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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Steve Cool, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Tokemaster General Staff Member

    Anyone have some good strain reviews they would like to share?

    Similar to the F1 hybrid vigor, great production strain for the beginner or the professional. Highly resinous, with a fruity cat piss smell. Very high quality buds, indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse.
  2. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member

    At the end of the video he mentioned the real Piney smelling stuff. I had a Thread a wile back where I was wondering what the Pineist smelling strain of Marijuana was. I love the Piney stuff. As for weed that smells like fruity cat piss.... I think I'd look for something else if it's going to smell like that. That's why I don't care too much for Skunk either, the smell just isn't that appealing.
  3. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Tokemaster General Staff Member

    Yep - Not much of a fan of "Cat Piss" either, but if someone is offering... shoot, a Sesh it'll be.

    Now as to Skunk, I love that smell. When the Skunks come out in the summer, I can't help but think of all of my girls out in the yard.


    But that's what makes the world go round ... variety.
  4. GROstrain

    GROstrain New Member

    There are a ton of strain reviews here Marijuana Strain Review

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