marijuana laws in spain.

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    How do i go about finding out the legal issues with marijuana in spain? i live in marbella, there isn't a person i know that isn't puffing the herb, and i wanna start growing some good **** for myself. i want to find out the laws on growing because i've been told its 2 plants per person for personal use and not to sell, how would i go about finding out the exact law? there is a shop called ganja down the street that sells everything needed in the process of growing marijuana, therefore it must be legal to some degree.

    Any information would be appreciated

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    Did you move to Spain? How is it? You know english too well to have always lived in Spain. Spain sounds good from what you say. Do you live far from Madrid?

    Here is a link for the laws of Spain. The site says that they decriminalized it.

    Spain Drug Policy
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    your a life saver, i moved to spain about 2 years ago, i frowned on drugs of all kinds, then i got here and alot of my friends were smoking hashish, so i tried it and hated it the first 2 times, but after all the chocking and coughing i started to get more immuned to it, and began to enjoy it, i still much prefer the green though. Its ok here, but i dont like the language, and there are quite alot of spanish teenagers that think they are the hardest thing to ever grace the planet. the problem is they have large amounts of people that they know, and can prove to be quite dangerous. i was born in england, moved to america, and now i'm in spain. i live in the southern part, in marbella. so i'm quite far away from madrid. but like i said, thanks so much man, your a life saver, i was wondering if i could now find out how much your allowed to grow per person for personal consumption.
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    In Spain posession and use of all illicit drugs (including marijuana) is an administratively sanctioned offence (no criminal proceedings). According to the EMCDDA Spanish law (Constitutional Law No. 1/1992, of 21 February, on the Protection of Public Safety, Chapter IV) says:

    “ is the consumption in public places of toxic
    drugs or narcotic substances or their unlawful
    possession; these offences may be penalized with
    the suspension of the offender's licence to drive a
    motor vehicle for a period of up to three months,
    or with the withdrawal of his firearms permit or

    The EMCDDA has a European Legal Database on Drugs, click here for a comparison of the legal status of marijuana in the different EU member states.

    From what I hear Spain is pretty relaxed on posession of cannabis for personal use. I couldn't find info on what number of plants are considered for personal use. In Holland up to 5 plants is considered for personal use, in Spain it could be 2. Discretion is always adviseable when cultivating weed, not just for police but for thieves as well. The only quantative amounts I can find are from jurisprudence and concern trafficking. For some reason Spanish judges draw a line between personal use and trafficking at the amount of 1 kilo of cannabis, which seems an awfull lot to smoke in a year.

    If your Spanish is any good the Ministery of Health is said to have more information:
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    As other posters have mentioned here, it is not legal to grow and consume marijuana in Spainper se, but it is allowed and tolerated within guidelines.

    That shop down the street from you would be a good place to go and ask them the questions you are posing here. :cool:

    They will also have on hand a copy of La Maria, and Spannabis which are free publications concerning marijuana growing and use within Spain. The shops flourish because they are absolutely legal.

    They can sell seeds and all the accoutrements needed to grow, and consume. I know shops where you can buy clones but that is actually not allowed.

    From what I know (and I grow;) ) one may have 6 plants per adult member of a household growing at any given time. One may not possess scales, triple beam or any of any type as to commercially weigh marijuana. One must not have on the same premise as the grow, any packaging materials of a nature as might be construed as to be with intent to deliver.

    If there are amounts of stored pot that are disallowed, I don't know what they may be. On a whole, if you grow at home, don't flaunt it, and don't sell it, nobody gives a flying fudge.


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