Marijuana's effect on your teeth/gums

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by picknsave6990, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. picknsave6990

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    for the past few sessions i've been really wondering what kind of effects marijuana has on your mouth in general. I know smoking cigarettes (which i NEVER do) in high amounts can turn your teeth yellow. Does weed have the same effect? Obviously, if it did, it would probably take much more time to get a color change being that it is much easier to smoke GIANT quantities of cigarettes than pot (when was the last time you smoked 20 joints on a daily basis haha). But what kind of effects does bud have on your teeth and gums? does it ruin your enamel of your teeth, hurt your gums, or anything?
  2. WNB

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    I've been a daily smoker for five years, and always get told how nice my teeth and gums are when I go to the dentist. As long as you brush regularly you're fine.
  3. nerphroll

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    I agree there's no substitute for brushing and flossing. When I used to smoke a lot of joints or bong hits I think it did yellow my teeth some. I vape now for over a year. I think in the long term it's probably better for your oral health in terms of risk of oral cancer and such. Can't say exactly how much better but it's just my belief. Here's something from the Australian Journal of Dentistry from 2005 on the topic. Make of it what you will:
    General and oral health implications of cannabis use

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