Marijuana Use While Trying to Concieve?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by aeble pia, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. aeble pia

    aeble pia New Member

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have any information about the possible impact of marijuana use in a woman who is trying to conceive? Does it hinder or decrease the likelihood of a woman conceiving?

    I've read the threads here about marijuana and pregnancy, but haven't found anything about conception.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    I would strongly recommend against using any psychoactive compounds, stimulants, depressants, and mind altering substances while trying to conceive and while pregnant.

    As well as abstaining for as long as possible beforehand.

    While there isn't conclusive evidence to point to Marijuana increasing the chances of Birth Defect or decreasing the fertility of the mother, there has been suggestive evidence (yes, done by non-biased groups) both ways.

    You will be hard pressed to find many doctors Pediatricians who advocate usage of any nonessential substances, the body has a way of producing the right chemicals in the right amounts, and during the developmental stages of pregnancy, it's important that those chemicals be present in the right ratios for the baby to develop properly.

    Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that using marijuana is a bad idea, if you're on Marijuana for real, legit, medical purposes, it's something you should discuss with your doctor - Not a forum full of potheads. :p
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  3. aeble pia

    aeble pia New Member

    Actually, I have discussed this with my doctor, but I would like to get as broad a spectrum of opinion as possible, including those from a forum full of potheads. I'm clear that it's not a substitution for medical advice, but I'm still curious. Thanks!
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  4. Andrew87

    Andrew87 Sr. Member

    With the possible exception of a few of the rebellious teenagers that post here, I sincerely doubt you will find anyone on this forum who advocates the use of ANY type of psychoactive substance during pregnancy or around the time of conception.

    I imagine your doctor didn't take well to the idea?
  5. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I stopped smoking, cigarettes and marijuana, six months before I got pregnant with my daughter. I did it because I wanted my body to be toxin free when I did become pregnant.
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  6. aeble pia

    aeble pia New Member

    Actually, the doctor didn't answer the question I posed here, and I am amused to find that nobody here will answer it either!

    The question I asked was not, "who thinks it's a good idea to use pot while trying to conceive?"

    The question I did ask was, "Does anyone know whether pot reduces the chances of conceiving?"

    From that, you all have extrapolated that I am in fact trying to conceive and want to use pot while trying to do so. Not that it's any of anyone's business, but I am simply looking for information for future potential family planning.

    The only thing I want to know (if anyone knows) is whether marijuana can potentially decrease the statistical chance of conception in any given month. Therefore, if the statistical likelihood per month is X (let's say x=20%), then does marijuana use cause it to decrease by Y?

    It's just a simple, clinical question. Everything else is not relevant to my inquiry, and frankly, nothing I don't already know. I do appreciate the concern though!
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  7. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    No one answered your Question?

    Or, no one gave you an answer you liked?
    Because I thought that was a rather direct answer.
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  8. aeble pia

    aeble pia New Member

    It doesn't have the statistical info that I'm looking for. However, if those statistics don't exist, then that would be a suitable answer. Thanks!
  9. aeble pia

    aeble pia New Member

    Also, what's with the assumption that I am looking for a particular answer? I have to say, I am nothing short of shocked at the assumptions and judgments by posters here.

    Frankly, if I were already using pot while trying to conceive AND committed to continuing to do so, why would I have posted the question in the first place? It makes no sense.

    Please, people. Try to be a little less narrow-minded and don't assume that you know my motives or my circumstances. You could even try being really super generous, giving me (and other posters) the benefit of the doubt. You could try actually assuming that I am motivated by trying to do the right thing.

    I promise to do the same for you.
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  10. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I don't remember being narrow-minded. I honestly answered your question. :shrug:
  11. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    I didn't make the assumption that you were looking for a particular answer.

    I gave you an answer, you then stated that you hadn't received an answer. In my experience, it is often the case that people seeking a specific answer tend to overlook, or ignore a response which is relevant to the situation, sometimes without realizing it.

    My intent wasn't imply that you had a pre-determined answer you were looking for, only to ask whether or not it was the case and to point out that I had answered.
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  12. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    if you didnt find statistics while searching google, i doubt anybody else would. The point is, whilst pregnant or looking to become pregnant, it is not a good idea to smoke anything, do any drugs, drink, ingest any sort of chemical or toxin that isn't necessary or any of that stuff. ANYTHING like that can raise the chances of a birth defect. If you are looking for a statistic, good luck, but if you ARE pregnant or looking to become pregnant, i would not recommend any of that, if you are not pregnant or looking to become pregnant and simply are curious, then the answer is its not a good idea, and i can not give a statistic.
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  13. Andrew87

    Andrew87 Sr. Member

    I admit, I read your original question quickly and didn't see that you were mainly focused on the probability of conception, but no one can provide you the concrete answer you seem to be looking for.

    I think the best conclusion you're going to find to your question is this:

    "Sometimes it does lower the odds of conception, sometimes it doesn't."

    Why not just stop smoking for a couple of months and not have to worry about this?
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  14. FosterBoys

    FosterBoys New Member

    I'm sorry to see that you've gotten so many critical posts. You asked a perfectly valid question. Unfortunately, there is no one answer. There is no blanket answer that covers everyone. No one recommends taking any drug during pregnancy, but when the costs to the mother of not taking the drug outweigh taking it, it's up to the woman to decide.

    Although there is much speculation, there is no credible, scientific proof that marijuana WILL HARM the fetus. But it is a chance. Mom has to decide if smoking it outweighs that chance.
  15. austinr1121

    austinr1121 New Member

    Therapeutic Application of Marihuana, by Dr. Robert Walton
    Is is safe to smoke marijuana during pregnancy?

    There are some sites for it and most sites against it. I had thought it was used for childbirth in way older cultures regularly but I'm not too sure about that.
  16. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

    Not terribly useful contribution from me, but I'd like to point out that in the above answer, negative side effects are due to the smoking only, and do not account for vaping or eathing marijuana.

    Additionally,with a quick gander around the web, the only thing that seemed to actually cite relevant sources was this. It addresses both male and female. Two different studies said different things. One said nothing happened, the other said that marijuana use led to an increase in anovulatory cycle, cycles in which menstruation occurs but no egg is released, making conception impossible in that cycle. However, as the study group is quite small, the study was not considered conclusive, and since the government wanted to play it save, they also said that marijuana could be harmful. Please note, again, it refers to the subjects as marijuana smokers, so potentially any problem could also be attributed for the smoke.
  17. Hairy_Pothead_RN

    Hairy_Pothead_RN New Member

    Ok, here's some details. Getting pregnant is going to be harder in the first place. Usually, male partners abuse the same substances that their female counterparts do. In men, marijuana decreases testosterone, sperm count, and potency. Needless to say, not a winning combination for conception. Women who smoke marijuana have increased risk of abnormalities in ovulation and therefore more infertility. This risk is enhanced when the use is within one year before attempting conception. This risk did not change with frequency or length of use. So, that means that even occasional use of small amounts of marijuana can decrease women's fertility.

    But many women overcome those hurdles. Then, they go on to have higher rates of spontaneous abortion, pregnancy complications, and problems with labor and delivery. Birth defects are associated with marijuana use. Fathers' use lead to higher rates of certain heart abnormalities. Mothers' use is associated with mutant lymphocytes--deranged immune cell factors--which could later lead to higher rates of childhood cancers.

    But wait--there's more. Their newborns can experience mild withdrawal and some nervous system effects. And the toxic effects of pre-natal marijuana exposure is the gift that keeps on giving. Effects are often not readily apparent in newborns. Still, psychologists who have studied these babies have found neurological delays. Likewise, few negative effects are apparent between the ages of 1 and 3. But a woman shouldn't be fooled if she has heard of a study where the very young kids show no ill effects. Pre-natal marijuana exposure effects what are called "higher cognitive functions" which don't express themselves until later. At four years old, decreases in verbal ability and memory can be found in those kid exposed to pre-natal marijuana use. At ages 5 and 6, more problems with attention span are found. Needless to say, none of this sets the kid up for a great experience in grade school. At ages 9-12, the same problems persist and compound. Pre-natally exposed to marijuana kids have lower impulse control, don't do as well on certain types of analysis and reasoning tasks, and have lower reading and language skills.

    So best advice--quit. Ideally, a woman and her partner should quit long before they try for conception. Should a woman find herself pregnant while still using, she should seek out a treatment program immediately. Quitting any substance abused is difficult, but pregnancy is the strongest motivator for women. There are treatment programs geared towards women, and some even geared towards pregnant women.
    I know, I know, TMI! this is way more than you asked for. I assure you that I have made no preconceived notions of your personal habits or life ambitions. I do not care either way if you smoke or do not smoke, if you want to have a child or not, even if you are male or female. As a health care provider and smoker I believe the best consumer is the informed consumer.

  18. SmokeyMcPott

    SmokeyMcPott **********

    Be safe. Assume that any chemical will horribly disfigure your child and don't do it. Quit smoking buds and cigarettes if you do, no caffeine, nothing. Then you don't have to lose sleep worrying or waiting for replies. :)
  19. FosterBoys

    FosterBoys New Member

    I agree with you completely on that one. I also agree with most of what you say, but as a social scientist and one who has done extensive research on the physical, mental, and social effects of marijuana, I'm curious what/who you're citing in your response. NIDA? The ONDCP? Or just "common sense".

    I'm not trying to be a ball-buster, because you are clearly an intelligent and well-meaning person. I'm not attacking you. I'm challenging the research.
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  20. austinr1121

    austinr1121 New Member

    Taking that approach you would have to reexamine everything you consume. Coffee is bad and we know this, then research Genetically Modified food, some gruesome DNA manipulation. Watching "The Future of Food" should show you what is really harmful. The reality is cannabis is for all intensive purposes the safest substance known to man, active is relatively small doses and helps a lot. From what I last posted and said here I think cannabis is the last thing you should worry about, the dangers simply aren't there or we would know about horrible disfigurement or even anything apparently detrimental.

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