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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by supersmoke, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. supersmoke

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    Im curious how can people go on about looking you up in a system with a recommendation (in California). I know the doctors office holds a copy of your recommendation and thats about it, but does it go anywhere else besides there and in your hands. I'm pretty sure the card goes on an active registry for the state of California right? and if you were supposed to get some type of clearance the recommendation should not come up? Thanks.
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    When you give your original copy of the recommendation to your dispensary or call for pre-verification they call your Dr's office and verify over the phone or internet. Most legitimate places now have 24 hour verification. Your information is only in the facility you got the rec from and all of the co-ops you frequent or have ever been to.

    When you say card do you mean Dr. provided or state provided? If Dr. provided read above, and remember these have NO significance over your original recommendation which should be carried with you at all times with medication.

    State issued MMID cards are entered into the states database, and can be verified online or over the phone. You must have the patients unique MMID #, having a name will not help you at all. You must have the number to get any information. These state issued cards do hold value over your recommendation.

    Now what do you mean by clearance? On background checks a standard rec will no show up anywhere obviously....because it exists no where. But I am not sure about the state issued card.

    I would assume someone at the state or federal gov level with enough credentials would be able to get information.
  3. supersmoke

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    Im just curious, because I have a standard recommendation or should be standard from a doctor. And if I decide to join the military or something and need a clearance and if they try to look it up they shouldn't be able to find it right. I will pass drug tests and will let them know of my previous smoking times.
  4. kontroversy

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    You will have 0 issues. I know someone going through this exact scenario (military) currently.
  5. supersmoke

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    Thanks alot bro for the input appreciate it!
  6. sterbo

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    If, in California, you hold only a doctor's recommendation then most (and hopefully all) dispensaries, will require that original document along with proper identification such as a driver's license before they allow you to gain entry. They typically need to verify it's authenticity which requires a call to your Doctor; this prior to granting you entry to their premises.
    If they can't reach your doctor then they will either refuse you entry or allow you one time access until your recommendation can be verified which they can do prior to your next visit.

    On the other hand, if you possess a State card then you do not need to provide the Doctor's recommendation since you could not have been issued the State card without providing it to the State office as proof of your status as a legitimate patient.

    There are pros and cons as to whether or not one chooses to obtain a State card.

    Cons of no State card -
    You are now entered into a Governmental database.
    You have another annual fee (+- $ 130.00) to pay.
    You have to take the time to make an appointment to facilitate that renewal in person.
    Additionally, should a law enforcement officer stop you and find cannabis and or paraphernalia in your possession then the only way you are going to gain immediate relief from a citation or arrest etc. is if the officer can reach your Doctor at that moment in time. If not, then chances are you're going to have a problem.

    Pros of obtaining a State card -
    You basically have a 'get out of jail free' card
    A given dispensary only needs to check your State card number against the State registry for authentication. This is quick and usually only happens the first time you visit that dispensary (though not always the case). Regardless it is quick, painless and you're guaranteed immediate access.
    Should you be stopped by the police they can, on the spot, verify your card and (assuming that possession is the only issue at hand) you will be sent on your way with your marihuana and or paraphernalia still in your possession.

    I've opted for the latter.
    Even though I don't like the added fees and inconvenience of an annual renewal, or the fact that I'm in our government's database I feel that participation is a significant step towards the overall legitimization and eventual legalization of marihuana.

    A small price to pay in my estimation...
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  7. supersmoke

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    Thanks for the info. I'm more concerned if that a recommendation is easily found in a system or put on a list of somewhat people that have been recommended, not sure if I said that right but ya. So if I get a clearance for the military it will be ok to have since its only a recommendation and not a state card.

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