marijuanna and antibiotics

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by r0xy, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. r0xy

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    is it bad to mix perscription medications and marijuana?
    i've been sick and my doc put me on 3 kinds of meds for my cold/sinus infection...some friends said it's not a good idea, other's say it shouldn't matter. what do you guys think?

    if it matters i'm on - amoxicillin, nasacort (some stariod nose spray with triamcinolone and acetonide in it), and liquibid-d (phenylephrine and guaifenesin). ha
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    Welcome r0xy, and glad you found us!

    First thing that I wanted to say that most of us here on line are not doctors, so take what is told you with a grain of salt.

    It is always bad to mix medications. It is difficult to predict the results. Some medications make others not work, some make the effects stronger.

    I don't think that there have been studies concerning the specific medications that you have, but I have never, ever heard of marijuana interacting with a perscription medication adversly.

    Best words that I can give you: Ask your pharmacist. Ask him. You don't have to tell him your name or anything, just ask what they think. They are paid to tell the truth about drugs.

    Anyway... Welcome again!!!!!

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    Let's see, that's a broad spectrum antibiotic usually given fro a chest cold or sinus a nasal spray with corticosteroids usedfor reducing nasal inflamation and a cough supressant with a strong expectorant so you have a lot of mucous...

    So you have a bad head cold with a stuffy congested nose and lots of phlegm going into your lungs ...

    What the HECK you want to be smoking with a cold like that?

    Be reasonable ... have some chicken soup... a large glass of orange juice, maybe another large glass of water...and go back to bed where you belong. Pot has been around for a few million years, I thin it will wait for you for another week.

    Feel better soon

    ~ have a cookie

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