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    Hey everyone,

    I took a break from smoking for a couple of months because for some reason I suddenly was getting extremely paranoid when I smoked. It was just really weird. I had smoked bud for years and never had any problems like this before so I don't really have any explanation for it.

    However, I figured I would try to take it orally and see if that made any difference. I am planning on getting back into fitness here soon and I remember reading a thread way back when I was frequenting the forums much more about someone that had developed a way to make Marijuana Gel Caps. I figure taking Gel Caps would be convenient and healthier than making cookies or brownies anyways. Well I've got a Gel Cap Machine and have ordered some Gel Caps and would like to give it a try. I've never really made Cannabutter before which I know is part of making the gel caps or at least I think that was part of it. So I'll need an the best and easiest recipe for that (I'm not the greatest cook in the world).

    Basically, I'd like to see if anyone could point me in the direction of a thread with a good recipe for making the Gel Caps and Cannabutter. I did a search but couldn't seem to find what I was looking for so I apologize if this has already been covered.

    I just am looking for a tried a true method of making them along with Cannabutter in-case I decide I want to try and make some other items cooking wise.

    Thanks in advance. I really appreciate any help.
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    Yo stoney!

    I'm planning the same thing lol you should watch the rick simpson story called: "run from the cure" It's the perfect method of making medical marihuana. I'm planning to make that myself but need the growing equipment first! The guy rick simpson cured many people with different disseases. just watch it it's great! And by the way I'm from holland the weed here is so strong that the amounts of THC and Cannibanol are 10 times higher 30 / 33% instead of the natural 3% so If you're getting paranoid it's probably because of a bad balance between the THC and the Cannibanol. THC makes you energetic. and Cannibanol calms you down if those are perfectly balanced you don't get paranoid and have a nice high or stoned period ;)


    Alex (the Netherlands)

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