Marijuana oil help (chemistry related)

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by nibbles, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. nibbles

    nibbles New Member

    I've made MJ oil two times before and the first time it was KILLER. I burned the weed, but it still made perfect brownies and 1/16th of the batch (5 grams of mid-grade bud in the oil) was a goooood high. The second one wasn't as powerful, made with the same type stuff, burned it again. THIS time I will not burn the shit, however I have a question about cooking times.

    I'm cooking this oil at 180F or a little more, the blended buds are still green (thank god not burned) and I'm planning on leaving it for only 30 minutes.

    Is 30 minutes enough time to extract as much THC as possible? This is what I want to know. It worked for me once very very well, I don't want to botch this. The internet isn't telling me what I want to know, and a lot of recipes ask for 30 minutes to 24 hours so WTF is that.
  2. nvb13

    nvb13 New Member

    whenever i make oil i use the stove so i have no idea what the temperature is at, but at a simmer 30 minutes is fine, i ususally do 25 minutes and thats fine
  3. nibbles

    nibbles New Member

    Thanks nvb13. I made them anyway, simmered it for 30 minutes. Two of my friends and I did a test run and each ate like barely 1/20th of the batch and then two of us had a second tiny brownie and I am still slightly high 11 hours later. Woooohoooo.
  4. rickforpresident

    rickforpresident New Member

    last time i made brownies with a half and only 3 people including myself ate them and i was blown for about 17 hours and so was my other friend but my friend mikey and he had less the me and cooper was blown for 3 hours and thought he was gunna die then passed out and slepped for 32 hours lol ahahaha:rofl2::rofl2:
  5. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    i cook my oil in a crock pot on low for two hours a day for three days. i got the recipe out a cookbook by cameron bliss and another person. it works great, just make sure that you grind your weed into a fine powder.
  6. chemengineer

    chemengineer New Member

    What i can tell you from a chemistry standpoint (no one really did so yet) the tempurature and movement of the solution (marijuana + butter + whatev you use) are the two main factors that control the thc solubility.
    We use butter because THC molecules are soluble in "fat". I use fat as generic term bc if i delved into the chem involved it would be jibberish to you. I italisized soluble bc you must know what it means, chemically, before you discuss it. Solubility is a characteristic of aqueous (basically liquid) solutions. One substance (solute) is mixed with a liquid substance (solvent). It is described as (g/ml) usually, this denotes that X grams of solute (THC) will dissolve into X ml of solvent (fat). So basically there are a certian amount of grams of THC that will be able to be dissolved into a certian amount of butter. I suggest you look up the actual number (g/ml) solubility of THC in fat. Also i must note that THC has different solubility constants in diff solutions, so be sure it is fat that your using. Doing this will make sure that your do not waste any THC due to saturation if your butter product. Anyway, back to temp and time. Chemically, the higher the temperature, the more collisions between molecules, and the faster the reaction comes to an equilibrium point ( or the final point where THC dissolved). Time plays a role here bc these are organic molecules that can and will degrade when exposed for to long. So basically, since you do not know how to create a chemical process table for this reaction between THC and the fat, and find the equilibrium constants, just stir the butter alot and use a high temp. Like i said though, at least look into the solubility of THC in butter so that you do not waste THC. If you need any help or have questions on a good method, just ask! I am a chem engineer and these types of problems are basically what i do best. -joe
  7. Mr.Weedy

    Mr.Weedy New Member

    Well dude i think its overkill if your gonna cook your weed for 24 hours. Me im makin some canna-oil in a little while but what i do is get a big ass pot fill it with water boil thats water. Then can a second pot smaller of course and put my weed and oil in it that way it doest get burnt as easy.letter it simmer on low just enough to see bubbles reaching the surface for about 45min-1 hr NOT BOILING that would just kill the THC. And when your dont and it isnt too burnt and you have left over oil on the pot cook a egg and get stoned dont waste the leftover oil.
  8. MmmmLSD

    MmmmLSD New Member

    I use a pot instead of a pan, and it will keep you from burning off the weed. A small quart sauce pan is good, the depth is the key I think. I make oil alot and it always turns out great.

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