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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Crow, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. Crow

    Crow Guest

    I used to get headaches all the time (migrane). pretty much everyday i would end up with a headache and i was pretty much gobbling down Ibuprofen like food.
    Then i started smoking and poof...i've been pretty much headache free ever since...and whenever i take a few weeks off from smoking, i start getting headaches again...

    has anyone else had this experience?
  2. mirage

    mirage Banned

    a few times ive toked when i had a migrane and it went away withen moments.

    yet another problem marijuana can relieve
  3. DeltaLima

    DeltaLima New Member

    I waked up with a headache this morning and was wondering why. Yesterday I drank half a bottle of red wine with supper. That's just fine..

    Then 1 hour later we got home and I toked half of a joint, enough for me to get high. Then 1 hour and a half later I went see my gf and we toke the rest and I got pretty high again.

    hmmmm.. I think that pot make you thirsty and that wine also deshydrate so the next time I will drink and smoke, I will drink much more water or something.
  4. technobudz

    technobudz Guest


    I dont believe marijuana would take away the headache, i been high and still noticed my headache..but usually for me it just numbs the feeling of the headache or i forget about it since im in such a dreamy state...and the feeling of numbness all over my body..
  5. 0x000001A4

    0x000001A4 Guest


    It depends on what caused the headache. Marijuana is an overall muscle relaxer and pain reliever, so if you have a tension headache you will see some relief to total relief. Tension headaches are caused by muscle tension, neck muscle spasms can cause SEVERE tension headaches. In my experience, i only get partial relief from this.

    However, migraines are different. They're caused internally by the expansion of blood vessels inside and around the brain. Whats thought is that there are chemicals transmitted between neurons (neurotransmitters) that tell the brain how to control these blood vessels and their diameter. When these chemicals become off balanced, the blood vessels will expand uncontrollably and a migraine can result. One of these neurotransmitters is called Serotonin. One of the effects of marijuana is a slight spike in serotonin levels. Combined with the THC, and essential oils of the plant, the user usually gets full relief.

    Its actually quite remarkable in a study done on many patients with chronic migraines, medicinal marijuana was used, and in over 80% of the patients, the patient had FULL relief from migraine symptoms within 10 minutes of smoking. The symptoms usually did not recur.
    And when asked, the patients said that marijuana gave much better and more effective relief than any pain medication available for migraines.

    Quite remarkable indeed....
  6. HillBilly

    HillBilly Guest

    bravo 0x0000


  7. Crow

    Crow Guest

    i wish i could recommend marijuana to my mother as a way to cure her headaches (she gets bad migranes, has a cabinet full of Rx drugs and yet none of them work...) too bad she's too closed minded to ever try that...
  8. JF

    JF Guest

    I suffer from blinding, temporarily paralyzing (sp?) migraines and I have spent thousands of dollars on trying new medicines and found that the only way to stop them is several needles or marijuana, so I bet you can guess what I choose
  9. T13

    T13 Guest


    The red wine thing has definately given me a headache more than once! Your right about the dehydration, make sure you drink lotsa water with the wine.

    I've had the worst hangover from just 3 glasses of wine before!?
  10. jducote

    jducote New Member

    Hey, I wanted to ask a couple of questions to see if cannabis would help my mother. My mom gets migraines a lot and she uses zomig to help them. She told me they last for 3 days and the zomig only helps for about 8 hours. I know they are really painful by the way she acts. I thought maybe if she toked up then it may help her more than the zomig she is taking. I'm not sure if she would do it. She used to but hasn't done it in a while, me on the other hand well its been about 10 minutes :chokin:... any information would help out. I just need something to prove to her that it would help her headaches.
  11. lillifterchick

    lillifterchick New Member

    :poke: I also suffer from migraines and headaches. MJ every now and then will help. :poke:

  12. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Cannabis For Migraine Treatment

    Cannabis & Cannabinoids

    Cannabis & Marinol In The Treatment Of Migraine Headache

    And here's what GW Pharm. company says about it:

    "Drug therapy consists of treatment for individual attacks, and a preventive approach for frequent or daily afflictions. Treatment failure rates with the many available agents still approach 30%, and there are no specific cures, although various 19th century authorities claimed success with Indian hemp (cannabis) preparations (4, 5). Cannabis was a mainstream medication for migraine between 1842 and 1942 in Europe and America (4, 5). Its use for this purpose was endorsed even in 1971 by the neuroscientist, Solomon Snyder (6).

    Cannabis and its components interact in a potentially beneficial way with a number of systems of relevance to this disease: effects on serotonergic, dopaminergic, opioid, substance P, calcitonin gene-related peptide and NMDA receptors by cannabis components have been extensively supported (5). Although no clinical trials of cannabis treatment in migraine have been performed, it has recently been suggested that migraine may represent a clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD) disorder (7), and that the ability of cannabidiol (CBD) to regulate anandamide levels (8) may contribute a key to its long-term control. It is hoped that clinical trials may be undertaken in the future. "

    Hemp for headache: An in-depth historical and scientific review of cannabis in migraine treatment
  13. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    GW paharmaceuticals, by the way, is a company out of Europe, based in Britian, that has created a sublingual spray (in the mouth under the tongue) made of cannabis.

    It is called Sativex

    Here is a link to Sativex and Migraine that you and your mother may find helpful.
  14. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    The current consensus is that migraines are caused by blood vessels becoming constricted (vasoconstriction) by spasms. Since Marijuana is a vasodilator it would make sense that it would help. There are certainly a lot of reports that point in that direction.

    My sister suffers from several migraines a week. I'd love to be able to try to help her with Marijuana. Unfortunately she has a job in which a positive test for Marijuana would require "treatment" or being dismissed.

    I suffered from migraines until I devised a meditation/breath control technique that would stop them in their initial stages. (I've tried to teach it to others without success.) I was not smoking at the time so I have no personal knowledge of whether it would have helped me or not. The next time I get an attack I'll let it develop, see if smoking helps, and report back here.
  15. lillifterchick

    lillifterchick New Member

    I also suffer from migraines, Yes MJ will help.
  16. stonr

    stonr New Member

    well i personaly get extremely bad migrane headaches to the point where i am in hte hospital with iv's gtivin me fluidz and stuff to help me, i also am prescribed migranol and fioracet for the migranes. if weed is the alternative to alll taht i will smoke when i get migranes, i alwase thought i migt make it worse cuse the fuems and smokke but he i guess i was wrong.
  17. lahainagirl

    lahainagirl New Member

    response to marijuana for migraines

    Yes, I use marijuana for a many medical reasons. I still get migraines, but not as often. I think most of my migraines now are caused by too much squinting in the sun and/or right around my "time of the month". But I do notice that I get more migraines when I don't smoke on a regular basis. I also use marijuana for my anxiety attackes and insomnia, which are due to the mitral valve prolapse that I have.
  18. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Weed is ONE alternative...and worth a try. It does not work all the time or for all folks. Migraines have different causes and medical science isn't even aware of them all...

    It is worth a try and see how it works for you...

    Good luck and let us know what your results are...


    Mama Budz
  19. CyberTammy

    CyberTammy New Member

    Has anyone ever wondered (or been paranoid) that smoking could actually be causing the migraines? I guess it really is more of a paranoia because my doctors concur that it is the Zoloft causing the migraines in my case, but smoking certainly does relieve them! The amount of relief I get depends on how long I've let the migraine go on before I smoke. The sooner I smoke the more complete the relief. Smoking is great at taking care of migraine nausea too!
  20. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    I would have to say with 100% certainty that cannabis is not causing migraines. It has been well known and used in the past that cannabis works great for migraines. I quoted a "little" bit of information, but when there are tons of articles and papers I could have shown you on migraines.

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