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  1. cenuke

    cenuke New Member

    I took 2.5 mg of klonopin and then waited an hour, then smoked marijuana and I had even more short term memory, but it was cool cause I kind of felt no fear. im just wondering if this is safe to do once in a while, not every day or week maybe once a month.
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  2. ciregg222

    ciregg222 Sr. Member

    I am prescribed an off topic such as you describe ... and MJ helps me take less as it just enhances the affect of the prescription (saving my liver and possible addictions to the prescription)

  3. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    I would strongly advise against using pharmaceutical medications for anything other than their specific described use.

    Pharmaceuticals are incredibly dangerous, even when they are used properly ~100,000 people die per year from Pharmaceuticals. They may be legal, but they are no where near as safe as cannabis.

    Only use Pharmaceuticals if they are absolutely necessary.

    In the end the choice is up to you, if you think the enjoyment you experienced is worth risking your life, that is fine. We all make value judgments everyday, and they are all an individuals choice. However if you are asking if what you are doing is safe, I would say no.

    Both cannabis and Klonopin are anti-convulsants, both work through different pathways. I would strongly recommend not using both at the same time.
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  4. ciregg222

    ciregg222 Sr. Member

    Agreed ... I think Pharmaceuticals are the most abused drug these days ... there are serious addictions from them and its amazing how dangerous they really are. Cannabis is far less dangerous (if not completely safe). Smoking and Indica strain is small moderations should help you will your anxiety (it does for me).

  5. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    More chemical interaction should be investigated before continued use. Some of us are taking more,or less of certain other substances than are phisicologically used for times of obtaining a certain physcologically different effect. Mix,and match, at Your own risc.
    Just cause Your sick, Yuo shouldn't take Your medicine. Whatever it might be, But at Your own risk!
  6. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    It sounds like you need a different strain of cann in your system; as they cited try and indica strain e.g., diesel, blueberrykush, or LunchBox would render you a fine couch-lock/muscle relaxant effec. But we all realize that finding such strains is not like simply going to 'Walmart to get these more exotic strains D9THC > 15%--in short of having a registerd Medical Marijuan card. So, our advice is to immediately STOP using cannabis and use ONLY your RX. When it runs out, then use your cannabis. In veri-truth the neurologic origins of both " pre-schizophrenia' and pre-senscent aLzhimer's" are rooted in cellular damage to these pathways resulting from just having way too many psychotropic agents inthe blood-brain sys.
  7. circasurvivefan

    circasurvivefan New Member

    I will give you a different perspective, one that isn't so critical. It is safe to do every now and again. Unless you are prescribed klonopins you don't want to be taking them all that often and you don't want to drink with them. If you do, chances are you will black out and not remember what you did that night. Recreationally however, I have used them several times with weed and absolutely love them. They are anti anxiety pills so they put you in a really chill mood and with the weed you'll feel extremely contempt. However, like everyone else had said don't abuse them but I'm not going to be a hypocrite and tell you not to take them at all. Just be smart about it, but I really have never heard of any health effects from taking the both and in my experience with them I have been absolutely fine. I've combined the two maybe 3 or 4 times and the only side effect was drowsiness the next day which I think just taking too klonopins alone causes, and has nothing to do with the combination.

    And as for who groaned the post what was groan worth about it? I think it's a good thing that the OP is considering their safety and asking for issues that may arise.
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  8. shears

    shears New Member

    circa said it. kpins are the shit especially with weed, try smoking a bowl with some vicodin if you havent already thats fun too. if you really wanna get fucked up, get some suboxone. but on the conservative side its probably not a good idea to do this more than once a week.
  9. Purpose420

    Purpose420 Sr. Member

    am I wrong by thinking its againts forum rules to dicuss any other drugs, and in my opinion kpins suck ass.
  10. circasurvivefan

    circasurvivefan New Member

    Yes purpose 420, you are wrong. The new rules are you can discuss any substance in combination with weed. If we started discussing klonopins on their own it's not okay but he asked if they are okay to combine WITH weed. Any drug can be discusseed as long as it's kept in the context of its effects while smoking.

    Remember that people.
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  11. Calculus

    Calculus New Member

    This is coming from a point of view whose been prescribed Klonopin. I used to take klonopin regularly for anxiety, but now I just take it for the occasional times I can't fall asleep. All it does is makes it easier for me to fall asleep after smoking. I don't often combine the two though.
  12. buzz

    buzz New Member

    I can tell you this honestly :Dfrom my own experince :mad: I've had epilpesy:( for over 20 years and have been on such meds as well. Any time you screw with any AED you are at risk of having a sezuire when suddenly one stop taking it.:eek:

    THAT'S NO SHYT:mad:

    Be careful screwing around with those pills:hail: just a friendly word of advice
    Now back to your regular programming:D
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