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  1. Wickedclownz26

    Wickedclownz26 New Member

    Seen this pill called marinol.

    It is a THC pill.
    just wanted to know if anyone has taken these and if they have worked.


  2. brookie43

    brookie43 New Member


    all i know is that its synthetic THC. The effects wont be the exact same as marijuana but very similar. I think these pills are used as a hang over cure. I know if im hungover, i cant sleep or eat untill i smoke some MJ. Bottom line smoke sum BUDDer. budder is developed in my homeland, its 99.7 thc and will knock your socks off and leave you passed out in a ditch.

    Well maybe not lol. BUt the best bud in the world is about 24%. the best hash is about 40-50 %. so 99.7 percent. GODAMMMNNN this shit is amazing. <-----------------check it out
  3. sase1980

    sase1980 New Member


    Marinol is used commonly in patients who have leukemia, or other forms of cancer to treat stomach problems, or pain after chemotherapy! It also treats appetite loss for HIV patients!

    Marinol's active ingredient is dronabinol. Dronabinol is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring compound known as delta-9-THC (delta-9- tetrahydrocannibinol). Delta-9-THC is the main ingredient responsible for most of marijuana’s effects.

    BUMMER! Can't legally obtain w/out a prescription, as it is a class 3 Narcotic (in the U.S.)
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  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Marinol contains one THC isomer. Marijuana contains a whole bunch of different cannabinoids, all of which contribute to its effect.

    Wrong. They are supposedly a substitute for medical marijuana: nausea and neuropathic/chronic pain. It's incredibly expensive and just about everone says marijuana does a better job.

    What's your hurry? :) I'd rather drink half a bottle of wine than two shots of Everclear.
  5. 28Grams

    28Grams New Member

    Did you do any research at all before posting or did you just guess shit that popped into your head after a few beers? Think about this for a second; %24 THC? So out of the whole plant 1/4 of it is just THC? I think not.:eek:
  6. kcbennie

    kcbennie Well-Known Member

    I had some marinol that a friend of mine bought from a cancer patient. They look like a miniture paint ball and the liquid inside is clear and kind of oily. They only give you a body high and they're pretty weak. What I did with them was swallow 3 and pop 2 in my mouth and let the liquid soak into my mouth. I did this three times over 2 hours for a total of fifteen pills, and I then I finally felt stoned. I know everybody is going to reply and tell me how stupid I am for taking that many pills, but I've done what I've done and I'm still here to talk about it and I make no apologies for youthful ignorance. Anyway, any times that I took less than fifteen marinols, I felt nothing. So if you got a line on some marinols, I suggest trying them out, but be prepared to either be disapointed or take alot of pills. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is just smoke joint and forget about it. Pills are for squares.
  7. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Yes that's what they use it for.

    HungoverJoe: "Man' I'm hung over, better call the doc."
    Doc: "Joe, hard night of drinking again"
    HungoverJoe: "Yeah doc, don't seem to know when to say when."
    Doc" "Well Joe since you seem to have a problem with alcohol because you always drink to the point you pass out and are hung over I'll give you some Marinol to help you. Since you can't seem to handle alcohol, I'm going to give you a control medicine that is similar to marijuana. Try not to abuse this stuff like you do the alcohol.;) "

    Not really hangovers but chemo induced nausea and to help increase appetite in cancer and Aids patients. I have taken marinol before and that is all did for me, make me hungry.
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    All I can say is that you must have one hell of a tolerance. How much weed do you typically smoke in a day?

    Many people who use Marinol medically don't like it because it stones their heads without providing much relief from their medical problems. And they don't take 15 capsules. At drugstore prices, 15 capsules would cost between $150 and $225.
  9. brookie43

    brookie43 New Member

    Medical marijuana is a cure for my hang overs lol. medical marijuana is incredibly expensive also.

    Well that can be said for shwag weed too. Do you like shwag weed?
    I would rather have some 24% weed then some 10%. Smoke less to get high. And more thc per hoot, so your higher. Hit some budder and let me know what ya think. most likely american so ya cant order it anyways. anyone in canada ya can.:D Not like drinking everclear tastes even remotely good. The budder taste awesome. those comparisons are bogus.

    No but when i say marijuana im not talking about the whole plant. Im talking about dried cured buds 24%. Ive gotten 24 % from the compassion club before and theres a thc percentage and right up on the strain that comes with it. Thats the best weed in the world the 24 % stuff.

    I think your the one who drank a few beers and the idea popped in.
    Think before you type, it might help.
    And no i didnt do any research on marinol. I saw it pop up right away and i just posted what i knew about it. smoke some better shit, that shwags is messing with your brain homie.
  10. DankDealer

    DankDealer New Age Krunk

    Marinol sucks its nothing like smoking weed and even made a first timer friend of mine puke. Just roll up a blunt and smoke it fuck the pill shit
  11. Wickedclownz26

    Wickedclownz26 New Member

    Seriously...Every damn thread i post people always have
    to argue and get into some kind of disagreement.

    Agree To disagree.

    But anyways thanks for the advice guys.
    Think ill just stick to my girl Mary.

  12. 28Grams

    28Grams New Member

    I appologize, apparently there is a %24 THC strain. I just didn't think there was because the strongest strains I've seen off of MJ seed sites only range from %15-%18. And I don't drink alcohol or smoke shwag.
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    If you want people to agree with you all the time, you should practice talking to a mirror, not put your thoughts on a public forum. Being who I am, I can't even agree with myself all the time.

    How can we do that unless we disagree in the first place? :laugh:
  14. Wickedclownz26

    Wickedclownz26 New Member

    I didnt want people to agree with me.
    It seems every thread i have someone argues with each other.

    Didnt mean to seem that i wanted people to always agree w/ me.


  15. dankbuds21

    dankbuds21 New Member

    Pop a few of those and smoke and your gonna feel super fried. My dad gets the 10 mg, maybe you took the 2 mg ones or something but I know 15of those would have me on my ass for days.
  16. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Hold on a second mate. It is well known amongst growers of MMJ, and out of the numerous doco's and conversations I have had, the 24% potency is accurate. 24% of the weight is THC apparently. I am quite sure this is true, or it may seem I have taken the word of an idiot grower perhaps?

    99.7%THC? That is the dumbest thing Iv ever heard. So what you are telling me, is that 99.7% of the plants weight is resin? Oh cmon man think about it. It wouldnt be a tree it would be a GOO with shit stuck inside it.
  17. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    No one ever claimed that there was weed that was 99.7% THC. They were referring to "Budder", the most highly concentrated form of hash oil, which was developed in Amsterdam.

  18. FourTwentyxx

    FourTwentyxx New Member

    eh, i'd stick to good ol marijuana. why take something natural and amazing and make it into a synthetic pill? eff the pills unless its something good ;)
  19. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    My apologies I had assumed BUDDER was yet another strain...

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