medical marijuana, where can i smoke?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by dustywho, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. dustywho

    dustywho New Member

    i just got my medical marijuana card and im wondering where i can legally smoke, i looked in the law and it said not in public places. but what does that consist of? and also, like durring break at school can i go across the street and smoke? can i be relieving my pain during school, like be high during class and not worry about getting in trouble or what? it would be great if someone who knows could help me out. thanks, dusty
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    "Public places" means any place of business, commerce, banking, financial service, or other service-related activity, whether publicly or privately owned and whether operated for profit or not, to which the general public has access or which the general public uses, including buildings, offices, means of transportation, common carrier waiting rooms, arcades, restaurants, bars and cabarets, retail stores, grocery stores, libraries, theaters, concert halls, auditoriums, arenas, barber shops, hair salons, laundromats, shopping malls, museums, art galleries, sports and fitness facilities, planetariums, historical sites, and common areas of nursing homes, hospitals, resorts, hotels and motels, including the lobbies, hallways, elevators, restaurants, restrooms and cafeterias.

    "Publicly owned buildings and offices" means enclosed indoor places or portions of such places owned, leased, or rented by state, county or municipal governments, or by agencies supported by appropriation of, or by contracts or grants from, funds derived from the collection of federal, state, county or municipal taxes.
  3. dustywho

    dustywho New Member

    does that include walking down the sidewalk? i also didnt see parks on the list. or if smoking in your car, someone else driving counts as well. and also im still curious to wether or not i can leave school at break smoke and come back and not worry about gettin in trouble. it would be under the medical marijuana act i thought but did not find anything about it.
  4. RollItUp420

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    this isnt a professional opinion, but im almost positive you would not be allowed to come to school high and not get in trouble. when you enroll in a school you basically waive many of your rights while you are on that campus, for example administrators can search your car/locker/etc. if ever they want to because it is on school property. therefore i doubt you will be allowed to come to school high, because state law or not if you want to use that public school facility then you will have to adhere to their specific rules.
  5. dustywho

    dustywho New Member


    not being able to be medicating with my marijuana is the same thing as telling an ADD kid that he cant take his perscription at school. Thats why i was wondering if i could medicate during school hours since it is the exact same thing as any other perscription drug. what do you'll think?
  6. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    I know with my kid's school, if they bring medication it has to be turned over to the nurse and they would need to go to her when it's time to medicate. ;)

    What state are you in?
  7. dustywho

    dustywho New Member

    I'm in oregon
  8. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Ok, thanks. That helps a bit. :)

    I believe it is a gray area. Here is what I found with a quick search:

    You might want to dig a little deeper at that website and see what you can come up with.

    Also, there is a toll free number you can call concerning Oregon laws:
    You might end up having to call your school administration to see how they have set this up. Somebody had to have this come up before you, I would think.

    Hope this helps. :)
  9. dustywho

    dustywho New Member

    anyone have anything else to say on this subject

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