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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by dalantmm, May 6, 2005.

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    I've searched everywhere, but can't find any info on how much you can warm urine before you harm the sample. I have a donor lined up, but I don't want to overheat the urine in preparation for substitution.

    So, is there a maximum temperature beyond which one should not heat a donor specimin of urine to be tested?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Didorusso answered in my other thread, but I had already edited the post and transferred the question to this new thread, so here's the response:
    I tried heating the urine to 109 degrees F, which is about 43 C. No clouding occured, so does that mean it's ok? In other words, is clouding the only effect overheating will produce?
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    im curious bout this too..... anyone??
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    My best info is up to the boiling point, 100C or 212F. I believe that Creatinine will do ok up to that point and I'm sure that pH and S.G. wouldn't be effected. Hope that helps. N2
  5. ok i think this thread has the answer i'm looking for - if i accidentally microwaved a sample too long (not even close to boililng point though) it should be ok?
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    According to the sub thread, the best way to heat urine is to immerse the container into a pan of water that has been heated to boiling (turn off the stove first,however), the warm it gradually. Add boiling water to the pan until the urine has reached the desired temp. Some of the posts I've read on this forum discuss warming it above the max cutoff, to allow time to cool the sub sample to the desired temp. Probably better to get a little hotter, to give you time to drive to the testing facility, sit in the lobby, etc.

    I suppose you can heat it in the microwave, but the urine should not be boiled. Gee, it's all the sub sticky.
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    Microwaving is easiest!

    Through trial and error, i have found that heating a 2oz sample of quick fix for 10 sec will do the trick. I like it because it has the temp strip. Just be sure to give the temp strip some time to show you the reading. If it is too high , the temp won't register on the strip. Crotch the sample, and it will stay heated for the test. I have had it crotched for 1hr, and the temp stayed at 94. I suppose a sample form somebody else might work, but I know there is nothing in the Quick Fix to make the test positive. I have passed 4 tests since Oct 2005:D :D :D Thanx to all on the web page for all the help and advice!:wave:

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