Massachusetts Call To Action: Framingham, Methuen, Quincy, MA.

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  1. Mike C

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    [ame=]YouTube - BostonFreedomRally.Com Call To Action: Framingham, Methuen, Quincy, MA.[/ame]

    City and town officials across the state are scrambling to pass RE-CRIMINALIZATION BY-LAWS that would make pot smokers criminals again.

    Quincy, Framingham, and Milford are already very close to passing these measures. Worcester city counsil was the first to vote on it, we won in Worcester.

    Will your town follow? Check out The 2009 Boston Freedom Rally: Saturday, September 20, 2009 and MassCann: The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition: The Massachusetts chapter of NORML for the latest news!

    Tell your town governments to keep marijuana DECRIMINALIZED and not RECRIMINALIZED!

    Be there with us this Tuesday Night, 7PM on the streets in front of Quincy City Hall and then inside for the city counsil hearing!

    Featuring Mike C, Scott Gacek, Oak Lonetree and Girls4Ganja at 4am in Waltham, Miss Micaela and So Fine Sara.

    MC Exposition "The Movement"
    Exposition on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    Quincy City Council:

    1305 Hancock St, Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

    Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2009
    Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm
    By MBTA: Red Line (Braintree Train) to Quincy Center. City Hall is behind the T Station on Hancock Street.

    Despite the 63% margin of voters who said "yes" to Question 2, Quincy will be looking to RECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA on Tuesday, January 20, when they meet at 7pm. If they are successful, Quincy will be the first town in Massachusetts to do so since Question 2 passed.

    This could open the door to more towns following suit.

    Last week, the Worcester city council voted 7-4 AGAINST recriminalizing marijuana. If it is defeated in Quincy, it will show lawmakers across the state that decriminalization was the right choice, and that the voters knew what they were doing when they said "YES." DONT LET YOUR VOICE GET SILENCED BY THE "REEFER MADNESS MENTALITY" OF YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

    Come stand with our brothers and sisters in Quincy, and lets end this recriminalization movement now.
  2. Mike C

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    [ame=]YouTube - : PROSPECT HILL Ask Friends and Fans To Attend Methuen City Council Hearing[/ame]

    New video from today... : PROSPECT HILL Ask Friends and Fans To Attend Methuen City Council Hearing...

    Mike C interviews PROSPECT HILL in Methuen, MA about question 2 decrim and the Methuen city hearing to overturn what 65% of MA voters voted for.

    The 2009 Boston Freedom Rally: Saturday, September 20, 2009
    MassCann: The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition: The Massachusetts chapter of NORML

    Music: Prospect Hill
    Prospect Hill/ Tammany Hall Worcester Ma Jan 16th on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    "Break Down" and "4 AM"
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Is this something more than the reported efforts to make smoking marijuana in public places subject to the same laws as drinking in public places? I find those efforts quite reasonable.

    The video is long on rant and repetition but provides no useful information about what is being proposed by these cities.
  4. Mike C

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    Pfft. It's a short video and the other is a cool interview with a popular band, just heard them on WAAF Rocks! - Home a few minutes ago.

    Especially ridiculous when I leave links to the two sites that list all the news stories and info on each cities plans. Some want to recriminalize. All are attempting to go against the will of the people who voted because they are sore losers and police chiefs who can't get over it.

    What is being proposed differs in each city and town and may include arrest for smoking in public. 65% voted for no arrest for cannabis. Period. What you find quite reasonable is fine, just don't impose it on me and others when we don't want it and we have the votes.

    If it's not for you, why should I care? Many do. And we are winning. Just like I've always done. They said decrim was to big and would never happen. Or that it didn't go far enough. I pushed the decrim and that's what we went with. It's the biggest win in America since the first in California. I was a huge part of it. Our people will be in Quincy in large numbers. This is for them and they know what we are facing and will be there.

    Gulf war veterans.
    former police officers
    The ACLU
    local artists
    commercial rock radio and news radio DJ's/radio hosts (who knew they love us in Boston!)

    The people who voted for no arrest.

    You think it is reasonable to arrest for public smoking, means nothing.
    Unless you get it on a petition and 51% to vote. Good luck getting 65%.

    And since your criticizing, I'd like to know if you've done anything in your city, town, or state? Decrim? Did you play a big hand in something? Or just a guy on the internet? Don't tell me you pay some dues. I don't care. What have you done? I've by myself, been on dozens of radio shows, been in print about 100 times for it, book/produce the biggest marijuana reform show on the East Coast, have booked 30 masscann benefit shows raising 10's of thousands, have had my shows, rallies, videos, work featured on High Times. I will play a big hand in winning several of these city counsil hearings. Gone after many politicians, national and local on youtube to great effect.

    When I call their offices, I usually now get a return email or call.

    Lawrence Eagle Tribune largest local newspaper outside of Boston agree with us and not you.

    New laws are not needed and will be to harsh.

    Our view: Boosting pot penalty unnecessary -, North Andover, MA

    How many people cited for smoking cannabis in Methuen since the new law went in effect? Zero. It's a rare thing, don't crush the rare youths or medical users for life with a criminal record.
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    The people of Massachusetts voted to reduce the penalty for possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. They did not vote to allow people to get stoned in public because, obviously, that would be illegal. If it's illegal to have, it's illegal to smoke.

    I see no problem with regulating public use. We regulate public use of alcohol and that's not even an illegal substance.

    I'm proud to be speaking to the man who single-handedly decriminalized marijuana in Massachusetts. :rolleyes:
  6. Mike C

    Mike C New Member

    It's illegal and the people voted for the right punishment. You want to change that without a vote?

    Singlehandedly? No.
    One of the top ten people in this state that did the work? Yes.

    Glad it's an eye roll for you.

    What have you done?

    Have you ever won anything?

    Ever ran a successful protest, rally, or event?

    Organized anything? How about even a bake sale? Something?

    Written and been published?

    Organized any events for reform?

    Yes, I've done hundreds of things.

    And I'm not cocky about it.

    Just telling it how it is.

    Mayor Bill Manzi of Methuen posts our video to his blog.


    Politics in a Smoke Filled Room : Bill Manzi.Com
  7. Mike C

    Mike C New Member

  8. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    You must not know who buzzby is
  9. jpbc99

    jpbc99 New Member

    Buzzby, its basically spam from cannibis reform coalition from umass. Its a buncha bullshit and I am sick of seeing crap that promots smoking in public. They just want you to link to their site. Its the same template for an email I saw last week. No town in massachusetts is trying to overturn the law that just passed. They all only wanna put laws on the books for its public use, which I aggree with.

  10. Mike C

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    Nope. Fill me in. I see he's from Ohio, if he had something to do with Ohio's medical marijuana, then ok, I'm a bigmouth ass! How's that. It's ok. it happens. I think I might actually be on a new podcast with him. Wouldn't that be funny. Oh no.
  11. Mike C

    Mike C New Member

    Really. I'd say you just posted some BS. I'm not with UMASS CRC and they are just forwarding our info. But I thank them for sending out the emails. What did I post that promotes smoking in public? I don't do that, never have. Our websites are telling people not to smoke in public before the hearings. No town is trying to overturn it? Laws on the books? What do you think people just voted on? A new law and now they want to add new ones?

    You must have missed these stories?
    Manzi seeks to increase pot smoking penalty -, North Andover, MA
    "The mayor is waiting for police Chief Katherine Lavigne to recommend whether pot smokers should be fined or face criminal penalties."

    Police issue first pot ticket - Plymouth, MA - Wicked Local Plymouth
    Botieri said police hope to win approval for a new town bylaw allowing police to make arrests for smoking marijuana in public. Town Meeting must pass the bylaw. “We don’t want to see kids on the street corner smoking pot,” Botieri said.

    The people have spoken on marijuana law -, Newburyport, MA

    I could post a dozen more.

    So let me get this straight. A new law was passed statewide, a civil fine for cannabis. One ounce or less. Most people in the state are well aware of this. Now you want to add new local laws that will differ from town to town. One that will unfairly mark people with a CORI for at least ten years and in most cases in MA, for life. When most of them will have no clue that smoking in public is once again a criminal offense? Sounds fair? Not to me.

    No kid or young adult should get his life ruined over a joint. Especially since they think decrim protects them.

    Same template, I am sure. It's out there and I am glad people are using it.
  12. Mike C

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    Win in West Newbury, MA. They turned down the police chief. John Cena's hometown. I used to work out and a little bit of an unofficial coach in the off season open mats, I was the coach for the rival team. Really nice people the Cena's and hardworking. Yay for West Newbury.

    Methuen we didn't get everything we wanted but it went really well. The mayor compromised with us and they showed tons of respect after the media found our youtube. The nice thing about these hearings is it is a leaderless movement. There's tons of different groups working together. local norml,, aclu, college kids, hip hop artists, rock bands, progressive groups, local people, workers, taxpayers...The people.

    Prospect Hill meets the Mayor. Two front page stories in the biggest newspaper in the area. Quite a good one this.
    [ame=]YouTube - and Prospect Hill Meet With Methuen Mayor To Discuss Marijuana Ordinance[/ame]

    Quincy is a big city, having some oxycontin gun drug issues that is still old school Irish catholic. They treated the crew that went to this just the opposite of Methuen. But many more came out to Quincy. No public speech allowed but they tabled it to committee. Like we won but they didn't want to tell us.

    Sorry if I get hardass and pissed off and full of myself.

    And Buzby, I apologizes, it doesn't matter what you've done or who you even are, I was being a big mouth ass, letting things get to me. Your criticism was justified, even if I don't agree with it all. My response was ridiculous.
    This does mean a lot to me. And I'm not a nutcake on this stuff not knowing that is going on.

    A $600-1000 fine for a kid turns into criminal charges (and a CORI) if not paid pretty quickly. Who do you think is going to pay it? The parents. And by them paying for it, that defeats the purpose of fining a kid that is stupid enough to light up in public and get caught. Most kids can work and earn $100 in a week or two part-time. They can feel the economic loss. Take it from the parent and they don't get anything extra out of it. But maybe a single mom who can't pay the rent or buy her other kids food to pay their kids fine.

    65% voted for no arrest, a $100 fine.

    [ame=]YouTube - A Strength in Numbers in Quincy; City Council Sees, But Won't Listen to Marijuana Supporters[/ame]

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