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    thks 4 response vapor lc nx ?is didnt press clinton make pills legal iask my pharmacy they said they had the pills by prscription marinol is thename is this as gud as the killer herb or what is it an alternative worthy of top shelfe meds or whator is it even thc supposed to be cannibas has been part of my life since birth 40 sum odd yearsand i have not had the pills or 4 that matter even seen one in my experience k pas o friends:p
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    Can someone translate this into english?
  3. iamaustin23

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    hey man, marinol pills are weak.

    here's a quote from Mamabudz:
    (thats $10 per 5 mg pill)
    hope that helps...
  4. Ilúvatar

    Ilúvatar Where is my mind?

    you have to be kidding me, you can't be over ten:rolleyes:

    i'm really starting to think that anti-marijuana people are coming to this site and posting dumb stories to make us look like idiots.

    or the government was right about weed, j/k

    also, marinol is not worth it in the least bit, just go out and buy a sack
  5. MsTerious

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    Lmao 7inTeak, I was thinking the same thing!! Marinol does exist, I've spoken with my doctor about it, and with medicare, it wouldn't be $10/pill either! :cool:
  6. Stephanie S.

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    Yes, hays, there is a Drug Called Marinol

    Unimed Pharmaceuticals, Marinol's manufacturer and distributor, notes on its website (4/9/02):

    “MARINOL® is a medicine containing the active ingredient dronabinol. Dronabinol is synthetic delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or delta-9-THC (as it is commonly known). Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is also a naturally occurring component of Cannabis sativa L. (marijuana). MARINOL®, a standardized product marketed by Unimed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is dronabinol solution in sesame oil in soft gelatin capsules. Unlike MARINOL®, however, marijuana (the plant material) does not provide standardized THC content and often contains impurities (including leaves, mold spores, and bacteria).
    Pharmaceutical-quality MARINOL® provides standardized THC concentrations and has not been shown to provide the rapid-onset high that marijuana often does when it is smoked. Orally ingested drugs generally have slower onset of action due to the time required by digestion and absorption.

    Based on extensive research, the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved MARINOL® for two purposes:
    1. The treatment of anorexia (loss of appetite) associated with weight loss in patients with AIDS
    2. The treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy in patients who have failed to respond adequately to conventional antiemetic treatments.

    Marinol was originally classified as Schedule II by the DEA when it was first released in 1985, but was re-classified to Schedule III in 1999.
  7. dubcast

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    Well, he is probably from a spanish speaking country which is why he can't speak English well. I wouldn't call him an idiot for not speaking English.
  8. Stephanie S.

    Stephanie S. Original

    Cost of Marinol

    I only searched CA and New Mexico at so maybe other states are different but it seems that medicare doesn't cover a lot of drugs, one of them being Marinol (dronabinol).

    Also, The National Institute of Medicine did this study: Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base (1999)
    Institute of Medicine (IOM)

    pp 193-222: The price of Marinol for its most commonly used indication, anorexia in AIDS, is estimated at $200 per month. The less common indication—nausea and vomiting with cancer chemotherapy—is not as expensive because it is not chronic. Regardless of indication, patients' out-of-pocket expenses tend to be much less—often minimal—because of reimbursement through public or private health insurance. For indigent patients who are uninsured, Roxane sponsors a patient assistance program to defray the cost.

    The street value of marijuana, according to the DEA's most recent figures, is about $5-$10 per bag of loose plant.16* At the California buyers' clubs, the price is $2-$16 per gram, depending on the grade of marijuana. The cost to a patient using marijuana depends on the number of cigarettes smoked each day, their THC content, and the duration of use. Insurance does not cover the cost of marijuana. In addition, it is possible for a person to cultivate marijuana privately with little financial investment.

    Thus, Marinol appears to be less expensive than marijuana for patients with health insurance or with financial assistance from Roxane. But if the full cost of Marinol is borne out of pocket by the patient, the cost comparison is not so unambiguous. In this case the daily cost in relation to marijuana varies according to the number of cigarettes smoked: If the patient smokes two or more marijuana cigarettes per day, Marinol might be less expensive than marijuana; if the patient smokes only one marijuana cigarette per day, Marinol might be more expensive than marijuana, according to an analysis submitted to the DEA by Unimed. The cost comparisons will depend on fluctuations in the retail price and street value of Marinol and marijuana, respectively, and will vary if marijuana becomes commercially available.

  9. rick

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    Thanks for the great info, Steph -

    good to see ya around, girl!
  10. Ilúvatar

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    Re: Re: marinol

    i apologies for my comment, it was uncalled for and rude. i also have bad spelling and give my spell check a good work out before i post. what i said was in the heat of the moment and i should of thought twice with what i was saying; i'm sorry :(
  11. Mamabudz

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    Obviously you are not someone on Medicare... Medicare coverage is hopsitalization coverage. Prescription coverage is an extra cost. Many if not most prescription coverage plans do not cover pre-existing conditions and many if not most do not cover this specific medication.

    Many prescription plans for Medicare supplemental policies do not take folks under 65

    In many states with high numbers of senior citizens, prescription plans are no longer available.

    Although the information seems to prove otherwise, the reality opf the situation is that Marinol is rarely covered by prescription or program except in instances of AIDS and certain cancer treatments.

    Unimed/Roxanne has a very stringent patient assistance program -- most people would not qulaify for it until they have spent all of their savings, credit and sold most of their assets and are on full disability where they have not worked for over 2 years and their income is under $900 a month.

    I hope this clarifies the marinol situation somewhat.
  12. MsTerious

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    You're correct, Medicare doesn't cover prescriptions. It does cover all of my medical care. My prescriptions are covered by Mass Health, but I didn't think anyone would know what Mass Health is, so I left it at medicare. And they DO cover those of us who are legally disabled.

    Why in the blue hell would I lie about that? :rolleyes:
  13. Mamabudz

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    As I described Medicare covers your doctor and hospitalization, if required

    I'm quite sure our readers would have discerned Mass Health to be an insurance program.

    Medicare does not cover prescriptions.

    Apparently MassHealth is a state program that covers the cost of prescription medication along with whatever other coverage is offered.

    [/B][/QUOTE]And they DO cover those of us who are legally disabled.[/B][/QUOTE]

    You are quite lucky. Many if not most states cannot afford coverage of this sort for their citizens.

    Disabled citizens therefore remain without prescription coverage and are therefore involuntarily non-compliant with their medication requirements.

    I don't know, why would you?

    My knowledge of this particular information comes from personal experience as a patients' advocate for Medicare patients' in need of marinol (dronabinol) amongst other medications.

    ... have a cookie ;)

    Mama Budz
  14. MsTerious

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    Well, I wouldn't lie. And thanks for the cookie! :D

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