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Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Bongzilla, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    About an hour ago I finally decided to get around to making some MJ tea, mostly because I was low on other baking ingredients in my home :D

    I basically improvised the whole thing, here is my recipe (I didn't measure, just a guess so you get the idea):
    - 2 tablespoons of butter
    - milk
    - around a gram of Marijuana (I used more than this to make sure!)
    - regular tea bag, honey, cinnamon, whatever you want in it.

    I first put the ground bud in a large cup and stuck the tea bag inside it along with the butter. I used milk and butter (not as bad as it sounds) to make sure there was fat in it for the THC. I brought some water to a boil and poured it in, as a nice aromatic burst shot out at me. THe smell didn't stay or anything, but smelled very nice.

    Since I didn't want to use a kettle (see my Bhang Lassi experience, that thing smelled like bud whenever I used it for a few weeks!) I used a large cup, and realized I couldn't let it steep properly. In order to make sure little of the THC escapes, I put a flat plate over it and used some saran wrap to make sure it was airtight. I let it steep for a good 15 minutes.

    I strained it out and had around two large cups of it. I squeezed the bud and teabags into the cups and proceeded to drink it. I noticed that the butter insisted on forming a layer at the top, so I stirred it before every sip.

    The initial taste was quite nice. Buttery, but in a very nice way with a not-to-bad-at-all hint of MJ to it - the tea bag did a good job. Near the end it wasn't as good, but it was certainly drinkable.

    Normally when I eat it takes 50 minutes-1 hour before I feel the affects. After 25 minutes I have begun to feel the affects of it, although not intense.

    It is a very relaxing high, reminds me of my catnip tea a few days ago but with the MJ qualities obvious in it.

    I had low expectations at first, but now am certain I'll be having some fun in 20-30 minutes. I'll keep you all posted :D
  2. Paulie420

    Paulie420 New Member

    :) Every time I cook with pot it's like crazy extreme. I get all tripped out and have to lay down. I dunno, I guess it's cause I put an ounce in 4 brownies. Fook it.
  3. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Ounce in 4 brownies? Ewww that would taste pretty nasty but would be the most intense high ever - my cookies usually have around a gram each in them and one of them will knock me out :D

    Anyways, last night the high was just amazing. It wasn't very intense in terms of not being able to move or just tripping, but was SO relaxing and I felt awesome. In fact, when I woke up today I was still feeling it quite a bit, and feel it now!

    In conclusion, the tea wasn't the most efficient recipe, because if I put the same amount in say cookies I probably would be tripping A LOT more - I suppose that's why stems and shake are usually used. However if you want to be able to function normally while feeling amazing this is definetly the recipe!

    I kept the bud I used, I am going to reuse it for another glass of tea and see if I get anything out of it. I think the reason it wasn't efficient was because the temperature may not have been high enough for a long enough period, this time I'll try microwaving it for a minute or so and see how it turns out.
  4. Shaba Zero

    Shaba Zero New Member

    You are a freaking pioneer! That's it, I'm gonna go home and make some brownies!
  5. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    mmmmmmm I made some hot chocolate with bud in it two days ago, that was nice!
  6. does anybody by any chance have other recipes for tea? edit: or recipes to make larger batches, etc.. did hot chocolate work better?

    I've got a couple of friends that refuse to smoke anything, and I want them to try weed..

    I figured tea would be nice and easy..

    any help would be much appreciated.
  7. asmodeus

    asmodeus Guest

    I don't think it's a good idea to make anyone try weed, or any drug at all for that matter. They'll try it if they want to. And what ever you do, do NOT give them tea or anything else with THC in it without their knowledge! They might not ever trust you again and you'll maybe lose some of your friends. Even if it's a great feeling to be stoned.

    A tip from a geek. :)
  8. nonono, you misunderstand..

    they don't mind trying weed, they just don't want to SMOKE it. so, i'm looking for another way for them to ingest it.

    they'll sure as hell know about it in advance.. it's not like i blast pink floyd and offer people 'buttered tea' very often :D
  9. asmodeus

    asmodeus Guest

    Ah okay. :)

    I haven't tried marijuana myselfe yet. And I will probably never smoke it. But if I try it, I'll eat it. :)
  10. GiggleSmoke

    GiggleSmoke New Member

    I just made some weed stem tea, put some milk and some sugar in it and a **** load of stems, it tasted pretty good, like a weed coffee or something. I don't know if it'll do anything but I'm already feeling pretty nice from smoking a few earlier maybe I'll feel nicer.
  11. i have a good recipie for tea and gets you very very stoned just get some of your favorite tea then brew it as normal then take a pinch of weed and put it on a napkin and make like a little bag thingy with it then dip it in your tea, steep a bit, then take it out and squeeze out any liquid left in the wad do this like 4 or five times with the same wad o weed then add whatever things you want(sugar,cinnamon,honey,ect) then drink

    Donkey Smell,
    Eric aka Steve

    ps- the part where you squeeze the liquid from the wad may be a little bit painful to avoid pain wait till the tea cools a bit then add the weed;)
  12. OZONE

    OZONE New Member

    I'm definately gonna try some tea with my next batch of weed. Will it work with resin?
  13. £izárÐ

    £izárÐ New Member

  14. Whenever I have made tea in the past I leave the weed and the milk in the pot on medium low heat for about 45min to 1 hour. Towards the end I'll add a teabag for about 5 minutes along with some honey for taste. Using just stems after harvest I would only have to drink about half a glass and I would be completely floored for hours and very sluggish the next day.
  15. GreenGator

    GreenGator New Member

    I'm going to try this out tonight, I'll let you all know how it works out.
  16. str8way

    str8way New Member

    Whoa there big dog!

    I tried some tea last night. I had always smoked my pot before, but I have a (&^%(*&^%&^ damn cold and can't take a puff without coughing my lungs out. It comes from too many cigs.

    Okay, I didn't read enough before I started in. I have a grow of blueberry going and it is real crystally so I took a small bud, about quarter size, from down low on the plant. Could have rolled a small to medium doobie with same amount dried. I put it in a mug with some water, placed in nukrozapper for a minute on high with plastic over the top of the mug. Came back and read some more while it was steeping in nuker. Fat? I didn't put any fat in it so I put a little whole milk in and fired it up again. Ok, now I have a cup of hot water, milk and a dank little budlet, and some honey for the sweet tooth.

    I hadn't tested the strength of the weed as yet, still can't toke without losing it, I wish I had before trying ingesting it for the first time. I started to feel it after about 20 or so minutes. I thought, man this feels pretty good but not very trippy. About 30 minutes later I was starting to wonder if I was going to level off. A little panic set in, yes, I'm a lightweight. This passed fairly soon and then the trip was on. A whole new experience, fascinating, dreamy, tunnel vision and revealing. I have the cold and both of my knees have degenerative arthritis, need new joints, at least I have it back today. Last night they were only memories. For about four hours, till I passed out, I couldn't feel the pain in my knees or any of the cold symptoms. I awoke this morning still under the influence, not intense by any means, but still noticable. It may take more weed but you get your moneys worth in time that it keeps you high.

    I'm not a convert, now I will do both. Thanks to all of you folks for these invaluable threads. ;)
  17. beats

    beats New Member

    The butter would definately give an odd taste.

    I think alot of drinks could be made THC-Enriched. I personally believe a herb milkshake could work, but I never want to waste any weed trying it (I have very little money for weed) I plan on trying it when I get my new job.
  18. Santi Patricius

    Santi Patricius New Member

    How Do I Make Stem Tea

    I have a bunch of stems I have saved for a long time, and as of right now I'm all out of weed, I was wondering how to make stem tea, and if it is even worth the effort to make it(will it get me stoned?). I have always smoked my weed. So i don't even know where to begin. Would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.
  19. beats

    beats New Member

    The whole process is listed on the first post of this thread:rolleyes:
  20. Santi Patricius

    Santi Patricius New Member


    Sorry, i didn't know that you could substitute stems for weed, but will the stem tea be as good, and by the way BEATS, did your high end up being anygood 20-30 minutes after that post?

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