Medical Bud and Nail Clippers

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by MaryyJanee, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. MaryyJanee

    MaryyJanee New Member

    so two basic q's for you all

    has anyone tried medical mj i bought some from this old guy and his wife sold me 14 grams for 100$ seedless too and the stems didn't weigh anything on the scale (i weigh bud, stems, and seeds seperately)
    also no idea what type it was or whatever but it smelled amazing and very little got me baked :D
    (also i found it amusing there was a bud longer and fatter than my penis) ha..

    secondly is it bad to take bud apart with nail clippers? because i did this the other day and it worked like a charm i doubt it is bad but im still quite a newbie :rolleyes:
  2. Myracl

    Myracl New Member

    Medical mj is normally very dank, due to the fact that its supposed to be used...medically. Getting a half O for $100 bucks is pretty good though, which makes me question the potency a little. If it got you baked that fast, it leads me to believe you got a pretty good deal. I once had a monster nug weighing in at about 6 grams, and was about 9 inches long...looked like a weed turd. I didn't want to break it :p and nail clippers shouldn't be a big issue, unless you have parents or someone who also uses them.
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  3. MaryyJanee

    MaryyJanee New Member

    yeah it was a friend of my friends hookup (i promised to smoke a few g's with him though in exchange for awesome hookup) im def gonna try to get another hookup from him
    all i know is lots of crystals orange hairs smelly and yummy and whatever shit i get from my normal guy takes me almost an eighth to get that baked
    also the guy actually only wanted to sell 10 grams for 100$ we worked him up to 14 somehow though haha
  4. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    Medical Strains are mostly Indica, which means there are more cannibinoids present in the bud
    than there is THC. This is good for people who suffer pain because the cannibinoids are responsible
    for the "stoned-good feeling" high.

    and why not just use your fingers to break apart the buds???
  5. Myracl

    Myracl New Member

    It is said that more THC will stick to your fingers if you load with your fingers. I don't know how much of a difference it makes, but that's what I've heard
  6. MaryyJanee

    MaryyJanee New Member

    because the bud is small my fingers are fat and the bud is sticky just overall if its not hurting the bud in some way i can't think of any way why but its much more convienient just like when people trim plants they COULD just yank shit off but they generally use some type of clippers even if its a very very easy branch to tear off also when i pull it apart some of it sticks to my hands which essentially leads to bud all over my fingers and then sometimes it will fall on the ground/floor and really its just more of a hassle than using nail clippers in my opinion ha.. *cut* drop in the bowl no sticky sticky fragments getting on my fingers
  7. SpiralSpindle

    SpiralSpindle Sr. Member

    Medical buds are the same as street buds. No difference. Though it's really only good quality, compared to the black market with there being schwag and such. But, the stuff I get goes head to head with the medical I've tried, so, same to me.

    Also, nail clippers will work, but if you want to stay in that area, look for some of those small scissors used to cut hang nails. They would work better, but, the best, a grinder.
  8. MaryyJanee

    MaryyJanee New Member

    yeah i figured as much but im pretty newbie and im pretty sure i get a lot of schwag for high prices unless its just because my town is a rundown piece of country shit although it seems like everyone and their mom grows pot here (not kidding) so im probably just getting ripped off point being got a awesome deal for once and i enjoyed it
    also if you have medical i envy you and you should stick with that i hate the fear of being caught by the cops seeing as i personally think a chunk of my family might disown me
    also if you're talking about [​IMG] thats what i have for clippers i was using to cut AND some kid stole my grinder who i don't know because 1 minute theres 6 people in the room the next minute theres 2 and my grinders gone along with a dot of weed left in it... it was badass too had a west coast chopper symbol on it paid 10$ for it but oh well can't trust anybody in this town they're all a bunch of teenager backstabbers who think they're hard thugs

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