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    so i go to this new medical marijuana dispensary the other day and the worker there shows me this stuff called concentrate. i bought some but i have no idea what to do with it or how strong it is. one of my friends told me that if you try to smoke it it will melt, therefore i should put it on top of a bowl of bud. does anyone know what im talking about? its dark and its sort of a gummy/ squishy texture to it. oh and the price was 20 bucks for a half gram if that helps determine what it is. the name is dark berry concentrate.
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    Yes, Sir, what we are talking about here are marijuana concentrates, or to use other common terms for the various forms of concentrates, kief, hash, hash oil, bubble hash, honey oil, earwax and so on. The active ingredients in cannabis, THC, CBD, CBN can be concentrated in other forms such as tinctures or edibles as well. The best cannabis dispensaries in California have plenty of options of many of the forms of concentrates and edibles available on a daily basis. A great recipe for marijuana tincture is here at Dr. Frankel's Green Bridge Medical site.
    Images of various forms of concentrates are available here, and here.

    And yes, it is much stronger than non-concentrated cannabis, so go gently forth, my friend.

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