Marijuana... What is It?

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    Marijuana goes by many names such as pot, weed, reefer, ganja, chronic, KGB … and a host of other silly sounding names. Marijuana, when good, is usually a tight green bud with reddish to orange hairs, also known as pistils.

    Indica: The indica strain, of the marijuana family is a short and stalkly little bush of a plant, yet, some indica's are super high in THC percentages; maybe 5-7 times greater than it’s late blooming cousin, cannabis sativa. Most cannabis indica strains have a higher percentage of CBD’s in relations to its overall THC content. But its the massive hit of THC that everyone has come to embrace the Indica strain for.The comparatively hefty total of CBD restricted to the indica flower, suggests that when measured against its cousin, sativa -the outcome is drastically different.

    Sativa:The sativa effect can often be hear to be characterized as an elevating and heady high. The overall medication potential tends to lean towards a very relaxed state of mind, well - being, as well as giving a sizable measure of relief from many common joint pains and ailments for certain disease. Some, though not many true cannabis sativa's have a decent THC percentage. What they do have though is an incredible flavor range.

    Most Mexican weed is brown in nature, or a blondish brown, considered to be ‘Dirt Weed’ by California standards it is the most widely utilized based on its inexpensive nature. That being said, you get what you pay

    Most types of marijuana can provide for thoughtful moments of clarity and empathy -at least the cannabis that contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC, the main active substance in marijuana, big exception, Hemp... cannabis ruderalis.

    Sinsemilla: Creating seedless weed…This style of cultivating marijuana is meant for those that don’t need seed for next year, so the female is allowed to produce flower un-pollenated by the male of the species. As no pollen is allowed on these females pistils... they produce seed free marijuana (not always great). When the marijuana plant does not have to use its energy producing marijuana seeds, it produces bigger, tighter buds that tend to contain higher percentage of cannabinoids and THC. Once the pistils below are out... any pollen on them can produce seeded marijuana flower. (great illustration on judging when to harvest... needed it for pistils demonstration.)
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    very informative appreciate the info!
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    very informative and thanks for posting this learned a lot from this
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    I think I like Sativa more.
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    That's some detailed posting.

    Great read though.
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    :hippy: :rasta: PEACE & POT EVERYWHERE :cheers: :hippy:
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    Daytime: Sativa
    Nighttime: Indicia

    Thanks for the info!
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    not a bad explaination...
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    I enjoy the pictures!
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    Really they are well-done...


    Thats whats up. How do you seed with the topess of the topess tho. Cuz im one.
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    very informative appreciate the info!Learn a lot

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