Medical Marijuana In North Carolina?

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    Hey dudes, im just wondering if they are working on making it medically legal in North Carolina. Cause in 4 years ill be 18 and i already suffer from chronic headaches, and if i could get a prescription for it and have it legally that would be nice and i would know it isnt laced and also it will be cheaper and easier to get the indica for my head.
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    anonymousgimp New Member has a pretty good list of current and pending legislation for each state.

    North Carolina
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    Hb 1380

    The MMJ laws in North Carolina are moving in the right direction... slowly. There's still work to do.

    House Bill 1380 is in the Health Committee. It's been there for over a year. The folks associated with the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) in the state are the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network (NCCPN). According to their president, there's a good chance the bill will pass this year.

    Other folks aren't quite so optimistic. All the representatives that were backing the bill lost their primaries. Now there are no supporters of the bill. That's bad news.

    Here's a link to a Creative Loafing article describing the situation:
    Medical marijuana bill's major sponsors lose races | Charlotte | News | News feature

    If/When HB1380 fails, there's another bill (HB 1383) that could go to referendum (popular vote) next year (November 2011).

    A recent news poll showed 90+% of responders were in favor of passing Medical Marijuana legislation in North Carolina. Maybe there's a chance.

    Until then, check out NORML's website for the current penalties for growing, distributing, possessing, etc in North Carolina.

    Here's a link:
    North Carolina - NORML

    Hope this helps...

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    Your 14? come on

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