Medical MJ in Texas??????

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by Texas Toker, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Texas Toker

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    Marc Katz pushes for legalization of medical marijuana in Texas

    January 14, 2010 - Austin, TX - Marc Katz, candidate for lieutenant governor of Texas announced today that it is time for Texas to move towards the legalization of marijuana for medical use. After the US Supreme Court affirmed states' rights to medical marijuana in May of 2009, many states have begun to openly debate the issue.

    "We should summon the same humanity that many other states have and aggressively move towards the legalization of marijuana for medical use," said Marc Katz, candidate for lieutenant governor of Texas, democratic ticket. "Even New Jersey is working on this, so why can't Texas?"
    "Our organization would like to see the next bill that comes out of the Texas legislature to not only protect patients who are caught by law, but make provisions for patients to either grow their own medicine or allow caregivers to provide, like in so many other states," said Josh Schimberg Executive Director of Texas NORML. "The reason for legalization of marijuana is that the patients who are in the most need are the patients who have the least ability to acquire their medicine. Patients should be allowed to provide themselves with the medicine that helps them with what they need."
    Most recently the state of New Jersey legalized medicinal use of marijuana with some of the strictest regulations in the nation. Many speculate that New Jersey is attempting to avoid a surge in medical marijuana dispensaries like California has reportedly seen. Last year Governor Schwarzenegger of California urged for a study on legalizing medicinal marijuana use to make up for budgetary shortfalls. New York is rumored to be the next state to legalize medical usage of cannabis.
    Stacey Hines
    Communications Coordinator, Marc Katz for lieutenant governor of Texas campaign

    i am soooo going to vote for this guy.:hail:
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  2. jonny potsmoka

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    Dude it sucks. I live in philly and im 10 minutes from jersey. I want legal MMJ in this state so bad. It feels like i live in a state that gets picked last for kickball or something.
  3. psfign

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    gets my vote as well!
  4. 29yeartoker

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    Definitely would get my vote.
  5. Noodles123

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    Finally some news about Texas.
  6. claygooding

    claygooding DrugWarVeteran

    If you live in Texas,it would be best to vote democratic for gov,cause Kay Baily Huthchisin is a stone cold prohibitionist,and any election of her will stop all medical marijuana legislation. She receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry,and thr financial industry as a Senator,and won't even discuss medical marijuana.
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  7. Bilbowe

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    Texas is worse, we don't have nothing over here :mad:. Its cant be used medically, cant use for hemp, not decriminalized. I mean seriously? I'm so gonna vote once the bill gets shot for in Texas. Only a matter of time:cool:
  8. LowRider

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    i don't live in Texas but she is getting alot of talk on Pro Gun sites. Just watch the first 2 mins give or take, the rest is hog wash with a baldwin brother

    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  9. Texas Toker

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    ya that debate with Prick Erry was held here in Denton where I live. Lotsa people I know are going to vote for her, myself included.:D
  10. Buzzby

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    Unless something changes drastically, Texas will probably be one of the last states to legalize medical marijuana.
  11. claygooding

    claygooding DrugWarVeteran

    The truth

    All it will take for the medical marijuana to be passed in any state is the removal of marijuana from schedule 1.
    As more and more states vote in m/m laws,the very tide of medical uses for marijuana will debunk the lie that marijuana has no medical benefits and it will become too evident for even the strongest prohibitionist.
    With 14 states a already recognizing marijuana as a medicine,and the US Attorney General having a "medical " marijuana policy makes for pretty strong evidence that marijuana is a medicine.
    And the fact that a large pharmaceutical company is having a medicine,extracted directly from the plant,going through testing by the FDA,if certified would prove that marijuana is a medicine. Enough so,that attorneys all over the US are probably preparing briefs and motions for their drug trials in progress.
    The end of prohibition is being attacked on so many levels and sides,it is fun to watch,but hell on the patience.

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