Marijuana Now Set To Overtake Tobacco

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by WildDrifter, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. WildDrifter

    WildDrifter Member

    This is really not that much of a surprise since the tobacco has been demonized for years. With more and more legalization, weed will be the common go to smoke for most people. At least it has medicinal qualities unlike its tobacco counterpart.

  2. HankMoody

    HankMoody Member

    This has been a long time coming. The thing is you don't just have to smoke marijuana. There are other ways to ingest it in order to get the effect of it. So pouring smoke into your lungs is not a factor like it is with tobacco. It is the healthy alternative.
  3. FlavNuke

    FlavNuke Member

    If people would admit to smoking it in the first place, it probably passed up tobacco years ago. That is the thing about studies, they might not have all the correct data. People will lie about things even if they are receiving compensation for their answers.
  4. RollerGurl

    RollerGurl Member

    Considering how expensive smoking tobacco is getting this is not surprising. I quit smoking cigarettes about eight years ago and I don't miss it one bit. I would rather smoke weed and reap the benefits of it instead.
  5. Egzoset

    Egzoset Member


    Although i've been rejecting combustion since mid-2007 i wouldn't want to stigmatize tobacco users if a proper consumption method were made available to them which doesn't represent any serious health risk anymore. Perhaps even GMO tobacco with CBDs in it - go figure what's the future ahead!...


    M'well, personally i'd just hope for a transition to "bio" cannabis with a large variety of THC/CBD ratios in the catalog instead, combined to some inclusive consumption method that won't induce couphing while promoting self-awareness/auto-responsabilisation via more appropriate dosage (because a thin minority of individuals who shouldn't try to begin with it may require some more compassion than simply having no choice but to combust paper + glue), etc.

    Which reminds me that it appears HOMICIDE over CANNABIS (commited by para-military police) won't cause any politician to rise and speak up in Ottawa's parliament these days (actually lets not even ask for fair coverage of the Jean Pierre Bony case by journalists + mainstream media, for example!) while after only 5 months of Trudeau's "legaleezation" we still didn't see non-psychoactive CBD alternatives made accessible to smokers on planet Itnoc, all in the name of children they say... Etc, etc.

    As a matter of fact it turns out it's the bigot anti-cannabic prohibitioni$ts who are in command in Canada and it's been going on since 1885 actually. So, under the present circumstances i'm not holding my breath looking at the extreme prejudice allowed to occur by MiniPET so far. The nomination of Bill G20 Blair was only an echo to the speech of Hilary Geller in mid-March, announcing what was to come and which few seemed able/willing to deceipher ever since.


    Nonetheless i still like the idea of cannabis being offered as a substitute to tobacco, but lets face it: it's plain day-dreaming in Canuck land where respect for cannabis consumers went down the drain (e.g. expect more deaths unless there's a 180 ° change of direction).

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  6. GanjaGlory

    GanjaGlory New Member

    I agree with the users above. Many, and I mean MANY, lie about whether they smoke weed or not. The stigma that used to, and still somewhat does, for admitting you smoke weed was heavy and people didn't want to be dealing with it. so they just said nah i dont smoke weed. Therefore, Weed should surpass Tobacco in high numbers.

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