Marijuana Smoke Effects On Broken Bones

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    Basically wondering does marijuana smoke affect the healing process of broken bones?

    So I broke my right ankle at the bottom of my tibia and tore the ligaments in both. (Racing Supercross). I was in a cast on the right for 5 weeks now with more x-rays still broken but doctor gave me a walking cast (instead of regular cast) for an additional 4. I have been smoking rather often to help with pain (in beginning) and now b/c I'm so bored and have nothing else to do.

    But I'm beginning to think maybe it's hurting me in the long run. I did some research and found that cigarette smoking affects you greatly in the healing time of your broken bones. But what about marijuana smoke?
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    It has been proven that cigarettes can slow down the healing process of bones and pretty much any physical ailment. I haven't heard of any evidence clearly demonstrating that cannabis can do the same though. If anything, I imagine your diet, in particular your levels of calcium intake, will probably have a greater effect than smoking weed will. I have actually read studies where endocannabinoids acting on the CB1/CB2 receptors can increase the rate of bone formation in mice. However, these researchers were focusing on endocannabinoids ie. cannabinoids produced naturally by our body, so the cannabinoids in natural cannabis could very well have a different effect. So far though, it appears as though agonists of the CB1/CB2 receptors play a role in stimulating bone formation. Other studies seem to support this view. When selectively removing the CB1 and CB2 receptors from mice, they are significantly more prone to osteoporosis indicating some sort of impairment with their bone formation. Additionally, cannabinoid receptors are particularly abundant on our osteoclasts and osteoblasts - cells which are vital for our bone formation and density regulation. Because of this, researchers are now looking toward cannabinoids as a potential treatment for osteoporosis in the elderly.

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    Cell Metabolism - Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1 Protects against Age- Related Osteoporosis by Regulating Osteoblast and Adipocyte Differentiation in Marrow Stromal Cells

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    Testosterone levels also have a huge impact on how quickly bones can repair by directly influencing the rate of calcium deposition from our blood onto the bone. Many people seem to think that masturbation doesn't affect our hormone levels but it definitely does. For males, masturbating more than once a week lowers testosterone levels considerably, so I would expect this would slow your recovery.
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    Thanks! Yeah I read that smoke itself attaches to your red blood cells which makes it so the red blood cells cannot pick up the oxygen as it travels to the healing spot. So I was little concerned. With do so much lately and having a cast on for 5 weeks then needing it again cause it was still broke was a shocker to me. Seeing that the break was not a bad one it was only split hairline. None the less I'm only using my vape now haha.
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    do u race in the ama supercross:confused:

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