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    Mass. DPH takes next step with medical marijuana law...

    (NECN: Justin Michaels, Boston) – The Massachusetts Public Health Department will take the next step Friday toward getting the state's new medical marijuana law up and running.

    The Massachusetts Department of Public Health will take its draft of the regulations governing legalized medical marijuana to Beacon Hill Friday.

    Voters in the Commonwealth legalized marijuana used for medical purposes in November. The law went into effect January 1.

    After Friday’s draft is submitted, it will open a public comment period on the new regulations. This is a critical first step in actually implementing the law because until the regulations are passed, medical marijuana dispensaries cannot open and the Department of Public Health can’t issue any registration cards to people who want to use marijuana.

    After deliberations and public hearings, a final vote is set for May 8 on the regulations submitted Friday.

    And for proponents of medical marijuana, the big date is May 24, which is when the regulations would go into effect if they are adopted by the public health council.

    In the first year, the law allows for 35 non-profit treatment centers to open across the state with at least one per county but not more than five per county.

    Because there has been widespread opposition to this new law, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the public hearings coming up in April.

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