Marijuana in Milk and Chocolate Milk

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Crow, Mar 1, 2001.

  1. Crow

    Crow Guest

    Warm Whole milk over a low flame (must be whole milk). wait until it is just under boiling, and add marijuana in the desired quantity. simmer for 10-15 minutes. strain through cheese cloth or coffee strainers or whatever you want to use. Serve warm and sweeten with honey, or serve cold.

    If anyone tries this i'd like to know how well it worked...I'd also like to know if it smelled up your kitchen.
  2. I've done that with weed after I'd used it to make cannabutter (as I recall, I got the idea from an FAQ I found somewhere on the net....).

    After I'd squeezed all the butter out, I simmered the weed in whole milk for a couple of minutes and strained the weed out with a coffee filter. To serve it, I let it cool in the refrigerator but the residual butter coagulated on the top so I warmed it again on the and added sugar and vanilla extract. It was the perfect complement to the brownies.

    I only did it because I *hate* the idea of wasting THC and I really don't think it improved the high from the brownies (the only reason I'm mentioning it, really, is because the end result was *delicious*... try it without weed sometime). However, if you used fresh weed, you might get better results. Actually, using half and half with a similar process would probably produce better results because of the much higher fat content. Or, even better, use whole cream and make whipped cream and put it on a strawberry Sunday.....Hmmmmmmm......
  3. csybe

    csybe Guest

    i,ve heard about making this and i want some advice please. a guy said he heated up milk in the microwave and put little pieces of hash in it afterwards, then stirred, then heated again... is this any good?

    another said that one could heat the hash in a spoon with some oil (what oil should it be?) and then just add it into the drink...

    and how much hash should be used? in a space muffin in amsterdam there was only 0.2 g...

  4. Crow

    Crow Guest

    well...i've made hot-chocolate with weed and this is how:

    i put milk and light cream (for fat) in a pot and warmed it up. i added bud to it and stirrred it around for about 15 mins...i then added the chocolate mix and stirred a little longer. yum...

    it was an experiment and i didnt want to waste my bud so i used only like a half gram but i think 1 gram to 1 1/2 grams would be appropriate. i dont know what that converts to in terms of hash...
  5. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member


    I likes chocolate milk:)

    Another idea would be to make a white russian (you know with Kaluha), but heat it up and put some buds in it and then strain it. Kinda like a sweet, capuchino flavor, with a great kick.
  6. csybe

    csybe Guest

    I likes choco milk too :]

    I made it, if anyone is interested in the result:

    1. Milk for a little more than one cup.
    2. About 1 gram of hash
    3. About a tea spoon of olive oil (probably u should use other oil or something but i only had this)
    4. (not required) a piece of chocolate (candy)

    How to make:
    I started to heat the milk and meanwhile first made tiny pieces from the hash, then heated the hash in olive oil in a table spoon. (The hash dissolved pretty well there) Then i put the hash and oil into the milk, and continued heating until it started to boil. That was 10-15 minutes since i used low power. Then i drank it. Someone has asked how much it smells - it doesn,t smell more hash than chocolate. So if u close the door to the kitchen the smell will probably not be noticed outside.

    After 1 hr: feel nothing
    After 2 hrs: feel very little
    After 3 hrs: starting to feel for sure (i would have started smoking a long time ago if i had any)
    After 4hrs: (i think it,s another hour but i changed the time on my computer clock) feel more
    After 5hrs: feel even more :] creativity starts :hiHg
    This is great now, i don,t even need to smoke if i can,t get any, but i will smoke if i get any)

    Thanks for your time, i did this much so i can keep it to my future website,

    (c) copyright 2001 Csybe. My old site is
  7. StonedOnSativa

    StonedOnSativa New Member

    Let me try and understand this. I am going to write out some directions and someone clarify weather this will work or not.
    i pour some milk in to a mug. Add Nestle hot chocalte mix and stir. Put it into the microwave and heat. When its done i add 2 grams of weed and stir and let it sit in the mug for 20 minutes. Somehow take out the weed from the mug, reheat the chocalte/thc (no weed in mug) mix and drink.

    is this correct?
  8. Crow

    Crow Guest

    i guess that would work i dunno...

    why dont you just cook it on the stove? much easier and then you can simmer it for a long time...
  9. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Banned

    damn...all you cats eating your weed...

    smoke the sh|t!

    1. it kicks in right away
    2. its a better high
    3. smokin is cool

    i would rather smoke and have a nice glass of milk by my need to combine the two and confuse things even more
  10. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    1.) Yup.

    2.) Wrong. It's a different high.

    3.) Smoking is not cool, smoking causes health problems.

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  11. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Banned

    those arent scientific facts by the way...

    just my opinions...i dont like the buzz when you eat it...most people prefer the smoking high

    smoking isnt cool in the traditional sense of schoolyard "cool-ness"

    when i say cool i mean..."its enjoyable inhaling sweet THC"

  12. StonedOnSativa

    StonedOnSativa New Member

    When you cook teh milk over the stove should you wait until it boils? Is it neccessary to use cream? if so how much?
    also after stiring the weed for 20 minutes do you take out the weed afterwords?
  13. csybe

    csybe Guest

    It is indeed another high and a very good one. I would advice to do both, which will let u be high a long time, and quite very high, he he.

    StonedOnSativa: I would suggest that u put the weed in earlier, and that u add cream but it is not necessary if u read my recepy. Altho fat is needed to dissolve the thc. I suggest u just try and u will probably not waste it. That,s what i did and it worked out fine. And smoke some to it. How much cream? I dunno a table spoon or more?

  14. maryjane420

    maryjane420 Guest

    Got THC Milk?

    Ingesting weed gives a totally different high; however, the manner in which you ingest mj can create a different euphoria as well. Some people find Rice Krispy Treats made from cannabutter to be like a low-grade acid trip. If you grind it into a fine powder and just throw it in your brownie mix, it's a "damn, I can't feel my legs or get off of this couch" high.

    I found, during an illness last spring, that THC Milk made into a cold, frothy shake is AWESOME! Plus that calcium and vitamin D is something we can all use.

    Also, anybody really wanting to smoke but unable to handle the harshness of it, should try a vaporizer. Not only is it cleaner/healthier, but you save weed, too!

  15. lxl Ash lxl

    lxl Ash lxl New Member

    I still remember the high I got from eating a grilled cheese sandwich cooked with marijuana. I didn't make it very well, but apparently well enough, since after an hour or so, i was sooo high. :D and it is very different... as in, i didnt want to get up for a while. :)
    but smoking is quicker.

    hey.. which is faster:
    drinking THC
    eating THC?
    or is there a difference?
  16. chibachiba7401

    chibachiba7401 New Member

    i just tryed this and im about an hour and a hlaf in and i can deff feel it and i know im about to be very fucked up and about the smell i just did it in my kitchen with my dad sleeping in the other room and he didnt notice smells more like the oil and the chocolate then the weed
  17. andg_93

    andg_93 New Member

    Totally agree with ya there. Its a much different feeling. Plus it eliminates the health problems of smoking.

    Although it tends to be less cost efficient. and more time consuming
  18. guerilla

    guerilla New Member

    I assume Drinking thc mixtures kicks in faster then eating thc mixtures
    1. Liquids are quickly absorbed by the blood stream
    2. foods need to be broken down and then absorbed

    this i my milk weed recipe, its called bhang, its an indian tradition

    1. 1.5 cups - 2 cups of WHOLE milk (the more fat the better)
    2. 1-3 grams of weed (1 gram chronic) (2 for middies) (3-5 for schwag)

    now grind up the weed into a powder (if you can) if not break up the weed as small as humanly possible and dump it in the milk, now this part is important

    boil the mixture SLOWLY or else too much heat will destroy some thc

    now after about say 15 minutes the milk should look dark colored, like after you get a mild sun tan, with a tint of green (it can even turn purple if you have purple weed that is thats normal)

    now let the mixture cool off, strain it into a glass or a bottle or anything of your choosing

    then add whatever flavoring you like, chocolate mix, sugar, cinnamon

    stick it in the fridge, drink cold, and youll be stoned as fuck in less then 1 hour on an empty stomach

    by the way this DOES NOT STINK UP THE HOUSE so you could do this before your parents get home and they wont smell a thing
  19. iloveunot

    iloveunot **********

    ive cooked a bit with abv (already been vaped weed) and me and a friend simmered condensed milk and abv and used it as like a creamer for coffee.... i was fucked up pretty much the whole day... :)
  20. higher_Powers

    higher_Powers New Member

    so wow. after reading some of these i decided to try one out for myself. And actually it worked quite nicely. I made hot chocolate (even though its like 95 out lol) cus that sounded good.

    I dont deny the effects of it, but does anyone else notice a taste? Its kind of an eerie taste lol. when i was sotned as fuck (already) and then i started drinking my hot cohocolate, it made me flip out how weird it tasted. Kinda made my stomach feel "full," if that makes any sense.

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