Marijuana Is Evil Sorcery!

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Delta, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Delta

    Delta New Member

    Is It Okay for Christians to Use Marijuana and Other Drugs?

    Read this for a good laugh.

    I found this to be the most rediculous:

  2. Doc Mitch

    Doc Mitch Sr. Member

    the only i got out of reading that is that its bad to do things that make you feel these over the top christians are hilarious.

    about the legal thing...JESUS BROKE LAWS!

    what about catholics? they party hard.
  3. Propisition215

    Propisition215 New Member

    Wow. It appears I am an evil Sorcerer. I practice... Alchemy. Yesssssss. Fear me. I may just yet burn in eternal fire with the red guy with the pointy stick. Yay for me.:D

    Also something that is a HUGE laugh is that they are saying if you take drugs, which under this loose definition would include: Marijuana, Advil, Penicillin, Ibeprofen, etc.

    I'll take my chances with sorcery if it means I can take a little pill and my headache goes away. I'll also smoke a bowl to relax. I am a sorcerer... *evil grin*
  4. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister

    The only ones who should be condemned to hell are those who misrepresent God in any way which deprives me of my free choice to do as I want as long as I'm doing no harm.

    Which is all God really expects me to do. Well, that and love everyone which ironically only happens when I'm stoned. Otherwise, everyone just pisses me off... ;)
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  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I wanted to be a sorcerer but my application to Hogwarts was turned down. :(

    Joking aside, some people believe that the anointing oil used on Kings and Jesus was heavily laced with cannabis.
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  6. Merry-juana

    Merry-juana Sr. Member

    God is love, and weed is the herb of love, weed is the herb of God. Why is it that every time I smoke, I feel a huge urge to hug everyone I see? These people are idiots.

    They say there is no Authority other than God, EXACTLY, and if they say Robert Mugabe, George Bush, and every other political idiot is put here by God, either God is an idiot, or they are idiots, and I truly doubt it is the former...
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  7. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    God wants us to have joy and to get along with other people. And when stoners have an arguement, it usually ends in a circle passing a blunt laughing away at the fucked up world. This plant helps people connect in a good way.
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  8. Merry-juana

    Merry-juana Sr. Member

    True, btw I wish I could give you some more rep, but I have to give to other people too, I find that right now I have to give rep to people who don't really deserve it to be able to give rep to people who do deserve it. I say the "you have to give atleast 10 other people rep before you give to the same person again" rule should be changed to 5 people.
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  9. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister

    I get it.

    It promotes peace among people, that is why the government hates it so, they thrive when we don't get along, and if we did get along, we would realize we didn't need them so bad, and then they would lose their cushy jobs that have a direct line into the treasury we work so hard to keep from going dry.

    Prohibition makes for great job security I suppose.

    Peace and Love
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