summer camps I looked into when I was younger and actually wanted to go to a summer camp wouldn’t let me because I had asthma.
    But anyways, getting back on subject, in the summer before sophomore year of high school I was introduced to marijuana. and shortly after, about middle of sophomore year I was smoking constantly(I would wake up before my parents, wake and bake, then get ready for school, smoke at the bus stop, go to school, smoke in-between classes, go to the "bathroom" during class and toke, and then at lunch we'd have a circle going about twenty feet from the principal, he knew we did it, but couldn’t see any proof of it, just our heads going down in rotation. lmao, and then I would smoke again on the bus ride home, go to a friends, and smoke all the rest of the night, go home, get ready for sleep, and then go smoke some more while I walked my dog.)-that was just so you could tell how much I did it. Anyways, about the end of junior year I went in for my normal check up, seeing as how I wasn’t at the doctors for any asthma related problems between those time periods, and the doctor said it’s as if my asthma had been cured. The next part is a direct quote from my doctor: "you can stop taking your asthma meds anytime you want."
    And the only thing I have changed before I had stopped going in for asthma related problems was smoking marijuana.
    so I ended up putting two and two together, but I wasn’t sure if this was just a coincidence, but recently I have been researching info on marijuana, (i.e.: effects of marijuana on asthma, side effects of marijuana, chemicals in marijuana and each of their side effects, and laws dating back to when there were no laws-at least Arizona laws.)
    but in conclusion, yes, it has helped my lungs, the only bad thing that it has really done is got me to start smoking cigarettes more, only cuz I wanted to increase my hi as much as possible. But it was alcohol's fault when I started down in good old' (Just recently started smoking cigs/2-3months ago, way after all this happened, I'm graduated now and going to college.)
  14. mcrob

    mcrob New Member

    smoking marijuana makes my asthma a whole lot worst. it has put me in the hospital 3 times.. I now use a volcano vaporizer and my lungs doesnt feel fucked up anymore
  15. zachlyte

    zachlyte New Member

    this morning, i was hacking up mucous and coughing painfully. pulled two gbs and my bronchial tubes opened right up. mucous cam out and my chest no longer feels raw, thank god.
  16. jamejsmith

    jamejsmith New Member

    I think medical marijuana will work on asthma.
    I like to read medical blogs and have gone through one lately according to which medical marijuana is used to cure many diseases.
  17. HighMan

    HighMan Active Member

    Doesn't affect me directly as my asthma (due to me being a premature baby and having lung problems at birth) got better and eventually went away with age but a friend of mine whom I persuaded to try weed had the same response to the plant. His asthma went away and still does when he needs it, only after a few bowls. :D
  18. Cap'nBakes

    Cap'nBakes New Member

    You should have told your doc what you've been doing :p
  19. blazinallday

    blazinallday New Member

    i have asthma, not severe, but pretty bad. anyways, whenever i smoke it burns at first but after like ten minutes the burning goes away and i can breath *perfectly*
  20. -LOST-

    -LOST- New Member

    It does not effect asthma in a bad way
    I used to have asthma but somehow I don't have it anymore. I don't know whether my doctor is not a doctor or whatever LOL.
    I don't have any problems breathing regularly but I usually get allergies during the year which contributes to me having a harder time smoking

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