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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by [mlt]smoker, Sep 25, 2004.

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    HI, i'm a maltese citizen and i'd like to say something about Marijuana laws in my country. First of all Marijuana is illegal here and almost every str8 person in this country disagree for legalization. Tobacco is a plant and so is Marijuana, while tobacco and alcohol are legal, Marijuana is not. I'd like to say to all maltese Marijuana smokers to talk about it with their friends and family members so that all these close minded ppl will know what we wanna smoke. Tobacco and alcohol are sold only to ppl aged 18+, so why not legalize Marijuana too and sell it to 18+ ppl? People caught smoking Marijuana are usually fined and even sent to jail for smoking a f***in joint. I'm not saying that i want Marijuana to be legalized so that i can go everywhere and smoke it, but i think we have the right to smoke and toke in our own house in peace and not afraid of being caught by cops and so on... My mother knows that i smoke Marijuana and she accepted this fact, so y not all the other citizens here? Another fact in my country is that when Marijuana is scarce in here young smokers start to make abuse of heroine and we all know its effects and how many ppl die each year of an overdose. I'm sure the government and all authorities don't want this to happen anymore, so why not legalize Marijuana? Marijuana is a soft drug and most of the teenagers smoke it, its a fact of life why do they keep on enforcing laws on it. Its unfair, i mean cigarettes are mixed with other substances, while Marijuana is not. [PS]: All maltese ppl Marijuana smokers or not pls reply to this post so that we can discuss this subject better since all tv stations hesitate to discuss it and make it public and support our right. That's all for now & sry for my english. :) \/

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