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  1. Lord Knight

    Lord Knight Guest

    I was just wonderin what measurements are for like quarters, halfs, ounces, etc......i have never really paid much attention to it and would like to know....thanx for anyone that can help me out.
  2. AfRo

    AfRo New Member

    I assume you mean weights, right? this is just for the bud i get though

    Dime - 3-4g
    Quarter - 6-7g
    Half-Ounce - 14-15g
    Ounce - 28.5g
  3. dank nuggets

    dank nuggets New Member

    i think 1 j is one g if ya know what i mean other words, 5 g's are equal to 5 j's

  4. dank nuggets

    dank nuggets New Member

    no i'm not stoned!
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  5. Auspex66

    Auspex66 Guest

    Expert Dankster

    It takes quite a while to learn the proper measurements when you first start out. I will help. First off, in the drug world, the weight is a little different. An ounce is supposed to officially weight 32 grams, but in the drug world, an ounce is only 28 grams (don't ask me why, I've always thought that was cheap, an ounce that isnt an ounce).
    Your best bet is to get a digital scale, a pricy piece of equipment, but handy in getting phat/fair bags.
    An 1/8th can be eyed out, one finger straight across the bag. On a digi you can tare the bag (that's subtracting the weight of the bag to just weigh the nugz). A good 1/8th will weight at least 3.4 or higher if it's a phat bag. I know dealers who weigh their bags including the bag, so when you buy an 1/8th, you are only geting 2.4 grams because the bag at least weighs 1 gram. If the weed is in a ziplock bag, definatly weigh it our, the extra plastic sealer will weigh considerably more. Best bed is to invest in a nice digi, keep it at home though. People will steal digis and if caught with one, it can be used as paraphanlia and intent to distribute (I've seen this happen before, even with hand held letter scales).
    A good quater should weigh about 7.5-8 grams if it's phat. Or two fingers across the bag.
    A half should weigh about 14-15 grams.
    An Ounce should weigh 28 grams AT LEAST. My experience with buying o's is that they usually weigh more because you are buying in larger quantity, and it is not rationed out into eighths and quarters.
    I hope this helps to many new pot smokers. Be smart about buying your weed. If you have any questions concerning bags write me at I'll tell you if your getting ripped off, or if something is sketchy.
    You'd be amazed to hear what dealers do to their bags to make them weigh.
  6. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    I thought there was a thread like this open, but I ran a search and didn't find anything, oh well.
    Auspex, I don't know where you heard an ounce was 32 grams, but it's not it's 28. Not 28 exactly, but around there since, grams are metric and an ounce is English. I did some quick math (read, I own a calculator, lol) and I know an 1/8th is 3.54 grams, 3.54x8=28.32

    I'm not trying to rag on ya brother, just correcting ya :p

    But anyway, here's the breakdown (all weights are approximate):

    1/8 of an ounce=3.5 grams
    1/4 of an oucce=7 grams
    1/2 of an ounce=14 grams
    an ounce=28

    Of course, this'll vary a little depending on your dealer, and remember, none of these numbers are exact.
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  7. Auspex66

    Auspex66 Guest

    Maybe it's just because I am used to getting 4 gram 8ths and just assume eight times 4 is 32 grams. My bad
  8. dank nuggets

    dank nuggets New Member

    dosn't 1 gram = 4 bowls?
    or does 1 gram = aprox. 1 joint?
    so lets say 7 1/2 grams = 1/4 oz, and 1/8oz = 3.75 grams, right??
    oh well i dont care about exact measurments, a piece of a stem isn't worth it. all that matters is that you get some weed.
  9. Budz4u

    Budz4u Guest

    Baily is exactly correct and if you get anything less than those numbers your getting ripped off
  10. AndyKaufman

    AndyKaufman Guest

    Then there are slang terms reffering to schwag usually:
    dub-4 grams, $20
    nickel bag-5-6 grams, $25
    quarter-7-8 grams, $35
    dime-10-12 grams, $50

    around here usually the only thing sold as eithghs are nuggets
  11. FORTRAN3006

    FORTRAN3006 New Member

    what are "nuggets"?
  12. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    A nugget is a bud. Good herb usually comes in mostly nugget form (as opposed to brick form). So quality stuff is usually referred to as nuggets. They look kinda like chicken nuggets too. Anyone else ever crack up ordering a whole bunch of nugs at wendy's?
  13. maryjanie

    maryjanie Guest

    HAHAHAHAHA! that is funny bailey, i'll crack up now if and when i order nuggets!

  14. Slim

    Slim Operation Overgrow Mod

    Quad-Pack: I've heard two people now refer to a quarter-bag as a Quad-Pack. Odd, isn't it? I don't know if its something starting up or these guys made it up and called each other or what...

    I usually get 8 gram quads from my dank hookup, and 7 or 8 on my schwagg, depending on who gets it for me. Dank is $100, the Mexi-Brick $35-45.

  15. iamcanadian

    iamcanadian New Member

    ok here are measurements really clearly starting from largest to smallest.

    ounce=28 grams
    1/2 oz=14

    now of course when your buying in small amounts there is more of a chance you'll get ripped off just cuz it's kinda a hassle for the dealers selling little bits at a time. and also buying an ounce as opposed to 8 eighths would be cheaper, by quite a bit. hope that helps man.
  16. foild_

    foild_ Guest

    i think someone made a mistake up @ the top :)
    a "dime" is not over 1 gram
    infact.. here.. (if not everywherE) it IS a gram
  17. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    When I buy a dime, it has absolutely nothing to do with the weights. A dime is $10 of herb. It'll vary in quantity depending on quality. That's just how things run 'round these parts, but it works slightly differently everywhere.
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  18. foild_

    foild_ Guest

    yeah actually i totally agree with that
    but i think around here (like u said its dif everywhere) it aprx a gram
    two cents r us
  19. camd0g1

    camd0g1 New Member

    One Pound in metric measurements is 450 grams.
    There are 16 ounces in a pound

    450 / 16 = 28.125 grams

    Here in New zealand i think you should get a "foil" or "tinnie" (tin foil package of weed that weighs about 2 grams) for usually $20NZ ($8 US) or a good one for $25NZ ($10 US, usually 3 or more grams of hydro though.)

    An ounce where i live costs about $250 about US $100

    if we were to buy an ounce in foils, it would cost a wee bit more, but if you sell it (and smoke it) at your own discretion you can make quite a hefty profit!
  20. Lord Knight

    Lord Knight Guest

    wow..i never figured so many peeps would reply to this thread of mine, but thanx to everyone. but foild_, if your only getting a gram for $10 i am sorry......a joint, which is $5, should be 2 grams standard......

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