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    Beasters - Weed not as potent as Headies, but still quite potent. The low of the highs.
    Blunt - A joint rolled in the tobbaco-leaf paper of a cigar
    Bong - A large pipe containing water to cool the smoke, usually made out bamboo, glass or acrylic.
    Brick - A slang term for a compressed slab of Hashish
    Bud - The fresh/dried flowers of the Cannabis plant

    Cannabis Indica - The name of a species of Cannabis plant
    Cannabis Sativa - Another Species, close related to the Cannabis Indica
    Chillum - A conical pipe which has been used since the 1800s by Hindu Monks to smoke the herb.
    Chronic - A term to describe very high quality or potent bud, in some areas is used to refer to Marijuana laced with Cocaine.
    Cocktail - A joint of different herbs or different strains of MJ mixed. For example a Blueberry and White Widow cocktail.

    Doobie - 60s term for a joint.
    Dope - A slang term for any controlled substance - usually used to refer to Marijuana or Heroin.

    Exotics - Strains of weed that are rare, but very powerful. Things like White Widow are exotics in most areas.

    Fire - A term for some high quality Marijuana

    Gage - Something many people won't really know, but quite interesting. Gage was the slang term for Marijuana used in the 1940s, a decade after it was criminalized.
    Ganja - A name, originating in Jamaica and India, for Marijuana
    Grass - Marijuana, Weed, Pot
    Green Dragon - A drink made by mixing weed with Alcohol, usually vodka to keep the beautiful green colour.

    Hashish - Also known as just Hash, it is supposed to be resin from the Cannabis Plant compressed, but these days it is usually found mixed with other stuff and is not seen as being as good as smoking Bud etc..
    Head - Term originating during the late 1960s for members of drug subculture. Can refer to any sort of user, but was originally most associated with the use of psychotropic substances like mescaline, LSD and DMT.
    Heads - Short for Headies
    Headies - Really good Marijuana
    Hemp - Cannabis Stalks and Stems - Can be used to make paper, rope, cotton, fabrics, soap and alot of products.
    Herb - Used by Rastafarians mostly to describe Marijuana - has biblical reasons.
    Hookah - A water pipe with stems coming out of it for the smoke to be smoked through, these have been seen in alot of areas of entertainment such as Alice in Wonderland.
    Hydro - Marijuana grown using Hydroponics
    Hydroponics - A method of growth using water instead of soil.

    Jive - The 30s slang for Marijuana
    Johnson - 60s slang for a joint
    Joint - Marijuana rolled into paper, in much the same way as a cigarette is, and smoked in the same way also

    Kush - Good to High Grade Marijuana

    Marijuana - The Leaves and Buds of a Female Cannabis plant (The smokeable bits)
    Mary Jane - A Humerous play on the world Marijuana, to give the female plant a name. Male Plants have no or very little THC.
    Mids - Mid-grade Marijuana
    Muggles - More 1930s slang for Marijuana

    Oil - Purified and Concentrated resin of Hashish or Marijuana
    Oh-Zee - Slang originating in Australia for an Ounce of pot

    Paraquat - A defoliant toxic to Animals and Plants (Including Humans) that has been sprayed on Marijuana for the last 40 years.
    Pot - Cannabis, Marijuana
    Piff - A potent strain of weed of purple color.

    Reefer - A slang word for pot, or a Joint
    Roach - Usually in Europe this is the butt of a joint, which is strong, catches resin and provides a mouthpiece. In America it is usually used to describe the actual resin left after smoking, or the end of a joint.

    Schwag - Term used to describe low grade marijuana. This type of marijuana is usually brown, seedy, dry.
    Sensimillia - The flowering tops of seedless plants
    Skunk - Very strongly smelling and potent herb
    Smoke - Pot, Marijuana, Herb
    Spliff - In Europe generally used to refer to a Joint mixed with tobacco, but the original term for Jamaica is to refer to a large cone-shaped joint.
    Sploof - A device made to conceal Marijuana odours when smoking indoors.
    Stash Ones Marijuana Supply, covertly hidden away. For example someone may have an Ounce of Herb in their stash.

    Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9) - Known usually as THC, this is the psychoactive chemical in Marijuana which creates the high.

    Oregano - A spice used in cooking, which Stoners around the world have a deep hatred for. It resembles Marijuana greatly in appearance and as such has been used often by dodgy dealers to rip people off.

    Toke - To inhale the smoke into your lungs

    Underground (The) - The drug using part of society, a place many Marijuana users dislike being classed under, but are because of the social enigma created around Marijuana

    Weed - Pot, Herb, Marijuana

    Zonked - Rarely used slang term for someone who is completely spaced out.
    ZigZag - Definitely the most commonly used Rolling Paper for MJ tokers, other popular papers include Rizla and Swan.

    That's an hour of my life wasted on you guys, one which I could have spent getting high, so please be thankful ;)

    Also, if you have anything to add, don't be afraid to post it, or correct me on any of my mistakes.
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    Cleared up any questions i felt stupid asking, thanks :D
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    do i sense a sticky?
    this should be pretty useful for any new smoker.

    I've also found a few errors:

    - You misspelled Tetrahydrocannabinol (I hope my correction was spelled correctly, I tried without looking it up)

    - I would get rid of this term from the list, it's not really "gangster" and it's meaning is somewhat obvious, even to novice smokers.

    - the term Sploof would be useful in there. I'm sure you know what this is

    - may also want to add the term Green Dragon

    - This one isn't really a correction, more of an opinion. I live in America and me and everyone I know refers to a roach as:
    the remains of a smoked joint. these are usually smoked themselves as they usually contain bud.

    - not necessarily conical (at least i don't think they are)

    - Be Careful, in some areas Chronic refers to marijuana that is laced with cocaine (intentionally) to produce a stronger high

    ah, I wouldn't say wasted ;)
    I'm sure this list will be helpful to lots of people
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    You should add the term "Fire" In here. Which is any high quality weed.
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    good post dude :mj2:
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    Some more terms that should be added: Piff, Hydro, Kush
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    No Kush? Shwag? Mids? To your list, add!
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    Yeah I was surprised not to see Fire, Heads, Exotic, Beasters, etc..
    Good Thread tho!
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    Additions made, and to Lucid, Chillums are typically conical:


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